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Create a unique vintage logo for childcare centre<p><strong>Home Daycare/Childcare Centre...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $300</em></p><p></p> Lesley Lebel Contests 21 minutes ago12:32pm EST
Rebranding eines aufstrebenden Therapiezentrums.Wir sind eine neurologische medizinische Therapieeinrichtung für Kinder und Erwachsene mit Bewegungsstörung... kilinc L Contests 36 minutes ago12:17pm EST
Help kids Ditch the Pig! Allowance Academy seeks impactful branding.We are on a mission to inspire and encourage parents to teach their kids real world money skills. Our targ... tracie v Contests 40 minutes ago12:13pm EST
Create a new Logo for Art Poster Store sells a wide variety of art, astronomy, photography, and educational posters to students, colle... jon Xh Contests 57 minutes ago11:56am EST
Hookah Game Lounge! Need Bad Ass Logo, Based on how it flows into background and onto ClothingIs a Hookah, Game Lounge, Most of audience will be between 16-25...Total Prize: $200... Daperk10 Contests 58 minutes ago11:55am EST
Spiritual PartnersHo bisogno di un logo "vettoriale" molto zen, semplice stile iOS8 e che appunto sarà poi anche un icona pe r... p4pceo Contests 1 hour ago11:50am EST
Create an iconic logo for the cryptocurrency Ultracoin!We are a crypto-currency alternative to Bitcoin, we pride ourselves in being an ultra-fast, decentralized and... rapture333 Contests 1 hour ago11:31am EST
I spent 2 months coming up with this name...I want your creativity to not be forgottonIt took me a very long time to come up with the name NextDeavor. I'm sure you can already and hopefully assu... Richard mtk Contests 2 hours ago11:16am EST
Capturing Creative Logo for Buzz website<p><strong>News Website ... Buzz Website ...Country : Morocco </strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> widgeo Contests 2 hours ago10:37am EST
Create a professional & modern real estate investment webpage.Create a webdesign page that is usefriendly, mobile friendly and impressive for a real estate investment comp... lmoreyne Contests 3 hours ago10:17am EST
t-shirts for fans of off-road<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> Andrey s Contests 3 hours ago10:07am EST
Create a logo for a Barbell Club!Iron Mike's Barbell Club is a weightlifting club. This weightlifting club designs weightlifting programs, of... Mikemogard Contests 3 hours ago9:24am EST
Create A Trust & Security Focused Logo For A Software Service!Spreesy provides secure online consumer shopping services on behalf of large brands to their customers in an ... Braydo25 Contests 3 hours ago9:24am EST
Website Design für RechtsanwaltIch bin Rechtsanwalt, meine Zielgruppe sind überwiegend mittelständische und vermögende Privatkunden im Be... info Zh3 Contests 4 hours ago9:03am EST
refresh of our logo<p><strong>We are a no profit foundation...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $300</em></p><p></p> e.klein E Contests 4 hours ago8:57am EST
The magic of knowing your customers.When a customer walks into a business, we instantly relay the customer's likes/dislikes and preferences to th... blawe Contests 4 hours ago8:45am EST
Create a clucking logo for our Knowledge and Information Platform (KIP)!This logo is for an internal knowledge sharing platform of a organization active in plant protection products... johanlammers Contests 4 hours ago8:40am EST
Sport + technology start-up business with UK & Australia franchise plan needs logo and business cardNew business start-up – We are a sports company (not fitness) that will capture and analyse an individuals... kavan Contests 5 hours ago8:10am EST
Help a cutting edge publisher create a new logo.<p><strong>Publisher of fantasy and science fiction novels....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> tim.grahl Contests 5 hours ago8:07am EST
Create a contemporary logo for the title of a lifestyle magazineRefreshed is an inspirational lifestyle magazine for the local community, targeting a very wide demographic o... lkeener Contests 5 hours ago8:06am EST
Logo needed for new natural health company.Our company will be selling high end health and beauty supplies as well as other health related products. Loo... CreationSprings Contests 5 hours ago7:51am EST
Book Cover needed for Nuclear ThrillerI'm an independent author and screenwriter, writing in the Horror, Thriller and SciFi market....... sabotproductions Contests 5 hours ago7:48am EST
Ich brauche ein ansprechendes Logo, dass beruhigend wirkt und gestresste Eltern anspricht!Ich mache CDs und Hörbücher (mp3) zum Entspannen und Einschlafen. Es sind beruhigende Geschichten, die lan... C.Heyn Contests 5 hours ago7:43am EST
create an attractive logo for an automotive repair facility.Or organization is a full service automotive and light truck diagnostics and repair facility. Our target aud... AmbrosiasAutomotive Contests 5 hours ago7:43am EST
Create an Amazing iOS icon for a Puzzle gameThis particular app targets males/females in the age bracket of 14-30. It would also appeal to those with a ... jose 2 Contests 5 hours ago7:28am EST
Logo for Tree of Sand, World ambient music projectWe are two musicians that compose world ambient music. Our goal is to produce music that crosses geographical... mkbrigante Contests 6 hours ago7:23am EST
Design an identity for Battery Backup Power, Inc.We sell battery backup power units for networks, electronic instruments,, computers, etc....... ask C Contests 6 hours ago7:17am EST
Stopping power for prostate cancer logo neededCommunications initiative focused on getting patients with prostate cancer on the right therapy at the right ... amasonis Contests 6 hours ago6:59am EST
patisserie & chocolate art designspatisserie, chocolate, cake disgn, chocolate sculpting‬‏ (not a bakery)...Total Pri... gilatroz Contests 6 hours ago6:44am EST
Create a Nomad Captain's compass design for a man who is lost traveling the worldThis is my nickname and the name of my travel blog. I write about being a boat captain and using that lifesty... Nomad Captain Contests 6 hours ago6:26am EST
Help us to motivate the innovationWe provide really innovation in software to manage the corporative knowledge base....Tota... Contests 7 hours ago6:01am EST
Create a captivating logo that will communicate that we provide exceptional care to our customersWe are a locally-owned, independent pharmacy that provides our community with exceptional care and service. ... keithvance Contests 7 hours ago5:58am EST
A simple design that is uniquely recognizableWe provide project management training and consulting services to individuals, project teams, and organizatio... sburgan14 Contests 8 hours ago5:15am EST
Design an innovative and outstanding logo for our community of volunteer security experts!We are a community of retired police officers who help tourists by providing them with free safety ratings an... Chris @seculayer Contests 8 hours ago5:06am EST
Mobile comparison site needs kickass logo statOur website ( helps people effortlessly find the best prepaid mobile plan for... hello qy Contests 8 hours ago5:03am EST
Crowdfunding PlatformCrowd funding platform dedicated to the global golf industry...Total Prize: $200... ian.spencer Contests 8 hours ago4:53am EST
Online Lead Generation Platform<p><strong>Online lead generation platforms for SMEs...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> ian.spencer Contests 8 hours ago4:49am EST
Create a new sports team logoI am a coach for goalkeeping in football (soccer) and I am targeting goalkeeps that want to one day play for ... casskell Contests 8 hours ago4:47am EST
Business Mentoring Cloud PlatformA twitter style business mentoring cloud platform where businesses can get support from industry experts....... ian.spencer Contests 8 hours ago4:45am EST
Global Marketing Agency<p><strong>We are a global group of integrated marketing agencies...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> ian.spencer Contests 8 hours ago4:27am EST
Football Prediction Game Logo<p><strong>Goalactico is a online footbal/soccer prediction game...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> ian.spencer Contests 9 hours ago4:20am EST
Logo for one of the World's largest international legal networksGavel Stroke is one of the largest international networks of law firms with 13,000+ lawyers. Gavel Stroke ... karstenduch Contests 9 hours ago4:04am EST
Huisstijl & logo gevraagd voor ‘bondgenoot’ van maatschappelijke ondernemingen!Ik help managers en teams van maatschappelijke ondernemingen bij strategie- en innovatievraagstukken. Mijn do... mira M Contests 9 hours ago3:56am EST
Legal Aid (for insurance bank customers)We offer national and international legal aid for private persons. Our customers are banks and insurance c... karstenduch Contests 9 hours ago3:47am EST
Create a newsletter template to be used with MailChimp<p><strong>We sell clothing made of neoprene called sauna suits....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> dustin 7U Contests 9 hours ago3:40am EST
Clever, Simple, Bold, fashionable LOGO for auto enthusiast clothing and gearWe supply clothing and gear for car/truck enthusiasts. Our target market is youthful men and women that enjoy... freeman.dawson Contests 10 hours ago3:02am EST
Icons Design for Online Shop Horizontal Menu<p><strong>Online Shop for Film Production Accessories...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $175</em></p><p></p> news o Contests 10 hours ago2:33am EST
Create a logo for a worldwide education & training companyWe are a professional education company that specialises in face to face workshops, online programs and DVD's... tobyglennon Contests 11 hours ago2:23am EST
LOOKING FOR BETTER SIGN SHOP AND LOGOI'll open a cafeteria in an industrial area . I suggest to my clients pastries, coffees , sandwiches, salads... virginie y Contests 11 hours ago2:03am EST
Create a message/task board for a group on a diet.The social network website for people who want to lose weight and need a buddy/a friend for support, inspira... ekharlam1982 Contests 11 hours ago2:00am EST
Create a task user-friendly board page for a small group on a diet.The social network website for people who want to lose weight and need a buddy/a friend for support, inspira... ekharlam1982 Contests 11 hours ago2:00am EST
Very cool new company -- we need a great logoCommercial Cleaning services that uses only organic and natural products...Total Prize: $... fheller Contests 11 hours ago1:54am EST
Create the logo for Boxful, the new age self storage companyWe are a box storage company targeting household users (reference: Makespace)...Total Pri... carl Xo Contests 11 hours ago1:51am EST
Design Legendary Nut Milk Bag Label (5"Wx6"H)Munk-Munk's Legendary Nut Milk Bag is the perfect strainer for making small or large batches of nut milk. It'... imastermind Contests 11 hours ago1:34am EST
Create an appealing and modern logo for new chat app called ReachOur aim is to connect people beyond social and professional circles based on 70 character keyword profiles on... danielhsetton Contests 12 hours ago12:59am EST
Simple logo for Family Counseling Center<p><strong>Counseling services...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Usa4dima Contests 12 hours ago12:44am EST
Create a catchy fitness logo for The Garage personal training gymPersonal training and group fitness. Geared towards people interested in a healthy lifestyle....... alfisher81 Contests 14 hours ago11:20pm EST
The Deux ClubWe are a private high-end concierge service starting off in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Saigon).... Timen Contests 14 hours ago10:54pm EST
Create Alien Polo's newest polo shirt design!<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> emacguffie Contests 14 hours ago10:53pm EST
Elven Lovers Fantasy Novel Book CoverFantasy novel. The target audience is adults who enjoy novels like the JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or Ter... dreambox p Contests 14 hours ago10:42pm EST
LUXURY FLOWER DELIVERY BRANDtarget audience would be luxury homes, luxury restaurants, luxurious hotel lobbies...Tota... globalnet6565 Contests 14 hours ago10:39pm EST
Create logo for new premium hair care line, Cashmere Falls.We develop and sell premium-priced, luxury hair care products, such as argan oil treatments, conditioners, mo... cashmerefalls Contests 14 hours ago10:37pm EST
Archery Instructors need an ImageAgincourt Archery is a dedicated group of USA Archery certified instructors with extensive experience teachin... info KSC Contests 15 hours ago10:08pm EST
Create a logo for a company I am starting up - Affordable Information SolutionsIt is a service organization that helps companies work with information to improve their business....... jrschreier99 Contests 15 hours ago10:08pm EST
Help build a brand with a sophisticated yet powerful Eye logo for Premier Eye Instittute.We provide complete eye care services and sell glasses and contacts....Total Prize: $300... mehtahhiren Contests 15 hours ago9:55pm EST
Create a logo for an equestrian/horse business that portrays beauty, elegance,& simplicityWe train, show, and sell American Saddlebred horses across the United States. We also have a large horseback ... devaultfarms Contests 15 hours ago9:46pm EST
ModegeschäftModegeschäft mit Taschen ,Kleider , Schuhe , Sportartikel...Total Prize: $200... as246 Contests 15 hours ago9:29pm EST
Modegeschäft , Boutique,Modegeschäft mit Taschen ,Kleider , Schuhe , Sportartikel, Schreibgeräte.....Total Priz... as246 Contests 15 hours ago9:29pm EST
Fashion shop, Boutique, fancy hip fashion labelsFashion shop with bags, clothes, shoes, sporting goods, writing instruments ..... Total P... as246 Contests 15 hours ago9:29pm EST
Re-do a logo for Doc's Skincare - will be seen on celebrity athletes!Doc's Skincare makes natural skin and body care products for athletes....Total Prize: $30... Jgbarton Contests 15 hours ago9:28pm EST
Munik Creation, Inc.<p><strong>High end jewelry design...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $305</em></p><p></p> Fda Contests 15 hours ago9:24pm EST
Create a t-shirt capturing the power and fun of magic in an online game<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> daniel.simmons Contests 16 hours ago9:20pm EST
Create a great party logo!This is for a party for a 13 year old girl. We are looking for a logo with her name or initial/s with the da... Sheller Contests 16 hours ago9:17pm EST
Doing simple heroic things in people's everyday lives.<p><strong>Cell phone and Computer Repair Services...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> info LDs Contests 16 hours ago9:10pm EST
New logo for 35 year old company second generation ownerWe offer Pest control, Termite Control, and lawn spraying to residential and commercial clients. We offer env... Ehoffer Contests 16 hours ago8:59pm EST
Create a Logo for a quick service burger restaurant that is Simple yet effectiveQuick Service Restaurant serving predominantly hamburgers and fries....Total Prize: $300... samsafiedine Contests 16 hours ago8:43pm EST
Design a creative and fun logo for a video game startupWe are a video game startup working on an action-survival-horror game....Total Prize: $20... kyle 0T Contests 17 hours ago8:17pm EST
Equine Coach Logo ContestEquine Coach focuses on leadership development, mindfulness, and enhanced communication skills through workin... Equine Coach Contests 17 hours ago8:16pm EST
Cool, young, fast growing symbol symbolising adaptability needed! Thank you :)Consulting firm, providing advisory or financing to companies...Total Prize: $200... galantesofia Contests 17 hours ago8:06pm EST
Deliver a refined logo for a premium home builderWe are a custom home builder. Our target audience is young professionals and other upper middle class segmen... Gary gwc Contests 17 hours ago8:03pm EST Logo is a business directory in Houston, Tx. We target everyone in the city....... txferrari Contests 17 hours ago7:43pm EST
capture the attention of young hairstylist with hairdressertv.comEDUCATION IN CUT COLOR AND DESIGN FOR YOUNG HAIRDRESSERS STILL IN SCHOOL - FASHIONABLE CREATIVE A BROAD AGE ... VIVIENNE 0 Contests 17 hours ago7:31pm EST
Create a logo to represent our brand ICONICWe will sell golf apparel and accessories to young men between the ages of 18-30. Our brand will look luxury ... ktaylor 1 Contests 18 hours ago7:18pm EST
Create an exciting design for a wilderness offsite company<p><strong>We provide outdoor teambuilding Offsites...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> compacsyst Contests 18 hours ago7:17pm EST
TheCloudCPATax preparation for individuals and businesses via the internet...Total Prize: $200... Bobj1 Contests 18 hours ago7:07pm EST
Create a website for an online conference for Javascript developersThis is an online conference for Javascript developers. It'll be held Feb 3-5 and 10-12 2015in the evening (8... chuck E Contests 18 hours ago7:03pm EST
Create a cool and crispy new logo for HodariWe are a IT consulting/ development firm mostly focussed on Business2Business integration or web applications... niels u Contests 18 hours ago6:59pm EST
Crazy Talend Designer needed to create a Awesome Kick-Ass new logo for HodariWe are a IT consulting/ development firm mostly focussed on Business2Business integration or web applications... niels u Contests 18 hours ago6:59pm EST
Make Beautiful 3D Images of a Brand New Product which demand customers buy it!My product is a portable baby changing pad. It folds up to fit in a diaper bag. It's waterproof. Has many po... ldarrin Contests 18 hours ago6:52pm EST
Better and more creative LOGO for MonsterHZVideo and Audio Services for ACG, including: Voice Acting; Audio Post-Production; Motion Comic production; Ta... zhoutt914 Contests 19 hours ago6:15pm EST
Logo for rockstar digital marketing companyWe are a digitally and socially oriented marketing company whose primary market is the millennial demographic... max W6 Contests 19 hours ago6:08pm EST
S4x15 Conference Banner (SCADA Cyber Security, Lot's of Press Will Be There)I need a banner ad / image for the top of our S4x15 conference web site, see . ... peterson x Contests 19 hours ago6:06pm EST
MENU DESIGN for BAR in the HEART of HOLLYWOODHello, Powerhouse is a bar with a speakeasy vibe in the heart of Hollywood. We are re-opening with a ne... jbasst Contests 19 hours ago6:03pm EST
Swirl DesignI need an image for a new program. The image is similar to this picture a swirl, coming out from a center cir... ican4life Contests 19 hours ago6:00pm EST
Design a logo for Runde's Room - an educational bloggerI am an educational blogger and create my own teacher resources to sell. My target market is upper elementar... jenrunde Contests 19 hours ago5:56pm EST
Email/Facebook Ad Series for Cosmetic Co.<p><strong>organic cosmetics...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> AGCOS Contests 19 hours ago5:37pm EST
Create a unique colourful partial wrap/decal for a Thai food truckmy organisation is Thai food truck selling authentic regional Thai food at street markets , farmers markets ... Mr Jon Contests 19 hours ago5:35pm EST
Help Marine Depot Direct Create a Better Logo!We sell retail boating goods. Mostly stainless steel hardware. Our website is victoria jz Contests 19 hours ago5:32pm EST
urban rock climbing gym needs your help!A rock climbing gym that will be located in one of america’ s biggest cities. We will attract a hip client... zackenner Contests 20 hours ago5:11pm EST
Success-411 Six Steps to SuccessNeed a branded look for the work i do. I teach a six step process that helps people achieve both business and... info wm7 Contests 20 hours ago5:07pm EST