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Create a WOW design that clients will rememberI am a new start-up and I manage vacation rental homes to all travelers who are seeking a better space and ex... juliocpreciado Contests 24 minutes ago10:07pm EST
Create a logo for modern Pediatric Dental office in NYC<p><strong>Pediatric Dental office in New York City...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> alee18 Contests 25 minutes ago10:06pm EST
Create a modern logo for an young, enthusiastic, 'can-do' medical sales company based in MelbourneWe are a medical sales organisation that specialises in the area of Orthopaedics. We: - Push boundaries... meganjmansfield Contests 26 minutes ago10:05pm EST
Create a classy looking carpet style illustrationWe sell carpet and flooring (commercial & residential) eg. vinyl, timber, laminate and bamboo to the general ... wilsonmbma Contests 32 minutes ago9:59pm EST
Create some cool fantasy art for Dichotomous.We publish a blog and various artistic works that look at important questions from an entertaining dual persp... generalandrose Contests 32 minutes ago9:58pm EST
Bozas EnchantmentWe sell children's clothing. Our target audience is mothers and grandmothers....Total Pr... abe.dominguez Contests 34 minutes ago9:56pm EST
Create a design for an aspiring new business in sports rehabilitationGranite Sports Institute is a company of excellence that provides new-aged rehabilitation products for the ge... GSI, LLC Contests 37 minutes ago9:54pm EST
TriffinB technology company needs a Fun, Original Logo!We are an App Design company that specializes in apps to fill a need. We seek to make peoples lives better by... EDB Photography Contests 40 minutes ago9:51pm EST
Design the "AMEX black card" of medical services, dahling.A fast, convenient referral service for family doctors with patients who need immediate attention from a top ... oliverwatson Contests 43 minutes ago9:48pm EST
Header for website.I'm a freelance Copywriter. I'm creating my website to attract clients....Total Prize: $2... phillipfranco Contests 51 minutes ago9:40pm EST
Healthcare Analytics Landing PageWe sell customized data reports showing referral relationships between physicians and healthcare companies. ... briantfreeman Contests 52 minutes ago9:39pm EST
Create a logo to build an online brand around by using numbers.Online product sales company. We work with various companies to build websites and sell their products onlin... Lacie Christensen Contests 56 minutes ago9:35pm EST
Create a cute, adorable mascot logo for Spa MonkeysSpa, beauty, wellness business review website based in Asia....Total Prize: $920... Phoebe_song Contests 58 minutes ago9:33pm EST
Create a simple, elegant, timeless logoWe supply the highest quality raw materials to allow customers to create exceptional products in the categori... Mail5918 Contests 59 minutes ago9:32pm EST
Need attention grabbing banner for business to business software!We create software for ticket brokers to help save them time and money....Total Prize: $1... brian E1 Contests 1 hour ago9:25pm EST
Fitness Brand Logo / Icon<p><strong>Distributer of high quality fitness equipment....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> justinp T Contests 1 hour ago9:21pm EST
Create a logo for a craft brewery that symbolizes history and tradition<p><strong>We sell craft beer to beer connoisseurs...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $305</em></p><p></p> kirby72 Contests 1 hour ago9:20pm EST
Create a logo that shows we are cutting edge software company<p><strong>We provide software product development services....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> tunc Contests 1 hour ago9:19pm EST
Create a logo for a new online series of photography courses.<p><strong>It will be an online series of photography courses....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Olpaustin Contests 1 hour ago9:14pm EST
Create an attractive logo evoking Immunology, Global Health and scientific knowledge and rigor.I provide scientific consulting specializing in Immunology and Global Health. I am the sole-proprietor of a s... Simona Zompi Contests 1 hour ago9:09pm EST
Create a rustic themed logo for Schultz Angus RanchSchultz Angus Ranch raises and sells black angus cattle. The ranch is located in a small town in Montana. We ... schultzangusranch Contests 1 hour ago9:01pm EST
Create a logo for a new robotics company, Transcend RoboticsWe make robots that can easily go up stairs ("transcend" for climbing stairs and for beating our competitors)... a.yellow Contests 2 hours ago8:58pm EST
Need a logo for a new premium fashion startup! - Lmtda Co.The Lmtda Co. reads "Limitada", is a clothing startup, which aims to provide highly premium, clothing and acc... rodrigocdiniz Contests 2 hours ago8:56pm EST
Create a Cool looking Logo for a Dentist.<p><strong>Dentisty...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $405</em></p><p></p> hjkl217 Contests 2 hours ago8:47pm EST
Create an awesome T-shirt design for a unique magazine about ice hockey<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> Geneen Contests 2 hours ago8:45pm EST
Virtue Health CentreWe provide private, outpatient Medical and rehabilitation (physiotherapy, massage, wellness) services. Our... jmarkmcfarland Contests 2 hours ago8:43pm EST
Back page ad for a National food magazine.High-end foodies, that care about the quality of food going into their body. We make over 120 different... beaugwilliams Contests 2 hours ago8:43pm EST
Can you bring together razor-sharp steel with nurturing sprout concept for RazorSprout?Razor Sprout will be a small, nimble, high-tech, enterprise cloud computing consulting company focused on the... bisbell Contests 2 hours ago8:34pm EST
elearning interface design template requiredWe develop eLearning and Website projects for our clients...Total Prize: $191... jeff 2l Contests 2 hours ago8:29pm EST
A Native American climber seeks to kill the yeti for revenge. The yeti is protected by Buddhists.A Buddhist yogi, a Native American mountaineer, and the mythical yeti clash on Mt. Kangchenjunga. ... Contests 2 hours ago8:16pm EST
Create 4 superhero's for little learners to engage with at my early learning studioI would like to create an app for 3-6 year olds that includes 4 superhero characters...To... sally.raper Contests 2 hours ago8:14pm EST
Create a logo capturing the mission and values of GISRadiology imaging service with a charitable-christian undertone. We provide radiology professional services f... pbolosmd Contests 2 hours ago8:13pm EST
the best crossfit gym on earth<p><strong>We are a crossfit gym in Mexico, ages from 15 to 40...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> fitoggc Contests 2 hours ago8:11pm EST
Create a logo for a non-profit iOS app to raise money in CambodiaThe Caramanico Foundation runs and fundraises for The Caramanico School. The School was built in 2006 in a r... tcaramanico Contests 3 hours ago8:00pm EST
Calling all Lords and Ladies to design a Jolly Good Logo for a pediatrics practice!We provide premier pediatric care--general pediatrics and subspecialty care--for children in our community. ... christine 1W Contests 3 hours ago7:59pm EST
StartUp CatalystWe support young tech startup founders, we immerse them in Silicon Valley for 2 weeks to give them a wider pe... Steve324441 Contests 3 hours ago7:56pm EST
Create a sexy alluring logo for our luxury beauty boutique!!!We are a business that will provide waxing, facial and nail services as well as retail lingerie, some adult t... lexus.ava Contests 3 hours ago7:55pm EST
Family Friendly cafe needs bright, young and fun logo<p><strong>A kid friendly cafe Young families...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Jonica.bray Contests 3 hours ago7:43pm EST
Logo for Engineering/Prototype CompanyWe provide engineering services and create prototypes of consumer products for inventors, small companies and... timpcrowley Contests 3 hours ago7:41pm EST
Logo for Startup Engineering/Prototype CompanyDesign a logo for a company that helps make peoples ideas come to life.Total Prize: $200... timpcrowley Contests 3 hours ago7:41pm EST
Biolife 1We manufacture fresh spreadable farmer cheese, yogurt, kefir, drinkable yogurts....Total ... nationwidedairy Contests 3 hours ago7:31pm EST
Organic Farm - needs creative designVERTGEN FARMS - An Organic Farm producing nutrient dense produce. "The name "Vert" (french for green) Gen ... islandfarmer Contests 3 hours ago7:29pm EST
christian faith based Athletic company looking for bold designs.We sell christian faith based fitness clothing, not in your face christian. We are looking to let people know... jvesuvio Contests 3 hours ago7:25pm EST
Fitness Program With a Difference Requires Creative Thinking!This is a fitness ebook and training program to help men raise testosterone naturally with nutrition and exer... namcannon Contests 3 hours ago7:23pm EST
create a logo for thirdpartysubmission.comCompany A files a patent application for an invention at the US patent office. Company B sees the patent app... John Winger Contests 3 hours ago7:11pm EST
Create a cool Logo for new Farming Operation.<p><strong>Farming Operation, with Dairy Cattle and Field Crops....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> crr63 Contests 3 hours ago7:11pm EST
Help us celebrate 30 years of excellence by creating our Anniversary LogoYouth competitive volleyball, ages 12-18, male and female, indoor and beach volleyball, Canadian...... gskotnicki Contests 3 hours ago7:05pm EST
Create a fresh design for a property investment companyi4property caters for all your investment property requirements for both buying and selling. We act both as a... s.roberts Contests 4 hours ago6:57pm EST
Create a unique logo for Sunless Envy.<p><strong>Airbrush tanning...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> ashleym Contests 4 hours ago6:56pm EST
Michigan girl tshirt - WINNER GUARANTEED<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> DerPrinz Contests 4 hours ago6:53pm EST
Veterinary Hospital in the city of Roses, Pasadena, CA www.rosecityvets.com25-55, Women and Men, High School College Grad, Pet Owners...Total Prize: $200... Jennavalencia Contests 4 hours ago6:50pm EST
Create an awesome, recognizable, lasting logo & card for a quality custom cabinet shop.We build quality custom cabinets, counter tops, specialty items, etc. for new and remodel projects....... rfrakes Contests 4 hours ago6:37pm EST
Help Me Help Others!!!!! I have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years!I raise money for various needs in my community (i have raised over 250,000 for boys and girls club, 15,000 t... jstmejef Contests 4 hours ago6:27pm EST
Make an electrician look simple-modern-cool :)<p><strong>electrician...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> melanie Ak Contests 4 hours ago6:25pm EST
Bridge Cafe & BarWe are converting a pub into a cafe and bar. So we need a logo that mostly represents a cafe. It could have a... Zaneman Contests 4 hours ago6:16pm EST
Create an identity for home furnishing brandI am an interior designer about to launch my private label of home furnishing line. I want a luxurious Ethnic... Mbaaya Contests 4 hours ago6:10pm EST
Create retargeting banners for software developers loveWe offer an error tracking service for software developers to help them track and handle bugs and errors in t... mike NtM Contests 4 hours ago6:08pm EST
Anchor ChiropracticWe are a state of the art chiropractic office that will be located in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada. Our miss... alliyork Contests 4 hours ago6:07pm EST
Highlands Builders Group logo creationHomebuilder of modern and traditional homes in the Pacific Northwest....Total Prize: $200... Bria53817 Contests 4 hours ago6:05pm EST
Create a perfect logo and business card.Our organization is a family owned company that looks for profitable investments....Total... ninaptrevino Contests 4 hours ago6:03pm EST
Create a playful, yet elegant logo for Renaissance Tails Pet Resort, an upscale pet resort.We provide upscale overnight boarding and dog day care. There are supervised play/socialization areas where... mmdavis84 Contests 4 hours ago6:03pm EST
Put an impressive look behind impressive intellects: Root Deeper Marketing!My market is small to medium sized businesses, in the millions or tens of millions of sales but closely held.... colin 7 Contests 5 hours ago5:58pm EST
Put an impressive look behind impressive strategy: Root Deeper Marketing!My market is small to medium sized businesses, in the millions or tens of millions of sales but closely held.... colin 7 Contests 5 hours ago5:58pm EST
Create what is Under The Sun!We provide UV tanning and spray tanning to tanners of all ages...Total Prize: $200... Latonesutstan Contests 5 hours ago5:56pm EST
Help! How do we get a new and fresh look that reaches young adults and all ages?We are a church that loves God and loves people. We want to tell our community about Jesus and help to estab... mchynds Contests 5 hours ago5:54pm EST
Automotive Group Company LogoWe are a number of local Japanese car dealerships in a city in China, and we are in the process of combining ... 226373 Contests 5 hours ago5:49pm EST
Creating a passion and SPARK for engaged learning at SparkTankSparkTank is really about taking a scientific, but practical and modern approach to generating improved commu... rachel sU Contests 5 hours ago5:36pm EST
Rx Nation Branding Logo for our Crossfit Based CompanyWe are a Crossfit based company that provides a Gym Membership Passport program to other elite gyms around th... dfoleyram Contests 5 hours ago5:28pm EST
Create an image that captures the excitement and fun of a party that has a photo booth<p><strong>Photo booth rental andevent photography...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> nikkinavarro03 Contests 5 hours ago5:27pm EST
Create a 30th anniversary Logo for Joey's RestaurantsSeafood Restaurant Chain serving Canada's best seafood and Fish & Chips. Target audience is generation Y....... Dave.holland Contests 5 hours ago5:08pm EST
Simple Book Cover for a book called "Our kids, our biggest teachers"Specially Mom's Secondary Parents This is a book about parenting written in Spanish...T... gabyalicea7 Contests 5 hours ago5:07pm EST
Create an awesome LOGO for a Sassy, Sexy, Fun Health focused lifestyle site. Think Black PopSugarThink Black Sassy, sexy, fun & friendly / accessible - a health focused lifestyle website for A... kj 8 Contests 5 hours ago5:06pm EST
Delicious, luxury Peruvian dessertsWe sell alfajores online. Alfajores are peruvian cookies that are absolutely delicious. Check some out here: ... Jun Loayza Contests 6 hours ago4:56pm EST
Create an Outdoorsy logo for a music case companyBlueridge Mobile is a manufacturer servicing the phone case industry, and specializing in sports and active-u... ryan.kane Contests 6 hours ago4:53pm EST
Custom Brand DesignWe provide business consulting to companies that are looking to improve operations and technology that can gr... rbridges Contests 6 hours ago4:51pm EST
Shirts for Travel Sweepstakes<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> sales q2 Contests 6 hours ago4:45pm EST
Spin/Pilates Studio needs modern design for JVR FitnessIndustrial, modern spin & Pilates studio. Target is men & women 30-50 years old. First location of probable f... vicpopoff Contests 6 hours ago4:45pm EST
Create an impact report that highlights the innovative entrepreneurs in Social Venture NetworkOur organization supports and empowers high-impact, innovative entrepreneurs that leverage business to serve ... SVNetwork Contests 6 hours ago4:36pm EST
DESIGN A WORLD CLASS BUSINESS CARD FOR TONY'S TOYSTony's Toys Automotive Center is the #1 place in Grand Cayman for all your automotive needs. We offer a varie... dayna e Contests 6 hours ago4:35pm EST
Creating a Book cover, spine and back for a consulting firm!Bob Clements International is a consulting firm that works with small business owners to help them with busin... sara UP Contests 6 hours ago4:34pm EST
Create a character logo for a Chilean pop-up & food truck in a pin-up/ tattoo styleWe are a Chilean pop-up restaurant & food truck business in London, catering at events, markets and festivals... emilyingram14 Contests 6 hours ago4:33pm EST
CHICA BONITA - create a character logo for a Chilean pop-up & food truck in a pin-up/ tattoo styleWe are a Chilean pop-up restaurant & food truck business in London, catering at events, markets and festivals... emilyingram14 Contests 6 hours ago4:33pm EST
Design for a families dream Boat!Hello Designers thank you for your interest in this contest! this contest is for a boat name illustration. A ... PhD Labs Contests 6 hours ago4:32pm EST
Provide an Illustrated Interpretation of the Malawi REDD+ Vision<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> jkerkering Contests 6 hours ago4:25pm EST
Design a wine bottle label<p><strong>Custom made wine...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $165</em></p><p></p> Schao Contests 6 hours ago4:21pm EST
Create a bespoke eyecatching brand for Dublin High Street gourmet Food StoreWe currently own a restaurant called The Lovely Food Company ( we are about to launch a ne... paul u0 Contests 6 hours ago4:18pm EST
Apocalypse Camp logoApocalypse Camp is a summer camp for big kids. We teach badass skills like how to pick a lock, ride a motorc... info BK9 Contests 6 hours ago4:15pm EST
Create a character & stylized logo for Spot Ninja, a website that recommends where to dine!Spot Ninja is a website (coming soon at and mobile app that uses an advanced recommendatio... proesler Contests 6 hours ago4:14pm EST
"Spot Ninja" needs a character & logo for site that recommends where to dine!Spot Ninja is a website (coming soon at and mobile app that uses an advanced recommendatio... proesler Contests 6 hours ago4:14pm EST
Recreate new dynamic handoutsWe are a wealth management firms that caters to high net worth individuals by helping them create a work-opti... Todd6590 Contests 6 hours ago4:04pm EST
Digital marketing assets for financial advisors. Will lead to more future design work!!Our organization is made up of an elite team of financial advisors across the USA. We are looking to attract... info Myp Contests 6 hours ago4:03pm EST
New Designs for Muslin Cloth Squares - Baby - More Contests Available!<p><strong>Cloth Muslin Squares for Baby...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $165</em></p><p></p> laura 9 Contests 7 hours ago4:01pm EST
Create an inspirational logo for RVingForLife - A Lifestyle Redesign blog and brand!We do lifestyle redesign consulting as well as have our own blog on the subject. Target audience is couples ... david dc Contests 7 hours ago3:58pm EST
New Logo for Baby Product Company - more work also available.New designer/retailer of baby products - mainly muslin squares and cotton accessories....... laura 9 Contests 7 hours ago3:57pm EST
Brochure for International Travel Company<p><strong>United States, business to business brochure...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $290</em></p><p></p> PrimeLuggage Contests 7 hours ago3:52pm EST
Honeycomb Apartments - Only a dorm is closer!It is an apartment in Lubbock Texas that caters to foreign exchange students from all over the world...... alex.orr Contests 7 hours ago3:47pm EST
Design help screens for the world's most private iPhone browser<p><strong>Browse is the world's most private iPhone browser....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $175</em></p><p></p> Paul222179 Contests 7 hours ago3:38pm EST
IRON ORBIT : LogoIron Orbit hosts desktops and applications in the cloud, for small, medium and large businesses. Our audie... alex 76 Contests 7 hours ago3:36pm EST
Create an innovative logo for a new wealth advisory firm.We provide wealth advisory and wealth management services to investors looking for comprehensive wealth strat... hab I Contests 7 hours ago3:32pm EST
Create an illustration for a upscale spa in Austin Texas!We offer health and beauty services. (i.g., spray tanning, wellness coaching, dieting, exercising, and massag... adrian_bautista Contests 7 hours ago3:26pm EST