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My website meta tags are not indexed in Google!!I have a serious problem in my website. My website metatags are not indexed in Google but indexed in Yahoo and Bing. I h... Hosting 9 hours ago4:05pm EST
Logo design contest - street wear shop/company - 27€Logo for a new shop/company called EL MODEL- 27€ to winner - Will pay more if design very good.... Hosting 10 hours ago3:20pm EST
On Site SEO Services stars at $100 One Time SEO! Low CostNeed SEO Services at low cost? Try here ON Site SEO Services for Small Medium Business Owners ON ... Hosting 11 hours ago2:02pm EST
Adsense Ad PlacementHello everyone, I'm getting daily 300+ visitors 95% from Google (Countries: Germany/US/France/UK), though my ... Hosting 11 hours ago1:58pm EST
Shared: (15% OFF)Are you looking for unlimited UK web hosting? Look no further, we are able to provide you with... NexoNetworks Hosting 12 hours ago1:26pm EST
VPS: [From $15/yr]TuneVPS offer wide range of VPS hosting solutions which includes vps services powered by kvm and... pwhrita Hosting 12 hours ago1:03pm EST
WebTechKing.Com | Fully Automated Starter Technology WebsiteThis Website is Specially design for Newbies with Special Offer No need to Updates, Fully Automatic Website... Hosting 16 hours ago9:32am EST
Strong Domain|DA-40 PA-40|Great Backlinks|Low BINStrong Domain with Keyword in it. Owncheapjordan DA-40 PA-40. Great Backlinks. ... Hosting 17 hours ago7:49am EST
Simple Flash Chat RoomI want someone to make a very simple flash chat room with the following requirement: 1. only one main room... Hosting 1 days ago10:57pm EST
Public Chat RoomReview My Chat Website. Public Chat Room Visit ... Hosting 1 days ago10:53pm EST
Website Buyers GuideBuying a website can be a pretty lucrative investment. However, some websites can appear to be better than they really a... Hosting 1 days ago10:52pm EST
Google keyword ranking droppingin my website displaying 3 keywords in ..but now only one keywords displaying ... what reason ... Hosting 1 days ago10:23pm EST
Need Prestashop 1.4 Transfirst payment moduleI am running Prestashop 1.4.x and I need to have a payment module made for my merchant transfirst. Please send your expe... Hosting 1 days ago9:43pm EST
ICW Telecommunications Directory For Sale - 4 Years Established (DA: 13 - PA: 27)ICW is a quality directory that is ready for promotion. I had big plans for this site but time got the better of me. Cus... Hosting 1 days ago8:37pm EST
Hi will google bann my adsens...Hi will google bann my adsens...???? Hosting 1 days ago8:37pm EST
Genuine 13 Years Old Established Music (Acoustic Reference) Site For SaleVery old music related website for sale. I have no time to further develop and promote this site due to offline work com... Hosting 1 days ago8:22pm EST
Help with evaluating my websites worth?I'm not sure if this would be the area to post this or not... but I'm in need of some expertise help ... Hosting 1 days ago7:40pm EST
Background Opacity ExtendHello I have finally got the Opacity working on my website but I would like it to extend horizontally across the full wi... Hosting 1 days ago7:32pm EST
Favorite TV SeriesWhat TV series are you guys watching now? I'm hooked on Arrow, Gotham and Suits. Gotham is nice since it gives you ... Hosting 1 days ago7:28pm EST
Need a background video added to my wordpress theme - Quick 5 $Hi! I am looking for an experienced wordpress developer who can help me adda background video to my wordpre... Hosting 1 days ago7:24pm EST
Please tell me, how can I increase my CTR above 1%Hello! I can't seem to get much higher than a 1% CTR on my websites adsense ads? All suggestions appreciated! As o... Hosting 1 days ago5:28pm EST
Can I access a cPanel on a web host from my VPS?Hello, I was told to buy a VPS in order to access SSH on my web host. But because I bought the VPS from a t... Hosting 1 days ago5:15pm EST
Getting a Facebook business page not to appearI'm interested in getting some insight on setting up a FaceBook business page. When you add in your business ... Hosting 1 days ago3:58pm EST
$40 Logo Contest$40 Logo Design Contest The logo will be for a pool (construction) company. I have atta... Hosting 1 days ago3:57pm EST
Life Discounts! SSD - FREE Domain - US/EU/HK - Since 2003 - 24/7 Phone, Chat, Ticket Support - $1!... Hosting 1 days ago3:55pm EST
Rewrite works differently on Linux than Windows?So I used to use windows for my apache server, but I decided to move to linux recently. I had been using th... Hosting 1 days ago3:54pm EST
Lotto Strategy Reviews WebsiteThis is my sniper lotto strategy review site for lottery strategy Clickbank offers (there are plenty). I've already... Hosting 1 days ago3:30pm EST
Can You Help Me With Finding Some Affiliatesive started alot of autoblogs the last couple weeks and i need some affiliates for them i use shareasale as... Hosting 1 days ago2:14pm EST
Content Writer and Wordpress Blogger Available To Take Writing OrdersI'm a versatile writer and can write 100 percent unique content by myself. I have not posted any official writing t... Hosting 2 days ago8:29am EST
Manual Local Directory submission serciveMy submission empowers you to command Google and the nearby professional references. Nobody yet Local Site Submit minds ... Hosting 2 days ago8:28am EST
Lot of Changes made after digitalpoints reviews specially agent000I have made lot of changes by referring to various blogs and posts discussion on DP. Can you please review the site, wha... Hosting 2 days ago5:13am EST
ReachLocal, Oxata - cheating company?This story about very unsuccessful cooperation with Reach Local (Reach Local Russia). We paid money and now Russia... Hosting 2 days ago2:31am EST
[]Reseller Hosting ♦ Free SSL & Dedicated IP ♦ End User Support ♦ @$15/ provides with fully loaded reseller hosting packages that enable you to setup your own business without mak... Hosting 2 days ago2:21am EST
Cloud Storage WebsiteLooking to purchase any cloud storage affiliate or related websites/domains. Budget: $x,xxx. ... Hosting 2 days ago2:19am EST
Shared: (Starting at 2.5$ PM)** - Provides Perfect Money Hosting & Webmoney Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated web... ssglonewolf Hosting 2 days ago2:07am EST
How to get fans on facebook?Anyone have any insight on the best way to develop fans on facebook? Any tips that have been successful for your site? I... Hosting 2 days ago11:33pm EST
Do you think web chat app has a chance in competition with native chat appHi guys, With the rise of native chat apps like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, kik or something similar, do you th... Hosting 2 days ago11:25pm EST
Grow Taller in 30 Days - Clickbank Affiliate SiteWebsite: www.growtallerin30da... Hosting 2 days ago11:24pm EST
Google Most Evil Monopoly In The World!Hi, I am writing to you about a serious problem that effects the livelihoods of many people around the worl... Hosting 2 days ago5:47pm EST
eCommerce Inventory ManagementHey Folks! I am looking for a solution to be able to manage my dad's massive inventory of books in his... Hosting 2 days ago2:44pm EST
VPS: (From $6.00)*MyBB Hosting Services* has a upgraded it's VPS plans. We now offer Yearly and Budget VPS options... marcgo15 Hosting 3 days ago12:08pm EST
Please Help Me About Structured Data Tool On WordpressFrom yesterday I am looking about structured data format. I want to mean below: ... Hosting 3 days ago10:43am EST
Please help with theme websiteI'm looking for similer themes in wordpress like this one ... Hosting 3 days ago10:22am EST
10$ logo contest for Manufacturing companyMy company is making Brass products like Brass Lock Nuts,Brass Panel Nuts, Brass Jam Nuts,Brass Cap Nut,Brass Dom... Hosting 3 days ago9:35am EST
$50 Logo Design contestsite: - use the current design ... Hosting 3 days ago9:35am EST
Real & Quality Guaranteed Signups & Leads For Your BusinessProduct Description We have the best ... Hosting 3 days ago9:34am EST
George Brown's Predator ProductNow I don't own Predator but I've read a lot about it and I already have a problem with it because of this. Be... Hosting 3 days ago8:26am EST
Dreamhost $97 discount promo code 2015Dreamhost is a leading web hosting company which saves you hosting costs. In conjunction with... karlizer Hosting 3 days ago7:06am EST
Dreamhost $97 discount promo code 2015Dreamhost is a leading web hosting company which saves you hosting costs. In conjunction with... karlizer Hosting 3 days ago6:33am EST
HTML to PDF converterHi Guys, Can you somebody recommend me tools or engines which converts HTML do PDF. Problem st... Hosting 3 days ago6:23am EST
Where I can sell my script?Hi I have a betting site script that want to sell it. I can not have a paypal account to post a treat in this foru... Hosting 3 days ago6:22am EST
Godaddy coupon for domain and hosting 2015Godaddy coupon for domain and hosting latest January 2015. New year 2015 come in, Godaddy continue to bring out s... Hosting 3 days ago6:14am EST
HTML to PDF converterHi Guys, Can you somebody recommend me tools or engines which converts HTML do PDF. Problem st... Hosting 3 days ago6:14am EST
Fully Automated Tv Shows Download Site...Indexed in GoogleHi, I am selling Fully Automated TV Shows Download Site with 23,000+ posts and fully customized t... Hosting 3 days ago6:01am EST
What type of backlinks are necessary for increase my blog ranking?I have a blog for different type of collection. For example: Free WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, HTML5 Template, P... Hosting 3 days ago4:31am EST
7 Years Established "Clinton" Fan Page, U.S Politics (PR1)Clinton Junction has huge potential as an information site dedicated to future 2016 presidential candidate Hillar... Hosting 3 days ago11:29pm EST
Please help me choose my Advertising networkI own an Automatic Traffic exchange Website..!! It has nearly 3000 visitors daily and a page views of 12000/day..!! I ea... Hosting 3 days ago11:28pm EST
4 Years Established Computer Technology Literature SearchThe Computer Literature Index is a simple product search site. I have made some sales over the years but due to almost z... Hosting 3 days ago11:15pm EST
Bing coupon codesHow many coupon codes I can use in 1 bing ads account? Hosting 3 days ago9:41pm EST
Free Guest Blogs!Hello, I will write free guest blog posts about almost any topic in return for a link to my website. ... Hosting 3 days ago5:34pm EST
Relation to domains .ruHello!<br /> Tell me, how much influence domain .ru % subscriptions/purchases for the English segment? Hosting 4 days ago1:22pm EST
Keyword position in Google webmaster tool and AnalyticsHello Guys, In Google webmaster tool and Analytics, my average positions in some keyword is in under 20. Bu... Hosting 4 days ago8:55am EST
Webhosting Affiliate Site for Go Green Niche! NO RESERVE! No competition!NO RESERVE AUCTION!! FIRST BID CAN WIN!! The Website For Sale: ... Hosting 4 days ago8:08am EST
How to make link on tab 2 clickable in this pure CSS tabs attemptHi guys, I&#039;m trying to make pure CSS tabs. I was successfully get it done, but the link on tab 2 is not click... Hosting 4 days ago8:00am EST
Pay-What-You-Want (Min. $5) Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews! :)** THIS OFFER IS CURRENTLY VALID UNTIL February 15, 2015 ** Hello DigitalPoint users! ... Hosting 4 days ago7:57am EST
I cannot understand this jQuery statement (left: '+=400px' )After some searching on the google I found that this (left: &#039;+=400px&#039; ) means position relative .... but relat... Hosting 4 days ago7:45am EST
Please review my classified ads websiteHi, Website for review: http://worl... Hosting 4 days ago12:16am EST
GPT Website With ShiftCode License. Any Price Would Do!Hello, I&#039;m selling my GPT website. My shiftcode hosting has expired, so I really want to sell the license, which is... Hosting 4 days ago11:32pm EST
htaccess HelpI need an htaccess file that makes it so when you go to my url: ... Hosting 4 days ago10:42pm EST
Aliexpress experience so far...Right now i got several sites running, using their API I made some sales at the beginning and dropped thousands of... Hosting 4 days ago10:39pm EST
Wordpress Menu Link To External Pagei have links i want so they are in the header menu and go to an external page. does anyone know how Hosting 4 days ago10:16pm EST
Dedicated : Quad-Core E3-1230 | 8GB DDR3 | UNMETERED @ €126 (DE)*GERMANY DEDICATED SERVERS* PARKINHOST.COM Servers at Germany are secured, highly maintained... DiggDigital support Hosting 4 days ago7:49pm EST
problem with bing rewardsI have been a member of bing rewards for a long time now. however lately i have ran into many issues with it. every t... Hosting 4 days ago5:36pm EST
Sample WordPress Theme DesignOpen themes folder by ftp : wp-content/themes 1) make a theme name folder for example : &quot;mytheme&quot;... Hosting 4 days ago3:42pm EST
How to Limit 3 adsense ads per thread in MyBB forumI have been trying to add Adsense ads to my mybb forum but not able to. I have inserted the adsense code in postbi... Hosting 5 days ago9:05am EST
Stats Analyzer Sitethe script used in this site is cutestat lite - price 200$<br /> custom design<br /> <br /> payment via paypal Hosting 5 days ago8:18am EST
I will transfer/move your wordpress site to another server for $5I will transfer/move your WordPress site to another server for $5 I will need access to: ... Hosting 5 days ago5:03am EST
WATCH AMERICAN SNIPER ONLINE FREEAmerican sniper movie is drama and action. I watched this movie full in theater and online watch American Sniper Full Fi... Hosting 5 days ago5:02am EST
STRATEGY: How to Earn $20, $50, $100 a Day from NeoBuxNeoBux Strategy And now to the most important part on your way to success and income with NeoBux! St... Hosting 5 days ago5:01am EST
Start Your Website Today Standard Hosting - Gold Unlimited $0.01 for the First Month! Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Bandwidth 99.9% Uptime Guarantee ... amith44 Hosting 5 days ago8:04pm EST
Valid PR3, Aged, DA34 PA33ready push godaddy renewal 10-12-2015 Payment through PayPal (instant pay by digitalpoint system) ... Hosting 5 days ago6:40pm EST
$25 Logo Design Contest For Non-Profit Organization - Instant Payment Via PaypalI need a logo for a non-profit organization called &quot;America Prepare&quot;. The winner of this contest will receive ... Hosting 6 days ago12:41pm EST
Where to Find ManagersHi, Are there any websites out there where I can find a manager to manage some of my online sites? Either f... Hosting 6 days ago11:12am EST
Which Wordpress Theme Developers Have Templates That You Can Download Default ThemeHi, I used to work with Joomla which were great as you downloaded the theme as you would see it online. So ... Hosting 6 days ago11:07am EST
Top ranking but no contentI&#039;ve observed several sites ranking good but usually have very little content on their homepage but just a good des... Hosting 6 days ago11:04am EST
Looking for employmentHello guys! The last two years I’m’s a really bad situation! Fortunately... Hosting 6 days ago11:03am EST
Have you used Varnish-Cache?If you&#039;ve used Varnish-Cache.... I&#039;m looking for a solution that will cache several short (90second)vid... Hosting 6 days ago9:29am EST
Please appraise my .biz domainname : pepe Extension : .biz I just have registered a domain. All extensions are already registered. I... Hosting 6 days ago6:50am EST
Looking for App Reviewers (Long Term)Hello, I&#039;m looking for app reviewers who have time to commit themselves in a long lasting project. Loo... Hosting 6 days ago6:49am EST
winning money hereyou can winning money in this site : http://sh.... Hosting 6 days ago4:41am EST
who looking for a legitimate online business he can start...looking for a legitimate online business he can start here : ... Hosting 6 days ago4:40am EST
Linux VPS Hosting | cPanel Needed | 100GB Minimum | Multiple CoresWe are looking for a Linux VPS solution for our solutions. Now, we need the following specifications for our server, ple... Hosting 6 days ago5:10pm EST
Long after the holidays, rocketed TICKET searched !... Hosting 6 days ago4:53pm EST
Some Advice from a newbieHere some things I learned as a newbie Wordpress\Woocommerce designer: 1) Buy a premium theme. It will save... Hosting 6 days ago3:51pm EST
Need logo for a podcast/website/feedsHi, I need a fairly high res logo (min 1400x1400) logo for a podcast I&#039;m about to launch. It&#039;s a ... Hosting 6 days ago2:22pm EST
Please reviev my busines siteHelo. I want to introduce you to So could you please reviev it and rate it from 1 to 10.... Hosting 1 weeks ago12:42pm EST
Business Name 30$ PaypalLook for business name suggestion ready to spend 30$ for it. Business Operations: Web Development, Web Host... Hosting 1 weeks ago11:05am EST
Was I hit by google panda?Still after 3 years I&#039;m left wondering if Google Panda hit me. Please look at the following graphs an... Hosting 1 weeks ago10:57am EST
Amazon affiliate websiteHello, I am selling www.househ... Hosting 1 weeks ago10:50am EST
suggest me best PPV image host [Currently Sending 15k Uniques a day]hello, i deliver 15k hits a day from forums/posting , i have experience with imgzap pending 300$ , they pay so late... Hosting 1 weeks ago10:46am EST