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Create a simple, clever and eye catching logo for our International Christian store.We are a Christian store, in the sense that we are more than a bookstore (future plans of café space and eve... MessageMediaBookshop Contests 12 minutes ago4:13am EST
Desktop Wallpaper for Netrunner OS 16 - OzymandiasNetrunner is an open-source desktop operating system based on Debian/Kubuntu: data2009 Contests 13 minutes ago4:12am EST
Create a bad-ass podcast logoPowerful Nonsense is a media company that produces info-tainment products to empower young entrepreneurs ... Cem u Contests 26 minutes ago3:59am EST
Ambiente S.p.A.Igiene ambientale - raccolta differenziata. Attualmente non abbiamo un logo vero e proprio, utilizziamo un te... riccardo.castagnacci Contests 40 minutes ago3:45am EST
Do you even design bro? I need a logo with some muscle & I need it STAT!I provide tailored nutritional plans and strength conditioning programs for anyone who wants to go to the nex... jordonboddamwhetham Contests 42 minutes ago3:44am EST
Create a logo for hotel booking portalStayGuru is a one-stop accommodation portal for users to find the best deals to stay at worldwide. We want to... CalebK Contests 44 minutes ago3:41am EST
Create a cool image for "preserved food" for LE CONSERVE by LE FERREWE produce and sell, all around the world, extravirgin olive oil and Flavoured Oils,. We are in Puglia, in th... sara leferre Contests 54 minutes ago3:31am EST
Kelly Diet LogoWe provide weight loss programs and advice for athletes. It needs to be a strong logo, that also reads well w... maxvel01 Contests 56 minutes ago3:29am EST
3D Logo<p><strong>Motion Designs...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> nextit Contests 1 hour ago3:20am EST
Creative packaging needed for innovative drinks coolerFRIO manufacture and sell a range of cooling products; these are divided into 2 sections, our medical side, a... amysmith Contests 1 hour ago3:15am EST
Logo pour une plaine de jeux couvertePlaine de jeux couverte pour enfants (principalement de 4 à 10 ans) sur le thème de l'espace, des étoiles ... Chantal1415 Contests 1 hour ago3:14am EST
Create a fresh, new and converting design for a portfolio of comparison websites.The websites are initiatives of SkyDreams ( SkyDreams is the holding company and o... SkyDreams Contests 1 hour ago3:10am EST
3D Logo<p><strong>Motion Designs...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $706</em></p><p></p> nextit Contests 1 hour ago3:09am EST
Create a Capturing Label for a Coconut Baby oil Productwe produced carefully crafted oil products on our local markets and neighboring countries in Africa...... fredxzem Contests 2 hours ago2:32am EST
Arthur Clive's needs a hand to create a vintage lasting brand.Family owned bakehouse & cafe. Business was established originally in 1936 under a different name in a diffe... aidanpennell Contests 2 hours ago2:26am EST
Logo for sports brandSports brand; bikes, running shoes, sporting clothes & gear, dumbbell weights....Total Pr... londonluxurylivingltd Contests 2 hours ago2:13am EST
Cover needed for a book about travelling on a freighter shipWe are an indie publishing company specialized in slow motion travels....Total Prize: $20... Without Flying Contests 3 hours ago1:43am EST
Need an industrial logo to empower our collective group of like minded companiesHROA is a group that has collaborated to help miners not only meet the requirements for environmental complia... Glenvartiainen Contests 3 hours ago1:41am EST
Logo design for nutritionistMy customer works as work as a nutritionist, trainer and health coach. She teaches in groups, has individual... spstieng Contests 3 hours ago1:30am EST
Erstellt ein besonderes Logo das für design, exklusivität und indivualität stehtWir sind ein Ecommerce Unternehmen das sich darauf spezialisiert, kleine bis mittlere Modelabels zu vertreibe... servus A Contests 3 hours ago1:23am EST
Who the heck is Northies?Real estate market in NZ, marketing and selling homes, apartments, sections, lifestyle blocks, businesses and... iannorth65 Contests 4 hours ago12:50am EST
Make these 1950s "housewives" become Asian and drink Crack.Crack Coffee sells addictive Vietnamese iced coffee to North Americans on the back of an electric scooter. I... ctcrowell Contests 4 hours ago12:48am EST
New Logo for Restaurant in Iconic BuildingTHE VENUE The “Sugar Shaker” is the adoptive name given to Holiday Inn Townsville due to it’s iconic s... Boondoggle Contests 4 hours ago12:47am EST
Create a logo for branded new hotel chainNew Branded budget & premium hotel chain coming across India. Have global ambitions. Our differentiators -... sekhar k Contests 4 hours ago12:43am EST
Internet Adventure Club needs a logo as memorable as its nameWe're a youtube travel show about a guy on a roadtrip across the US, completing "missions" that can be assign... daniel.a.altman Contests 4 hours ago12:41am EST
Create a simple minimalistic logo for a car company app<p><strong>We are an app that is similar to Shazam but for cars...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> tarekabrit Contests 4 hours ago12:35am EST
Create a delicious looking logo for an edible treat company.Our company creates edible treats for the client. We personalize any kind of cookie, cupcake, cake, brownie ... darian o Contests 4 hours ago12:34am EST
facelift to shopping app visho<p><strong>The five main screen designs of visho app.</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $1673</em></p><p></p> vishomarket Contests 4 hours ago12:28am EST
Create an eye-catching design for a line of ready-to-drink cocktails<p><strong>We produce and distribute spirits...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> FortunaDistillery Contests 4 hours ago12:11am EST
Create company's logo, "Dunamis"[Dunamis] Our company name “Dunamis” is the word which Aristotle used in his philosophy. “Dunamis” m... hayama Contests 4 hours ago12:03am EST
Create new flyer for industry qualified!Recognition of Prior Learning & Skills Recognition.  Our Target Market:  Construction Industry Trades Pe... ptsiolas05 Contests 4 hours ago11:59pm EST
Not sure what this means<p><strong>CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> bruno h Contests 5 hours ago11:55pm EST
Be my logo Hero - help me save the world!I am a life coaching business. I help women who know they have a special fire inside of them, but have put t... layne 3 Contests 5 hours ago11:52pm EST
Create a modern vintage logo for a euro style beach city favorite sweet treatWe sell product which is a mix; a blend of a crepe with a Waffle cone consistency which can be left soft or c... monicaolivetree25 Contests 5 hours ago11:51pm EST
Create the perfect website for my cleaning company.Hello- I am targeting the 'elite' real-estate property owners, real-estate companies, construction companies,... hphelan1988 Contests 5 hours ago11:50pm EST
Create a snappy, retro-futuristic wordmark for iPhone photo appSay no to another boring selfie. Smooch with your favorite celeb. Become a wild animal. Get featured on a cov... anton 40 Contests 5 hours ago11:49pm EST
Create a Modern Luxury Carrier Oil (Rosehip Oil) Bottle Label For Essential Oil CompanyWe sell 100% pure therapeutic grade essentials oils for face, body and hair. Our target audience are women o... lavidaessentials1 Contests 5 hours ago11:47pm EST
Logo for Drone Partners - something simple and stylish. We solve your visual challenges above groundWe film everything above two meters with our drones. We service realestate, theme parks, construction com... nicolaj Contests 5 hours ago11:16pm EST
Capture the soul of the South Pacific for APTC to celebrate at graduationsOur organisation is based in the South Pacific countries of Fiji, Samoa, PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands. We... benita.mcgovern Contests 5 hours ago11:13pm EST
Create a cool logo for Grumpy Rupert's Gourmet foods.Grumpy Rupert's is a fast food business with a healthy twist. We specialise in healthier hot dogs, burgers, ... rpdosser Contests 5 hours ago11:07pm EST
Race Team LogoThe logo to be designed is for "Andy Lauer Racing." Something clean and simple, yet incorperating elements fr... Andynlauer Contests 6 hours ago10:40pm EST
Design a colorful & attractive Product Packaging for our new BiteZ Product range!ABC Bakery Pte Ent is a bakery based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We have over 29 branches all over Vietnam ... Gyver.clk Contests 6 hours ago10:34pm EST
Dirt Trail Garage - logo creationDirt Trail Garage is a Web Design & Management company that provides website management (hosting, design and ... Mike Mayleben Contests 6 hours ago10:33pm EST
Create a modern, bold, memorable logo for Investing ArchitectWe design and execute custom investment strategies for successful professionals so they can achieve financial... Erion Shehaj Contests 6 hours ago10:21pm EST
Create brand logo for health care conglomerate! H BioHealthcare conglomerate that owns numerous health related companies. Companies include pharmaceutical, cancer... inventedbypeter S Contests 6 hours ago10:18pm EST
Yokie...The Earphone Thingy!I invented an earphone / earbud accessory that keeps the wires from getting tangled up when stored. It allows... Brian.L.Bennett Contests 6 hours ago10:17pm EST
Playful abstract logo for app startupapp startup. personal inventory management with sales and per item insurance application....... dustin.oosthuizen Contests 6 hours ago10:13pm EST
Simple Modern Clean website for Customhouse Broker FirmWe sell services to import goods and merchandise from international countries into the United States. We are ... skwon723 Contests 6 hours ago10:08pm EST
Looking to Capture my Personal Brand with a Logo! *GUARENTEE*This logo is for myself, a personal brand to show that I'm a serial entrepeneur. I have created multiple bran... dalip i Contests 6 hours ago10:06pm EST
First impressions count.... I need a CV with wow-factor!<p><strong>I'm a technology sales executive....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $244</em></p><p></p> adam ePp Contests 6 hours ago10:04pm EST
House exterior design<p><strong>Needing house exterior design brick and stone...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> kykyforever Contests 6 hours ago10:04pm EST
Create a logo for the most unique and badass ranch that has ever existed!I just bought a ranch with 3 of my best buddies. We are all about 35 years old but are doing our best to hang... quinn 2 Contests 6 hours ago10:01pm EST
Titan Brewing Company needs a logo!We are a brand new brewery in Tucson, AZ looking for a badass logo!...Total Prize: $200... jjpye86 Contests 6 hours ago10:00pm EST
create an awesome logo for a nyc weave specialistWe make custom wigs for consumers and sell hair extensions to consumers. We also sell wig making supplies to ... nycweavespecislist Contests 7 hours ago9:47pm EST
Create a professional "Diagnostic Sleep Company" LogoThe name of our company is SleepBio. We specialize in selling home sleep tests directly to consumers to help ... quinn 2 Contests 7 hours ago9:39pm EST
BUNKER LOGO CONTEST - INVEST IN GOLD AND SILVER BEFORE THE BIG CRASHBunker sell gold and silvers bars online to individuals. We also offer the storage of the bullion in a vault ... diane.boitet Contests 7 hours ago9:31pm EST
Our Little CharityCharity work in poverty countries mainly Kenya Africa specializing in Child Medical Interventions also - Educ... don-car Contests 7 hours ago9:19pm EST
Online Retail Store logo - Create a truly original design!The White Apple is based on the premise of being the antithesis of the Snow White story. Snow White was offer... miranda_bruce Contests 7 hours ago9:15pm EST
Design a clever logo for a college online learning environment, ClassActiveThis will be a logo for a learning management website where we will host lessons for college students. Studen... Justin Greis Contests 7 hours ago9:00pm EST
Islamic Art Work<p><strong>Prints High Resolution and Framed Islamic Art...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $305</em></p><p></p> sarahadissegna Contests 8 hours ago8:54pm EST
Get creative and help us to showcase the magic and passion of being a volunteerFeros Care is a multi-award winning not-for-profit organisation, that’s been providing quality care and sup... lisamurray Contests 8 hours ago8:52pm EST
Logo needed to help people change the way they see the world!I need an awesome, creative, eye-catching, powerful logo for my company and my newly launched website (drgust... Gustavo G Contests 8 hours ago8:50pm EST
Create a powerful and bold new logo for CrossFit RockedWe are a CrossFit gym. Our goal is to make everyone healthier and stronger through elite fitness training met... zackmcmillan Contests 8 hours ago8:48pm EST
Creating a Drone photography and surveying business.We are a UAV (Drone) company that provides photography, surveying and other drone related services. We use th... michael.burrough Contests 8 hours ago8:40pm EST
Create Trade Show Banner for Industry Qualified!Recognition of Prior Learning & Skills Recognition. Our Target Market: Construction Industry Trade... ptsiolas05 Contests 8 hours ago8:32pm EST
Create a timeless logo to attract professional athletesPro Movement is an exercise business working exclusively with elite level athletes and corporate types....... australiansurffit Contests 8 hours ago8:28pm EST
Create fun, sport/tech themed logo and web site for tech referral business.Free technology referral service for business. Target audience: small to medium sized businesses...... jaynose Contests 8 hours ago8:23pm EST
Create a logo for the a design & typography focussed publishing systemThis is a Content Management Service that makes it easy to publish beautiful content. Think something like Me... glenngillen Contests 8 hours ago8:13pm EST
Law firm losing a member but gaining a better logo!<p><strong>Personal injury law firm in Louisville, KY...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Damonwillislawyer Contests 8 hours ago8:09pm EST
Design a bold logo for a Jewelry Design companyWe design unique, statement jewelry which incorporates precious metals and beautiful gems. We blend classic ... alexandra.lavalley Contests 8 hours ago8:05pm EST
Vehicle Wrap design for Fierce Wraps<p><strong>We specialize in vehicle wraps to other business'...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $175</em></p><p></p> Sales270 Contests 8 hours ago8:02pm EST
Specialty & Compounding Pharmacy looking for new logo - guaranteed winnerA local pharmacy with focus on specialty drugs and compounding. Target audience is anyone who takes medicatio... CamillaRx Contests 9 hours ago7:56pm EST
Help PhotoBot, your friendly neighborhood photo booth bot, find his identity!Based in Australia, PhotoBot is an open air photo booth service for weddings, events and parties. Simple to ... PhotoBot Contests 9 hours ago7:39pm EST
changing the world with impactful documentary filmsDistributes and organises campaigns around social impact documentary films....Total Prize... simon 7 Contests 9 hours ago7:16pm EST
Design New Fox-Tail Cider's Bottle LabelWe are a cidery located in Hood River, OR. We produce a variety of hard ciders. Our target is 50/50 male vs. ... Foxroje Contests 9 hours ago7:08pm EST
Create a tribute t-shirt for Brett Favre's Green Bay Packer number/jersey retirement ceremony<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> cveau2002 Contests 9 hours ago7:01pm EST
Come up with a great, modern, simple logo for Halcyon Medical Practice ManagementWe are a new firm whose mission is to help physicians better manage their medical practices. We do this by p... christopher.john.bourq Contests 9 hours ago7:00pm EST
Website and Logo for a roofing company! Will need brochures and cards, signage, letterhead, wraps 2!We install, repair and design roofing systems. We try to direct our business efforts towards clients with mor... adamsandltd Contests 9 hours ago6:57pm EST
create something simple but unique to El Taco Feliz modern font<p><strong>Mexican cuisine!! we sell Mexican food...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> llamasjavi123 Contests 9 hours ago6:56pm EST
something modern! its a food trailer! with a taco in it<p><strong>Mexican cuisine!! we sell Mexican food...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> llamasjavi123 Contests 9 hours ago6:56pm EST
something modern! its a food trailer! with a taco in it...look at my notes "attachments"<p><strong>Mexican cuisine!! we sell Mexican food...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> llamasjavi123 Contests 9 hours ago6:56pm EST
FDA approved revolutionary brain treatment, magnetic pulses; brain image is necessaryWe use a large, expensive TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) machine to treat treatment resistant depres... Rmcmullenmd Contests 10 hours ago6:54pm EST
Album Art for Major ReleaseWe are a music group with our fans belonging to the 18-25 age group...Total Prize: $290... Info55497 Contests 10 hours ago6:37pm EST
Create a realistic web graphic of an electronic component.We are a specialist electronics company called Precision Microcircuits. We get involved in the design, proto... robcarruthers Contests 10 hours ago6:28pm EST
We need some real estate banners for real estate website<p><strong>Residential sales and rental transactions...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> bjsco1 Contests 10 hours ago6:28pm EST
Create a delicious logo for ShopaliciousShopalicious is a group buying site where members suggest products they want a deal on and if there is enoug... Indigo Joe Contests 10 hours ago6:25pm EST
create a simple, fun logo for an up and coming crafterMy wife makes and sells crafts. Mainly sewing. scarves, makeup bags, fancy bows and head bands. she also d... teastman 8 Contests 10 hours ago6:18pm EST
LLLH - fresh and dried herbsSee Facebook: Lavender and Honey - looking for a label that I can add (write) on the different dried or fresh... laslomaslavenderandhon Contests 10 hours ago6:12pm EST
Create recognizable logo for apartment searching company<p><strong>We provide house matching for apartment hunters?...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> kesannkajae Contests 10 hours ago6:06pm EST
Create a logo for WashSenseWashSense Inc. develops, designs, markets, and maintains prevention devices for medical facilities that impro... connorthomasdahlberg Contests 10 hours ago6:05pm EST
Logo for hand crafted art collection brandgaia collection is a set of designer houseware inspired by natural shapes. All the gaia collection items are ... londonluxurylivingltd Contests 10 hours ago6:02pm EST
Create a logo to represent a workshop with over 25years tradeWe would like to appeal to the upper market in the automotive mechanical and electrical industry....... alexmitch007 Contests 10 hours ago5:57pm EST
Character Design for PiratesMy company named and it is a startup in concept stage. The idea of is ori... rayhon Contests 11 hours ago5:53pm EST
Create a slick logo for home ventilation product brand RevitalizAirWe sell consumer products in the home ventilation industry. Similar products include air filters, humidifiers... elektrophunktronic Contests 11 hours ago5:30pm EST
Create a family friendly dental office logo that would represent a Silvercreek.I am a general dentist offering a variety of general dentistry services to basically all ages. My target is ... gundy7 Contests 11 hours ago5:17pm EST
Creating an appealing finance channel for your next Big PurchasePeople in the market for Home Loans and Business Lending. We sell financial solutions to mum and dads and fir... scottmcrobie Contests 11 hours ago5:17pm EST
Design an eye-catching t-shirt to promote a freelance developer (multiple winners possible)<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $230</em></p><p></p> Nate Petersen Contests 11 hours ago5:12pm EST
Create a logo to promote positive body imagessocial media platform that allows people of all shapes and sizes to show off their style and fashion...... thushy.sathi Contests 12 hours ago4:53pm EST
Transform your body, health & vitality...zing!Fitness centered training with focus on health & wellness. Demographics age 50 +/- 15yr. 70% female...but don... danahem Contests 12 hours ago4:44pm EST
Need a website logo for a new book.<p><strong>A book on relationship issues for men and women....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Zeta Press Contests 12 hours ago4:27pm EST