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Centralpark Logo<p><strong>Real Estate...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Info57467 Contests 13 minutes ago10:34am EST
Creare un logo semplice ma attraente per una giovane e dinamica azienda di ElettricistiInstallazione di impianti elettrici civili e industriali. Energie Alternative. Operiamo in tutta Italia...... fm.electric.snc Contests 15 minutes ago10:32am EST
Create an innovative logo for "Peaps"Our mission is to foster powerful and healthy relationships with the people that matter most in our lives...... tianm12 Contests 15 minutes ago10:32am EST
Create a professional logo that will set my company apart from every glass company in the nation.We Replacement and Repair any vehicle's glass fo Cars, trucks, RV's, Heavy Equipment.... All the glass /winds... rexglassman1 Contests 15 minutes ago10:32am EST
Create new identity for growing toy company!We are a private label toy manufacturer. We design, develop, and manufacturer all types of children's toys fo... stevenasher Contests 17 minutes ago10:30am EST
Responsive email design/coding needed for life science newsletterBig3Bio aggregates regional biotech news and event information and puts it into three different daily newslet... tilton Contests 20 minutes ago10:27am EST
Create a sticker for Smart People PodcastSmart People Podcast is a podcast designed to educate listeners on a vast array of topics through interviews ... smartpeoplepodcast Contests 25 minutes ago10:23am EST
Design a professional brand for a Negotiation ConsultantDawn Brommer is a high-stakes negotiation consultant. She teaches individuals and businesses how to outthink,... eatonintermedia Contests 27 minutes ago10:20am EST
Create a fun, modern logo for RocketGrad, a startup launching in 3 weeksWe're creating a website - - for accounting students to create profiles to market themselves t... brad 914 Contests 31 minutes ago10:16am EST
Create a logo for celebrity chef and lifestyle expert Georgia PellegriniGeorgia Pellegrini is a TV chef, outdoor adventure expert, and lifestyle guru, many people call her a "modern... georgia_pellegrini Contests 37 minutes ago10:10am EST
Campagna di Comunicazione per un nuovo QuotidianoLa nostra azienda edita da 12 anni un mensile, Qui Magazine e da 6 anni un settimanale, Qui Sette che hanno i... quionlinefrosinone Contests 40 minutes ago10:07am EST
CORNHOLE EVENT LOGO -- You got this!This is an event that is presented by three separate companies. The logo needs to be fun but upscale. It al... Kelly910768 Contests 41 minutes ago10:06am EST
Logodesign für eine Immobilienmaklerunternehmen in NRW. Junges und dynamisches Unternehmen!Wir sind ein überregionales Maklerunternehmen, welches seit 3 Jahren am Markt ist. Seit Anfang 2014 leiten w... schuermann Contests 45 minutes ago10:02am EST
Good Hair<p><strong>Makes and sells natural health products...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> nb j Contests 50 minutes ago9:57am EST
Create the perfect Logo for MAXA DigitalMarketing Boutique that offers digital marketing, event management, PR and promo items...... tracey 6 Contests 52 minutes ago9:55am EST
Mugsy Dogs - Hot Dog CompanyOur goal is to serve a unique twist on a classic favorite, the hot dog. Our fare is simple and straight forwa... paul 9E Contests 1 hour ago9:46am EST
Iconic Philly Mural - Digital Artwork For Restaurant DisplayWit or Witout? Philly cheesesteaks, the only authentic Philadelphia cheesesteak franchise, is unlike any othe... tracey L Contests 1 hour ago9:41am EST
BASYS Business CardWe are a community credit card processing company that provides merchant services to community banks across t... Bhanna Contests 1 hour ago9:31am EST
Erstellt ein tolles Logo für unser Unternehmen, wir arbeiten im Pflegebereich.Wir sind eine Personalvermittlung, die Arbeitsplätze im Bereich Pflege vermittelt....Tot... nico.kling Contests 1 hour ago9:30am EST
Create a website for web hosting companyWe provide website hosting, domains, and servers services. Target audience are people from 15 to 40 most like... aurimas Contests 1 hour ago9:30am EST
Henri Girl LOGOHenri Girl is clothing boutique with store locations and online store. Our customers are collage girls betwe... cassiegordon2000 Contests 1 hour ago9:26am EST
Create Commercial Diving Systems LogoCommercial Diving Systems to Manufacture and Supplier, I would like to have Banoun as the brand name and belo... banoun y Contests 1 hour ago9:24am EST
Unique logo & business card for Fisher Peak Media<p><strong>We are a web design and development company...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $305</em></p><p></p> Jason81533 Contests 1 hour ago9:22am EST
Unique logo & business card for Fisher Peak Media<p><strong>We are a web design and development company...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $305</em></p><p></p> Jason81533 Contests 1 hour ago9:22am EST
To Give Someone Back Their Life! what does that look like visually to you?Powerful living without headaches. We provide relief to people who suffer chronic headaches and/or migraines.... Liz5481 Contests 1 hour ago9:21am EST
Love great desserts? Create a social media logo and help expose bad sweets and hidden sugar in foodsThe #dessertworthy campaign is being created by renowned pastry chef Emily Luchetti to make us stop and think... emily E4 Contests 1 hour ago9:21am EST
Redesign of an existing Swiss homepageActivities: Consulting in legal and wealth matters (both!) Core client group: financial institutions, fiduci... info uH Contests 1 hour ago9:20am EST
MINIMALIST, Elegant Logo for Fashion PhotographerI'm a fashion photographer. I shot for comercial and editorial purposes. My main clients are magazines, sto... William Jefferson Contests 1 hour ago9:18am EST
Help create a new identity for a gambling consult company.<p><strong>Consult company for the gambling industry....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $570</em></p><p></p> renatogvieira Contests 2 hours ago9:17am EST
Car Show Event Shirt - Hot Rod<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $227</em></p><p></p> Mleaventon Contests 2 hours ago9:09am EST
PPC Landing Page for Cleaning CompanyThis is for a cleaning company that is cleaning for businesses and private homes in Luxembourg, Europe....... Jens.buch Contests 2 hours ago9:06am EST
Create a T Shirt design for State Champion Soccer team !<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> chris VQ Contests 2 hours ago9:05am EST
My big truck is white with burned orange accents, give it lifeWe are a trucking company, our target audience is, manufacturers, shippers, construction companies, equipment... neil OL Contests 2 hours ago8:55am EST
Original Artwork Wanted! Mosquito Snob T-Shirt Design<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> Laci L Contests 2 hours ago8:48am EST
Transform branding for a growing software companyWe are a Professional Services and product company in the IT space. We are a service and reselling partner of... kaileen Contests 2 hours ago8:38am EST
Create a capturing trade show banner for a fully custom electronic enclosure manufacturerProtocase is a custom electronic enclosure manufacturing company that offers 2-3 day turnaround with no minim... cmcgean Contests 2 hours ago8:34am EST
Financial Planner, race car driver, passion for Porsche includes family heritageFinancial planning, investments and insurance. There is a family heritage with the Porsche club of America an... erikp18 Contests 2 hours ago8:26am EST
Create a logo for the Health Crowdstrategic marketing, advertising and communications for healthcare industries and pharmaceutical products wit... hello Ps Contests 2 hours ago8:25am EST
Logo - For a Lake HomeI'm looking for a logo design for a lake Wisconsin rental home. The lake home is called "Porch in the Pines"... Ryankoch77 Contests 2 hours ago8:20am EST
Click2Corp "Limit your liability by incorporating today!”"<p><strong>We incorporate people's businesses for them.</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> dfein Contests 2 hours ago8:18am EST
Create a professional sofisticated logo for interior design company, Everleigh Hart Design<p><strong>Professional interior home design...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> sean.villani Contests 3 hours ago8:14am EST
Create a design to market PSC Autocentre.We are Gloucestershire's leading Independent Service Centre. We offer all types of car service, repair, MOT a... Pubert Contests 3 hours ago8:01am EST
Click2Corp "Make your business official"<p><strong>We incorporate peoples businesses for them...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> dfein Contests 3 hours ago7:59am EST
Help positively shape the future of divorce with your artwork!My product is a book about divorcing wisely. The name of the book is "Marriages end. Families don't. Divor... sgrandchamp Contests 3 hours ago7:54am EST
Creating a Book cover for - The Business Plan WorkbookA practical guide to developing and writing an effective business plan for an owner-managed business... ted.ster Contests 3 hours ago7:49am EST
A historic downtown building needs a strong new logoWe are a Commercial Real Estate ownership company. We own office buildings and redevelop them. We want to pro... mdhaliwal Contests 3 hours ago7:36am EST
Home Page Needed for Launch of New Products!The Basic Skills Test is an online literacy, numeracy and IT test, designed for companies to check the basic ... charlotte.hussey Contests 3 hours ago7:23am EST
Chef Flo's Healthy Meals Delivered Needs Your Help!Affordable, fresh, organic, nutritious, delicious meals delivered to your home, office or gym! Plans availab... adyrvik Contests 3 hours ago7:20am EST
Create an alluring logo for Stable Earth Construction.Heavy equipment earth works. We build the roads, facilities, and tank farms in the industrial sector with hea... Brandonv Contests 3 hours ago7:19am EST
Create cover for Digital Marketing eBookI work in the Web Analytics / Digital Marketing space providing business consultation to top online advertise... equevedo74 Contests 4 hours ago7:08am EST
Creativity needed to detract from next doors rub 'n' tug!! Seriously!Mind Over Muscle is a chronic injury management clinic with a range of service, including physiotherapy, clin... matt.mahon Contests 4 hours ago7:05am EST
Create a freaky design for a deo roll-onWe are producing and distributing prodcuts for personal care and health care....Total Pri... doris.inniger Contests 4 hours ago6:45am EST
create a modern 3D logo for a new executive coaching companyWe provide executive & leadership coaching & consulting services Helping middle management get to the next l... kevin r8 Contests 4 hours ago6:39am EST
Create a logo for a championship softball team!<p><strong>softball team...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $410</em></p><p></p> randygage Contests 4 hours ago6:32am EST
Create a captivating modern brand for a healthcare company TR Manual TherapyWe are a chiropractic and physical therapy group focused on providing hands-on therapy and quick results in a... millandc Contests 4 hours ago6:28am EST
An exciting empowering image to promote global sustainable development!We envision engaged, empowered, healthy and resilient communities. We promote community-driven sustainable de... trstone1017 Contests 4 hours ago6:22am EST
Glamorous Fashion Billboard Design<p><strong>Billboard...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $559</em></p><p></p> david Ko Contests 4 hours ago6:21am EST
Book Cover for The After House<p><strong>Books publishing...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> erok Contests 4 hours ago6:18am EST
High end quality building company with potential ongoing design work<p><strong>builder...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> adam vO3 Contests 5 hours ago6:16am EST
Create a logo for an innovation consultancy & help change the world!We provide consulting services, helping companies develop new products and services to grow their business. M... lenvanp Contests 5 hours ago6:12am EST
Dream Wash Express<p><strong>$5 express tunnel car wash with free vacuums...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> britkwood Contests 5 hours ago6:10am EST
Create a professional logo that shows forward movementWe own real estate companies and real estate related companies....Total Prize: $200... M Fair Contests 5 hours ago6:00am EST
London, 1874. A romance story: Native American Shipbuilder and woman, wants to study Medicine<p><strong>Woman aged 15-100...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Philea Contests 5 hours ago5:51am EST
London, 1874. E-Book-Cover: Native American Shipbuilder and woman who wants to study Medicine fight for their dreamsHistorical novel with political background: First women's movement, Suffragettes, Florence Nightingale School... Philea Contests 5 hours ago5:51am EST
Create a new logo for the Norwegian webshop is a webshop containing a wide range og products for Natural health and wellbeeing. Natural food su... Mr. Erling Mox Contests 5 hours ago5:45am EST
Logo & Business Card for a bold, inspiring and compassionate Mindset CoachI’m a Mindset & Results Coach and blogger, passionate about living a bigger, more fulfilling life and encou... nickimaybe Contests 5 hours ago5:41am EST
Brand identity for a tech/EU law firmWe are a law firm specialising in EU and technology law....Total Prize: $570... oniiranen Contests 6 hours ago5:15am EST
GROU.PS Homepage RedesignGROU.PS is a social groupware platform that allows people to come together and form interactive communities a... emre B Contests 6 hours ago5:04am EST
Logo and branding for a Hipster Accountant!Looking for a trendy/hipster brand and logo for a small young firm of qualified accountants!... miss.katie.pea Contests 6 hours ago4:49am EST
Business Card for Outdoor Adventure CompanyWe provide outdoor adventures in Australia for children and adults - these activities include outdoor surviva... mark 8 Contests 6 hours ago4:46am EST
A new business Card for an Outdoor Adventure CompanyWe provide outdoor adventures in Australia for children and adults - these activities include outdoor surviva... mark 8 Contests 6 hours ago4:46am EST
Hochzeitsfotografin auf der Suche nach einem Logo...<p><strong>People und Hochzeitsfotografie...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> office jb Contests 6 hours ago4:45am EST
Create an amazing logo that represents the power of three beautiful spiritual womenLightworker Institute is a collaboration of three incredibly diverse spiritual powerhouses - Angelique Adams ... angelg 7 Contests 6 hours ago4:38am EST
Create a logo for an online is a fun online gaming site, where players get to play the latest and best slot machines (pokies =... sauli Contests 6 hours ago4:33am EST
Create a Fascinating and represantative new website for a medical technology companySyntellix AG is a German medical technology company, focused on research, development and marketing of highly... maltseva Contests 6 hours ago4:28am EST
Create a logo for boutique vineyardBoutique vineyard, small producer of wine and ginger beer. Also sells cheese platters with a view toward attr... Dr Steve Contests 6 hours ago4:24am EST
Online trading financial company requires memorable and professional logoThe company markets and sells binary options, which are financial products (options) where a client can buy o... rheide Contests 7 hours ago4:08am EST
Financial trading company requires memorable and professional logoThe company markets and sells binary options, which are financial products (options) where a client can buy o... rheide Contests 7 hours ago4:08am EST
Create a beautiful and temting presentation of our Norwegian festival! We are looking for sponsors.Midtsommerfest a 2 days celebration(kind of a festival) of the norwegian summer, and it`s based on the scandi... Nikolai A. Contests 7 hours ago4:04am EST
We need a roooock logo!:)Our organization specializes in developing software for the Web, that make it easier the creation of websites... roocklab Contests 7 hours ago4:00am EST
Help us to realise a unique and funky FASHION LOGO!We are selling sewing and fashion accessories. To give you an impression about those products please see pict... Pilsnernilpferd Contests 7 hours ago3:55am EST
Silicon Basix Brand Logo - help us add color to your life!!We sell quality silicon kitchen products online with an emphasis on customer experience and making life easie... noelle P Contests 7 hours ago3:54am EST
Croissant Show<p><strong>Our products are fancy chocolate and salt croissants...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> mhzpetar Contests 7 hours ago3:53am EST
Create strong illustrated logo for Ledbalance, including illustration of the balanced spineTeaching practioners to spot imbalances in the body, and how to make them balance through exercises, using fu... kontakt 6T Contests 7 hours ago3:44am EST
Create a logo for Markus the Friendly Ghost, a children's entertainer!Markus is an entertainer at children's birthday parties. He dresses up like a friendly ghost and does magic t... liz485 Contests 7 hours ago3:40am EST
Create a capturing design for a Swedish event consulting firm.It's an event consulting firm focusing on staffing, strategy and conceptual development, project management a... me 6r Contests 7 hours ago3:33am EST
design it if you canWe are into construction business from last 18 years with a turn over of around $27 million. We are construct... hcgs.jsingh Contests 7 hours ago3:32am EST
Create a logo for a grand café that makes you want to Taste & EnjoyI will start a new restaurant/café/grand café, not sure what to call it just yet. We will be open all day a... fuutjeh Contests 8 hours ago3:12am EST
Create logo for KeyMaster, electronic key cabinetKeyMaster (registered trademark) is an electronic key cabinet. It is mounted onto a wall in an office and hol... kurt D Contests 8 hours ago2:55am EST
Create Stunning Professional Bath WebsiteWe are a Bath & Bathroom information resource & e-commerce website....Total Prize: $595... stewart E Contests 9 hours ago2:05am EST
New Gen of AEDWe are looking for a logo to represent our new brand "Generalcare". Generalcare is a website, which offers p... gfornas Contests 9 hours ago1:57am EST
find a friend nfc connect<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $400</em></p><p></p> sfazin89 Contests 9 hours ago1:48am EST
Santa Clara CambodiaSanta Clara is a boutique hotel located 10 minutes from the heart of Siem Reap. Situated on the river road in... mark zd Contests 9 hours ago1:39am EST
create an attractive deisg for employement agencymy business is employement agency... focus on foreign domestic worker ..... so is maid business...... AISOEN123 Contests 9 hours ago1:28am EST
Printing company needs an AWESOME design for various product cartons.We sell large printing products, promotion products and so on. Anything that companies need with their own pr... info AFC Contests 10 hours ago1:14am EST
Create a new logo for a 10yo website development small business in Melbourne, AustraliaWebsite development for small business, schools and local community groups....Total Prize... info 74 Contests 10 hours ago12:50am EST
Logo design for Consulting Company: Oberon Group<p><strong>Strategy and risk consulting...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> ClockOffJay101 Contests 10 hours ago12:34am EST
Erstellt ein Logo für ein neues (psychologisch-spirituelles) Partnerschaftsmodell ("Jofri-Balance")Jofri-Balance ist ein eingetragenes Beziehungs- und Partnerschaftsmodell aus spirituell-psychologischer Sicht... w.weigand Contests 11 hours ago12:17am EST
Launching 8 Week Challenge Campaign to Transform Bodies and Changes Lives!At ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP™ we are here to help change lives by providing a bootcamp program that guarantees resu... Lowernorthshore Contests 11 hours ago12:16am EST
create a sassy, classy modern optometrist practice which makes people want to discoverwe are an optometrist practice and are going to go in partnership with Nikon Ophthalmic lenses. their Logo is... z.khalil Contests 11 hours ago12:12am EST