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Banner für Sauna und Wellness ist ein Informationsportal zum Thema Sauna und Wellness. Vom Basiswissen für den ersten Sau... wbartl Contests 28 minutes ago8:38am EST
Here is your chance to give an entire industry a faceliftWe provide Durable Medical Equipment to Senior Citizens, items such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, canes, wal... marc 3u Contests 28 minutes ago8:37am EST
Poo EraserOur product is prayed into the toilet bowl before someone poo's , the product eliminates all poo smells so th... jointventures1 Contests 30 minutes ago8:36am EST
Stylish business card for IT company for representation.Internet company. managed hosting, cloud services, desktop virtualisation...Total Prize: ... velartis Contests 32 minutes ago8:33am EST
Banner Web promocionar productos de la tienda online<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> alberto c Contests 33 minutes ago8:33am EST
New logo for a growing companyManufacturer of products for businesses. We use a CNC machine to create various products using the following... john UTn Contests 36 minutes ago8:29am EST
USMC Tattoo<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $165</em></p><p></p> tomluke4 Contests 38 minutes ago8:28am EST
ZS Associates London: Create our Christmas Party Invitation!We are an international company based in London with more than 30 years of experience. We offer sales and mar... london F Contests 46 minutes ago8:19am EST
Create a simple but classy wordlogo for a blinds wholesale companyJalaz is a new brandname. We sell wooden blinds (wholesale) for private and commercial interiors. We prefer '... michieldenys87 Contests 49 minutes ago8:16am EST
Need a standout business card for high end growth consultancy.We are a high end marketing and growth consultancy. We serve clients in the luxury, wine and spirits, and ho... ricaralvarez Contests 1 hour ago8:04am EST
Create a new experience to DISRUPT WALL STREETwe advise users on how to invest in stocks and bonds. users are asked questions about their risks appetite an... peter hu Contests 1 hour ago8:04am EST
ISO a modern yet sophisticated design/logo for our new surgical dermatology practiceWe are a Dermatology practice specializing in skin cancer in the Southeast US and our first office is in Doth... SI Dermatology Contests 1 hour ago7:56am EST
Create a cover image for a Fantasy Fiction Book about a wandering monk who keeps music alive<p><strong>Fantasy Fiction...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> neil.machine Contests 1 hour ago7:49am EST
Create Logo for new tabloid publicationTabloid publication Header Logo. Smaller "Building Supply" with focus on "Storekeeper". Publication targets b... dlagacy29 Contests 1 hour ago7:49am EST
Dr Screen RepairDr Screen Repair repairs broken and cracked cell phone screens. We replace the glad quickly and cost effecti... sloew Contests 2 hours ago7:22am EST
Crée un logo pour une marque de blouson féminin en cuir - domaine : MotoL’activité : équipement moto féminin Les produits : blousons cuir Le positionnement : haut de gamme.... jbecquet Contests 2 hours ago7:20am EST
Help us create a grate logo for our introduction making website!Its a website that helps you make introductions via email age range 19-50's used by both male and female..... luke i Contests 2 hours ago7:18am EST
Create a high end swimming pool brand for a geographically isolated market.We offer consulting and design services as well as construction services of high end residential swimming poo... gregory RJ Contests 2 hours ago7:08am EST
Create a enticing concept base around storageWe supply mobile storage units that get delivered to your home where you/ we pack the unit then store it away... Nickkollaras W Contests 2 hours ago7:02am EST
Design the clean, sleek UI of the next big thing in football apps<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $720</em></p><p></p> footballnow Contests 2 hours ago6:52am EST
Business Card For Beautiful Jewellery Company LtdWe sell jewellery items to the world via ebay,amazon and our own website we only use genuine sterling silver ... Ceo123 Contests 2 hours ago6:42am EST
Logo for the best MUSCLE Building site on the web!We are building the #1 source of muscle building information on the internet — backed by IFBB Pro bodybuild... shapeshifterguys Contests 2 hours ago6:37am EST
Modern and luxurious; preferably flat design.Company producing software solutions primarily for the air traffic industry....Total Priz... martin UX Contests 3 hours ago5:52am EST
Homepage für Autovermietung / Homepage for rent a carAutovermietung in Kurz- und Langzeitbereich von PKW und Nutzfahrzeugen...Total Prize: $10... kk 9 Contests 3 hours ago5:47am EST
This design will be used to attract couples to the Marriage Action Plan, a relationship map.The Marriage Action Plan is a relationship map designed to improve communication, effectively resolve conflic... mgsemon Contests 3 hours ago5:46am EST
Beta-Trans logo designThis is a new logo for a container road transportation company. The company does 360 degree road transportati... Technologix Studio Contests 4 hours ago5:36am EST
Create a one stop shop for employee perksWe are a one stop shop of wide range of employee perks online......Total Prize: $820... omersuner Contests 4 hours ago5:29am EST
Can you portrait Adam Smith in a corporate Logo?We operate an online credit marketplace, where we connect borrowers with lenders, without the involvement of ... caesar.lahdo Contests 4 hours ago5:16am EST
Optimise / Tweak current logo for an Engineering Consultancy catering to Fortune 500.Services: We provide a wide range of services mainly to Offshore and Marine sectors which can be very broad... sethi Contests 4 hours ago4:57am EST
Logo-Erstellung für handgemachte Wohnraumdekoration im maritimen StilHandmade-Wohnraumdekoration (Kissen, Tischsets, Utensilos sowie Fotos und Malereien auf Holz und Leinwand), H... duenenmaedchen Contests 4 hours ago4:46am EST
Create a logo for the Tobacco-Free Investment Initiative. Over to you for ideas! Thanks!The Tobacco-Free Investment Initiative is run by a cancer doctor and involves working with financial institut... bronwynking11 Contests 5 hours ago4:33am EST
Logo design for an Italian Pizza distributorWe sell high-quality handcrafted artisan pizza bases that let every restaurant, pub, bar owner to introduce p... EasyPizza Contests 5 hours ago4:31am EST
GYROSCOPE Tour Tee<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> charney Contests 5 hours ago4:28am EST
TSHIRT DESIGN FOR TRENDY CAFE/ESPRESSO BAR<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> ad b Contests 5 hours ago4:24am EST
The Apple/ Ritz Carlton of Entrepreneurial CoachingOur organization inspires others to spark inspiration within themselves to realize their true potential. Alex... Alex.wechsler Contests 5 hours ago4:21am EST
LUXURY<p><strong>Development company - targeting wealthy investors...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> RUBY.BEGUM Contests 5 hours ago4:14am EST
"Photo your sign" icon<p><strong>Selling signs through our web application Sign-O-Matic....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $175</em></p><p></p> jeskilsson Contests 5 hours ago4:09am EST
Create a logo for HeartGeek and help heart attack patients all over the worldHeartGeek is a blog that provides lifestyle, fitness, and diet information for people recovering from a heart... paul 8t4 Contests 5 hours ago4:07am EST
New Logo design for KCP<p><strong>Telecommunications and network design...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $1500</em></p><p></p> Kairit11 Contests 5 hours ago4:04am EST Would you create the next famous brand in London? is the brand of Swingspark Ltd dedicated to the management of serviced rooms in fl... marilu o Contests 5 hours ago3:56am EST
Create a simple and inspiring logo for Katalytic, my business coaching practiceI am a freelance who provides business coaching services to both individuals (executives, managers) and teams... david katalytic Contests 5 hours ago3:48am EST
Create a simple and inspiring logo for Katalyseo, my business coaching practiceI am a freelance who provides business coaching services to both executives, managers and teams... david katalyseo Contests 5 hours ago3:48am EST
Create a new logo for a countywide charityAn independent charity supporting the county's 63,000 unpaid carers...Total Prize: $200... jharris t Contests 5 hours ago3:44am EST
create a appealing logo that will stand outwe specialise in floor restoration's e.g. terrazzo vinyl concrete limestone and much more...... david 5q Contests 5 hours ago3:41am EST
Design a new logo for is a car hire comparison website helping people find the best car hire deals around the w... Paul M UK Contests 5 hours ago3:36am EST
Logo required for new freelance wedding filmmakerI am an independant Freelance Film maker specializing in Wedding and event filming. But I also attract small ... Jonanelli Contests 6 hours ago3:36am EST
Create a logo for an Berlin real estate companyDear Designers, we are entrepreneurs and we founded a Berlin/Germany based real estate company named „ McR... s.ghesquier Contests 6 hours ago3:35am EST
Create an inspiring logo to attract high calibre clientsInspires and motivates business owners, entrepreneurs, community leaders. Training on mindset, goals and resu... jilhutch Contests 6 hours ago2:39am EST
Logo start up innovante, créatrice d'un nouveau concept de suspension VTT. Conception de suspension haut de gamme innovantes à destination des constructeurs et pratiquants du monde... matthieu.alfano Contests 7 hours ago2:36am EST
Video course images for Memory Masterclass and helps people learn memory techniques in a fun and easy way in order to easily me... learnandmemorize Contests 7 hours ago2:28am EST
Course images for Memory Masterclass and Masterplan helps people learn memory techniques in a fun and easy way in order to easily me... learnandmemorize Contests 7 hours ago2:28am EST
Create a logo for mobile engagement companyWe have a platform for creating engaging mobile applications very quickly. You can read more at timster Contests 7 hours ago2:14am EST
Key Point - Ad Network Home Page<p><strong>Publishers and advertisers...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $1175</em></p><p></p> liran s Contests 7 hours ago2:09am EST
Ihr seid Hundefreunde? Die Hunde sind eure besten Freunde!!Wir sind ein Webshop für alle Hundefreunde und verkaufen hauptsächlich Accessoires für grosse und kleine H... julia.kujavec Contests 7 hours ago2:08am EST
Create a modern and attractive design for an Australian tennis company.We are a new Tennis company aimed at attracting high level athletes as well as getting kids interested in the... scott mD Contests 8 hours ago1:31am EST
Stunning Surf/Skate/Snow Lifestyle Shop & Review WebsiteWe are an online Surf / Skate / Snow lifestyle website. We sell clothing & gear. We publish content about... stewart E Contests 8 hours ago1:29am EST
Can you make a Billboard Road! 8x3 m of white paper for desing!Dental Office, we offer all kinds of treatment with hight quality and advance tecniques...... info GmN Contests 8 hours ago1:26am EST
Sugar-Free Detox Logo for iPhone Appsugar-free detox, raw food cleanses, whole food meal plan programs, women 25-45, weight loss, healthy living,... sheleanabreakell Contests 8 hours ago1:21am EST
Bright Fun Jumping Castle Business T-Shirt Needed!!<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> Nicholas Osborne Contests 8 hours ago1:17am EST
Create a memorable logo for gourmet cannabis baked goods companyLil' Henry's Kitchen is a gourmet cannabis infused treats as well as cosmetics....Total P... daponte Contests 8 hours ago12:41am EST
Absolute Allegiance clothing. (loyalty, respect, family)CLOTHING APPAREL REPRESENTS LOYALTY RESPECT FAMILY. TARGETING USUALLY TEENS AND OLDER...T... djkamalani Contests 8 hours ago12:39am EST
Create a sales letter landing pageWe sell a new focus tool for people who are addicted to digital technology. This is a piece of hardware and ... Jeffrey_sada Contests 9 hours ago12:33am EST
Refine the logo for a new pharm company developing innovative liver diseases treatmentsHepanova, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company with the mission to discover, develop and commercialize innovative... holly.cheeseman Contests 9 hours ago12:27am EST
Create a design that displays all types of Special Operations trainingPremier provider of special operations training, consulting, and evaluation for police, fire, EMS, and milita... wrnealyjr Contests 9 hours ago12:24am EST
New business needs dynamic logiOnline resellers, sell oil tanks, diesel stations, water tanks, Biofuel stations & Adblue tanks...... Crlm Contests 9 hours ago12:22am EST
Make our car fleet look great for travelling science geeksFun and informative science education shows and workshops delivered as outreach visits to schools, libraries,... ben.newsome Contests 9 hours ago12:12am EST
Make a car fleet look awesome for travelling science geeks!Design fantastic & fun car imagery for our growing fleet of science outreach cars for school and kids party v... Fizzics Education Contests 9 hours ago12:12am EST
Make our car fleet look awesome and just a little bit geeky!Design fantastic & fun car imagery for our growing fleet of science outreach cars for school and kids party v... Fizzics Education Contests 9 hours ago12:12am EST
Create a playful illustration of an avocado with and chic, simple logo with a touch of warmthIt is a health and wellness site targeting all ages, but probably mostly ages 25-40 and the majority are fema... Avocadoadventures Contests 9 hours ago12:12am EST
Logo for: Pacifica Finance SolutionsLoans money to people buying new house and land packages for investment or as their home to live-in....... dan ecy Contests 9 hours ago12:06am EST
Book Cover for "Constructive Finance"construction finance for medium to large sized development projects ($5million up to $100million)...... dan ecy Contests 9 hours ago11:49pm EST
Create a BOLD, EDGY sign concept for a theater churchWe are one church with multiple locations, which means you'll experience the same music, same teaching and sa... lindsay.harris Contests 9 hours ago11:36pm EST
Create a compelling logo for leadership consulting start-upWe provide leadership consulting and sustainable change facilitation to business, government and non-profit o... Kdelsimone Contests 10 hours ago11:34pm EST
Cover Contest TEENAGE / YA DYSTOPIAEye Catching Book Cover for Dystopian Teenage Novel /Young Adults. Title: "ANGEPASST" Really cool stuff wa... Hubert@Lomoco Contests 10 hours ago11:25pm EST
Build a Creative Yet Simple Construction Company Logo! Guaranteed!!!We are a construction company. We do every type of general construction....Total Prize: ... Delmar7cp Contests 10 hours ago11:24pm EST
Expose your inner cute devil fetish for Oni CubeWe are a new startup based in Tokyo, Japan, that are focused on building products to solve daily problems for... onilicious90 Contests 10 hours ago11:20pm EST
Cool T-shirt Designs for "Florida Scuba Divers"<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> favoetshirts Contests 10 hours ago11:18pm EST
InternetTelevision NetworkWe provide free Christian entertainment content on Roku, the Internet, and various apps. There is no preachin... mark 6m Contests 10 hours ago11:10pm EST
Go Christian TV, and Internet Television NetworkWe provide free Christian entertainment content on Roku, the Internet, and various apps. There is no preachin... mark 6m Contests 10 hours ago11:10pm EST
Create a identity tshirt of hawaiian cartoon characters design for infants and kids<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> custom1234 Contests 10 hours ago11:09pm EST
Branding for a boutique IT consultancy (and not the boring kind)We are a small IT consulting firm in Melbourne, Australia. A small company of 4 guys who are combining their ... james jb Contests 10 hours ago11:07pm EST
We need an exciting logo for our new beach volleyball club for California youth in Long Beach.Sandstorm is a new beach volleyball club in Long Beach, California for girls and boys ages 14 - 18. The targe... yksakugawa Contests 10 hours ago10:58pm EST
Cool T-Shirt Designs for "Horse Riding Grandma"<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> favoetshirts Contests 10 hours ago10:41pm EST
Design a logo that will be the next big online media company covering politicsWE Corp. is an online media company whose mission is to merge the dividing line of politics and its impeding ... mryn8327 Contests 11 hours ago10:30pm EST
Create a revamped logoWe provide technology solutions for health insurers so that their members get instant approval for health cov... Corrigan1 Contests 11 hours ago10:27pm EST
Logo design for a young catering companyit's a catering company. geared towards startups, corporates(young HRs), for weekly breakfast/lunch and/or di... airparkroad Contests 11 hours ago10:23pm EST
Hearing Aid Careers LogoWe are a brand new company that has started a website aimed at 1) recruiting new people to the hearing aid di... chelseadtreseder Contests 11 hours ago10:14pm EST
10 inch long soft ice cream<p><strong>10 inch long soft ice cream...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> youmeepark0812 Contests 11 hours ago10:08pm EST
Create a company logo for a lacrosse companyB NEXT Lacrosse is a online player development program for youth lacrosse players. The software will allow pl... Dubber Contests 11 hours ago10:05pm EST
Help us help others grieving for the loss of a loved oneRetreats for people in grief, due to loss of a loved one. The retreats are 4 days, all-inclusive and take pl... SEM Ltd. Contests 11 hours ago9:55pm EST
LiveBeat Recruiting LogoLiveBeat Recruiting provides cutting edge technology to enhance the recruiting process for collegiate athleti... tyler.iams Contests 11 hours ago9:41pm EST
Create a Winning Logo for an amazing Australian Adventure!Hearts Across Australia is a 5500m run/walk from Perth (Western Australia) to Brisbane (Queensland), it is in... gary wilmot Contests 12 hours ago9:30pm EST
International Cutting-Edge Mobile Software CompanyArchaio is a mobile app that allows building managers to inspect their properties (offices, residential, hote... Casey2405 Contests 12 hours ago9:29pm EST
Building Inspection Mobile Software CompanyArchaio is a mobile app that allows building managers to inspect their properties (offices, residential, hote... Casey2405 Contests 12 hours ago9:29pm EST
Stunning boat advert needed for Key West BoatsWe export new boats direct from the Key West Boats factory in South Carolina, USA to customers in Australia a... keywestdirect Contests 12 hours ago9:27pm EST
Creative logo needed for a technology startupWe provide services and tools to Managed Service Providers (Outsourced I.T.) – our market is primarily in t... alan.sielbeck Contests 12 hours ago9:23pm EST
Create an identity for this exciting, sexy, smooth new Dance Studio.We teach regular, social Group Dance Classes and Private Lessons to people of all ages, shapes and abilities ... bradystanton Contests 12 hours ago9:12pm EST
Cover for self-published motivational book for school leadersI write for school leaders or aspiring leaders who want to make a difference in the lives of others....... williamdp Contests 12 hours ago9:12pm EST
Create an enticing logo for a company w/massive excitement already in the market waiting for this!Our primary target is mom's of young children, particularly moms of kids who are still living at home (birth ... Steve324559 Contests 12 hours ago9:04pm EST
PLATINUM: New banner ad neededWe work with buyers and sellers of residential real estate...Total Prize: $559... Scott90027 Contests 12 hours ago9:03pm EST