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Create a cool new logo for my businessSummit Success is a holding name for my multiple businesses. I want to create a very sleek, professional logo... pbritten Contests 14 minutes ago4:05am EST
Logo for a new Wedding Directory and Resource website for southwest ukNew website for couples planning their big day, tips list and advice & Paid for Wedding Directory for local b... j.pardon Contests 18 minutes ago4:00am EST
Willi the Gartenzwerg from Gartenstadt<p><strong>Consumer Products Trading Company...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> mail 0s Contests 19 minutes ago3:59am EST
Create an arresting logo for Edmond CuisineThe objective is to develop Edmond Cuisine image. Edmond Cuisine is a Club for quality food lovers that aims... chiara.pierazzi Contests 31 minutes ago3:48am EST
Create a timeless icon for our social tv show tracker app.5wall is a social TV-show tracker app. You can mark episodes of your favorite TV-shows as "watched" and see w... paul lKZ Contests 41 minutes ago3:38am EST
Piano Note-Reading Book Series DesignA book to teach piano notation for sight-reading. The books are aimed at beginners (both children and adults... s4sam Contests 49 minutes ago3:30am EST
Create a logo for what is about to be a massive urban clothing line and store!Urban clothing store with a barber shop in it. Selling brans such as nike, carre, nba jerseys snapback caps,... Mark_kurt Contests 1 hour ago3:18am EST
Require a Book Cover for my - Business / Self-Help BookA light 192 page book for Managers & Officers The book addresses 22 Situations that they likely face in Offic... anilr43 Contests 1 hour ago3:16am EST
Cover for my Business / Self-Help Book (22 Office Situations...A light 192 page book for Managers & Officers The book addresses 22 Situations that they likely face in Offic... anilr43 Contests 1 hour ago3:16am EST
Create a logo for a non-profit organisation helping underprivileged children around the worldThe Michael Matthews foundation is an independent organisation raising funds to assist with bringing educatio... quintin 4 Contests 1 hour ago3:15am EST
Sophisticated, creative & fashion-forward brand logoA high-end fashion brand of women's clothing and accessories....Total Prize: $300... sam VN Contests 1 hour ago3:14am EST
Attract subscribers for awesome weight loss tips.I give Weight Loss tips for 27 - 37 year old males who are frustrated with their bodies as they are overweigh... matthew ng Contests 1 hour ago3:07am EST
Logo and App Icon for VPN access providerVPN access provider with own client software for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as iOS and Android. VPN allo... tafkab Contests 1 hour ago3:05am EST
Office Clear outs ProfessionalsClients are corporate and government bodies, we provide office and commercial clearouts service, we disassemb... desmond J Contests 2 hours ago2:48am EST
Create design that captures alternative grunge meets metro male.DonJ Designs is full name, but want the logo to be just 'DonJ'. Starting business as tailored suits/shir... donmurph Contests 2 hours ago2:37am EST
Create an incredible logo aimed at inspiring start-ups and entrepreneursA business blog / podcast aimed at entrepreneurs and start-ups. We plan on creating a series of ebooks in the... Mike Fh Contests 2 hours ago2:29am EST
Incubaor Logo DesignWe are an incubator that will help young businesses get started through an accelerator program. The name of ... Bungaloo Contests 2 hours ago2:09am EST
Tourdesk is Asia's revolutionary tour and ticketing software companyTourdesk is a website for our partners where they can find all the leisure products available in your destina... invest z Contests 2 hours ago2:06am EST
Logo for online jewelry shop: men buy jewelry for their wifeWe are a online shop for jewelry. Main customers are men who buy jewelry for their wife or girlfriend. The cu... Noaks Contests 2 hours ago2:01am EST
Relieve International LOGOWe are an International Trading Company. Since our logo has more than 20 years, we would like to refresh ... Paolo Z. Contests 2 hours ago1:52am EST
Create a modern logo for Traditional Italian Gourmet Butchers<p><strong>Italian Gourmet Butchers...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> scott w0 Contests 3 hours ago1:45am EST
Create a new creative logo for a martial arts online consulting companyWe are a martial arts online mentoring and coaching company that will provide new age cutting edge business s... pbritten Contests 3 hours ago1:12am EST
Creative and modern Logo for Itqan Co.we provide electrical and electro_mechanical services for the rail, aerospace, defense, aircraft support, inf... moath.abualhaija Contests 3 hours ago12:59am EST
AMAZON BUSINESS , BABY LOGOWe are selling product on Amazon , We just starting a new line of Baby products. We would like to find a goo... y.hanane Contests 3 hours ago12:56am EST
Create a key visual for technology transferAs a central Technology Transfer Office of Technische Universität Dresden we connect science, industry and s... kathleen.mehnert Contests 4 hours ago12:42am EST
Create a unique logo for a unique business ideaTarget audience is men between the ages of 25 - 60. Provide high-end beard care products. Oils, creams, kits,... rich u Contests 4 hours ago12:17am EST
The Korean startup competition "Chung Ju Yung Startup Competition(정주영창업경진대회)" is looking for a logo!- “Chung Ju Yung Startup Competition(정주영창업경진대회)” is an annual nation-wide startup compe... AsanNanumFoundation Contests 4 hours ago11:52pm EST
The most prestigious startup competition in Korea is looking for a logo!- “Chung Ju Yung Startup Competition(정주영창업경진대회)” is an annual nation-wide startup compe... AsanNanumFoundation Contests 4 hours ago11:52pm EST
Creat a product label for Muddy Pawz BakeryThe business makes and sells all natural lovingly handmade pet treats to sell to pets and their owners. Ther... Bodie x Contests 5 hours ago11:48pm EST
Create an unique logo for a classroom social utility tool.Question board for students. We are creating an environment that is comfortable for students to use, but we n... waninwu Contests 5 hours ago11:27pm EST
Photography Logo - beachy, soft, sophisticated, yogi, bohemian chic<p><strong>portrait, lifestyle, wedding, yoga/health, (and travel)...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> jenmacniven Contests 5 hours ago11:27pm EST
Create a Logo for Irvine Chiropractic Clinic that grabs the attention and keeps it.Chiropractic Clinic with a target audience of the general population and a focus on Sports people....... danirv9 Contests 5 hours ago11:12pm EST
Stunning CROSSFIT themed shirt \(^o^)/ \(^o^)/ \(^o^)/<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $230</em></p><p></p> Martin Kruger Contests 5 hours ago11:10pm EST
Create a capturing logo for East Coast Pets AustraliaWe offer well-designed, sustainable, biodegradable, fair trade and earth friendly pet accessories.... claire gd Contests 5 hours ago11:10pm EST
palmmlinkConnects restaurants to vendors, send and receive orders. target audience: restaurants and vendors....... vadim_kalon Contests 5 hours ago11:06pm EST
Create a strong, feminine logo for LeoaWe sell strong pantyhose for women (they do not rip). Leoa means lioness in Portuguese - so we are looking fo... shopleoa Contests 5 hours ago11:05pm EST
Create a New Age Logo for higher being and consciousness.I do interviews with experts in the field of Personal development, peak performance, and Higher consciousness... Mike 2e Contests 6 hours ago10:26pm EST
Create a Logo for higher consciousness, personal growth and achievement.I do interviews with experts in the field of Personal development, peak performance, and Higher consciousness... Mike 2e Contests 6 hours ago10:26pm EST
The Chocolate Project needs an elegant, clever logo with taglineThe business encompasses teaching about chocolate - how it's made, where it comes from and how it tastes to a... ruthkennison Contests 6 hours ago10:12pm EST
Creative and Simple iOS Fitness App needs a captivating iconToday Counts - Fitness One Day at a time Today counts is an iPhone app that tracks activity level (pedomet... Christianwmartin Contests 6 hours ago10:12pm EST
Create a unique and picturesque logo for a South Asian music festivalA south asian music festival primarily to promote South Asian music from South Asia - India, Pakistan, Bangla... Arizevents Contests 6 hours ago10:07pm EST
Le Clubhouse - Create a modern & fun logo for a new golf driving range facility!Le Clubhouse ("The Clubhouse" in french) will be a modern driving range facility with bar & food service. The... cestmoijp Contests 6 hours ago9:57pm EST
Create a beautiful logo for a new perfume house!Berceuse is a new perfume house built on the idea that perfume is a high art and quality stands before all. W... barristerandmann Contests 7 hours ago9:42pm EST
Weightloss clinic, looking for bright ,fun, motivating design<p><strong>Weight loss clinic, health coaching...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Mann.m Contests 7 hours ago9:40pm EST
Create a hoodie design for patriotic Americans<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> brettmac981 Contests 7 hours ago9:39pm EST
Logo creation for general storeKado Déko is a small shop in a little community selling gift, decoration item. You can pretty much find ever... m.vignola Contests 7 hours ago9:35pm EST
Logo creation for local shopKado Déko is a small shop in a little community selling gift, decoration item. You can pretty much find ever... m.vignola Contests 7 hours ago9:35pm EST
Launch a High End Design Firm!<p><strong>Design - home interiors, exteriors, etc....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $405</em></p><p></p> suzannelbryan Contests 7 hours ago9:17pm EST
nat&lee - Be part of creating a multi million dollar company (Organic, Pure health Products)nat & lee (2 really healthy, organic vegetarians) making food and possibly other products that are sustainabl... natwellnessclinic Contests 7 hours ago9:13pm EST
Design an elegant and peaceful look for Traditional Yoga websiteThe Yoga Healing Foundation is a registered charity run by volunteers that delivers programs under the headin... aashadeepika Contests 7 hours ago9:09pm EST
International Animal loungeWe are the 1st animal lounge in Canada. We will be opening soon at Calgary airport ( YYC ) . Our targeted aud... serrienkenneth Contests 7 hours ago9:02pm EST
Create a logo to shows my dedication to my patients with modern techniques and gentle care.Dental office that is upscale, modern, and focused on thorough and pain-free dental treatment....... wecochea Contests 7 hours ago8:51pm EST
LEGALNET - LEGAL WEBSITE - ADWORDS BANNERSLEGALNET offers access to good legal advice in the Perth metropolitan area, Western Austrlaia. We work wit... DAVE234234 Contests 8 hours ago8:47pm EST
Create a classic logo design for a Utah distillery in canyon country.We will be a distillery in rural Utah making whiskey and other spirits. Our location will be proximate to Cap... alan.scott Contests 8 hours ago8:45pm EST
Modern, simple logo, dressed to impress big businessWork with large companies to optimize their website based on user behaviour. The target audience is large dig... jason.kogan Contests 8 hours ago8:45pm EST
Cooperate but modern themeWe provide Building Services, Cleaning Services Facilities Management and Car Detailing Services to Commerial... scottokeefe Contests 8 hours ago8:26pm EST
Design a featured character for our websiteWe provide industry advice and service to musicians and individuals in the music industry....... greg.blucore Contests 8 hours ago8:25pm EST
Create an attractive company logo for NRGX in the petroleum industryNRGX is a petroleum data service company that develops and sells a small but powerful data conversion applica... randy.striemer Contests 8 hours ago8:20pm EST
Create a modern industrial logo for a refreshing start-up-ECI- is a distributor specializing in electrical contacts. The industries we currently serve are: Aerospace,... Mike 1U Contests 8 hours ago8:01pm EST
Logo for honey based cosmetics and pharmaceutical productsThis logo is for branding and labelling of an exclusive range of Manuka honey based cosmetics and health prod... Aussie Mark Contests 8 hours ago7:59pm EST
Human Billboard PosterWe produce Awesome, Gluten and Dairy Free, Nutritionally Balanced, Fresh not Frozen, Ready Made Meals with th... Get-tuf Contests 9 hours ago7:40pm EST
logo that should "present" me wherever it isIt's just my name I want it as my personal signature or stamp but not like I wrote it. It's just to know it's... chaimyfrankel Contests 9 hours ago7:23pm EST
Virtual Reality LogoFun, trendy, virtual reality events around the world. Our target audience is men and women with an interest i... taylor YN Contests 9 hours ago7:07pm EST
Capture the essence of all things fun and amusing for a new novelty online store.Online sales of small toys and novelties such as keychains (rubix cube, board games, video games, movies and ... RHufault Contests 9 hours ago7:02pm EST
Create a logo for lodging in wine countryAn industry association of hotel, motel and Bed & Breakfasts Inns in Sonoma County, California....... wlwpals Contests 10 hours ago6:47pm EST
Help seniors feel safe their own homes with San Diego Grab BarsInstall Grab Bars and railings. Primarily for seniors. Allowing seniors to stay in their own home. More tha... dave vF Contests 10 hours ago6:46pm EST
Create an inspiring Weightlifting logo for Houston, TXWe are a Olympic Weightlifting Gym in Houston, TX hence the H-town reference...Total Priz... theo a Contests 10 hours ago6:45pm EST
Create a design that captures collaboration and community building for a charityInternational conference for Prader-Willi Syndrome (rare genetic disorder that comes with many challenges , i... Advocacy Champ Contests 10 hours ago6:40pm EST
Create an exciting new logo for a new range of Womens Gym ApparelWe are a fitness and gym apparel company, our brand name is 'Hunter Not Hunted'. What we are after is a logo ... Bdyculture Contests 10 hours ago6:37pm EST
a graff type character with electronic devise such as cellphoneI sell Accessories for electronic devices to help protect them world wide....Total Prize:... Cole.d.Garcia87 Contests 10 hours ago6:37pm EST
design the next up and coming elevator company logo<p><strong>elevator company we do service and maintenance...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> eabelevator Contests 10 hours ago6:36pm EST
Create a logo for a top featured floral design companyWe are a wedding floral & event design company. Our target audience are engaged women....... matthewjarin Contests 10 hours ago6:21pm EST
Bishop Auto GroupConsignment sale of high end automobiles for high end clients. Specializing in exotic and vintage cars. Excel... Jlbflyboy172 Contests 10 hours ago6:14pm EST
Create a mobile app logo/icon for PIER's "Qualified Education Agents" AppPIER creates mobile and web apps for professionals in the education industry.Total Prize:... dev i Contests 10 hours ago6:05pm EST
Create a modern logo for a co-working spaceWe provide office desk space for rental by the day, week or month. We are focused on local businesses that ar... matt Cs Contests 10 hours ago6:00pm EST
Create a fresh new logo for a medical/dental startupWe sell DIY denture marking kits and providing a mobile service that cleans, labels and sanitizes dentures. O... dim_anderson Contests 10 hours ago5:59pm EST
Create an innovate logo for a bridge welding company!We are a specialty welding company focusing on bridges, roadways & large buildings....Tot... jessea.mejia Contests 10 hours ago5:58pm EST
Help us launch our portfolio holding company with an amazing logo!We are a portfolio of direct to consumer ecommerce brands including ScanDigital, BritePix, Pixmonix, Home Mov... schoenrock Contests 11 hours ago5:46pm EST
KingLy. Please help us to create a premium Wine LabelWe are a premium wine company expanding our range through a new export market channel Our target market rang... Dean C Contests 11 hours ago5:43pm EST
Military support Tee design<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> Ruff Industries Contests 11 hours ago5:30pm EST
Armadilla Security, a tough don't "F" with me logoinstall and service home security and automation systems...Total Prize: $200... stedach Contests 11 hours ago5:23pm EST
Make This Nomad Stand OUT!Oil&Gas maintenance selling service and repairs on engines compressors pumps rigs and millwright services....... tlchwyl Contests 11 hours ago5:16pm EST
Create an awesome Linkedin Banner for attorney<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $115</em></p><p></p> cortesokc Contests 11 hours ago5:12pm EST
Create a simple but powerful logo for RefractorProvides innovative software for online publishers to grow their businesses....Total Priz... Tim Hanlon Contests 11 hours ago5:12pm EST
PFITR Internal RedesignOur audience is mostly accountants, treasurers and financial officers. They are looking at investment accou... PFITR Contests 11 hours ago5:10pm EST
Sweet brochure to promote patented power plant equipment.<p><strong>Engineers and business executives...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $290</em></p><p></p> peteperri Contests 11 hours ago5:08pm EST
Quilting logo, fresh inviting writing,clearI have a business which sells quilting books,patterns and notions. I have been in existance for over 15 years... softimpressions Contests 11 hours ago5:06pm EST
Nutrex Hawaii Holiday Card 2014We produce and sell world-wide health supplements, BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin and Hawaiian Spirulina....... jlinhart Contests 11 hours ago5:04pm EST
The Ironfaery seeks a brand-logo that reflects the bad-ass renaissance woman I am.I am the Ironfaery (If). This logo needs to be simple, strong, beautiful, balanced, magickal--for the rena... ironfaery Contests 11 hours ago4:50pm EST
Home Loan Team Shirt!<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> aaugustyniakunr Contests 12 hours ago4:45pm EST
Smartourism - innovative consulting services for touristic destination managementLet's design the most innovative logo to communicate a new way of promoting and managing a touristic destinat... sebastiano.peluso Contests 12 hours ago4:41pm EST
Bailes Brothers Clothiers Logo ContestWe sell non-licensed classic and vintage style collegiate color clothing to college students and alumni....... Lea26 Contests 12 hours ago4:38pm EST
Bio-Green EnvironmentalWe are an environmental company that works on the disposal of waste product....Total Priz... pauljaques444 Contests 12 hours ago4:37pm EST
Create a modern, clean logo for a Neighborhood dry cleaners<p><strong>Dry Cleaning, Laundry, and Alterations of clothing...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> brianko79 Contests 12 hours ago4:31pm EST
logo fashion design!<p><strong>fashion merchandising/fashion designer....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> carinaabrostella11 Contests 12 hours ago4:25pm EST
Design an inspiring visual brand for a kids afterschool education centreOur purpose is to give every child the opportunity to unlock their unlimited potential. We are a local educa... ChessKids Contests 12 hours ago4:24pm EST
Dog Themed T-shirt Design *** MULTIPLE WINNERS POSSIBLE ***<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> Sjtpalmer Contests 12 hours ago4:11pm EST
Erstellt ein modernes App-Design für Rumbble<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $785</em></p><p></p> mbeutnagel Contests 12 hours ago4:11pm EST
New law firm seeking, a professional, simple, and modern design.Boutique law firm specializing in representing charter schools, school districts, nonprofits, and small busin... dustin HE Contests 12 hours ago4:10pm EST
New law firm seeking a hip,professional, simple, and modern design.Boutique law firm specializing in representing charter schools, school districts, nonprofits, and small busin... dustin HE Contests 12 hours ago4:10pm EST