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Clean Business Card for BankingUniversal Banking that target wide spectrum of customer segment portfolio targeting medium to high income ind... fiki.rottriana Contests 35 minutes ago6:35am EST
Erstellt ein Logo für die Hundeschule Social-DogHundeschule, bei der das Vertrauen und die Freundschaft zwischen Mensch und Hund im Vordergrund steht. Coachi... socialdog Contests 36 minutes ago6:34am EST
Logo for Food Festival--Our Mission-- To pull together some of the local food vans and restaurants to showcase their gourmet recip... Sell Brothers Contests 43 minutes ago6:27am EST
Sharp, smart, successful business cards for the industrial sectorWe are a welding and engineering supplies company that also manufactures CNC plasma cutting tables, here in t... katem T Contests 52 minutes ago6:18am EST
Create a logo for the National Honours CommunityThe National Honours Community is a network that allows ambitious students (higher education) who participate... bestuur Contests 1 hour ago6:05am EST
Create a clean strong logo for your local IT Support consultantIT Support and consultation. The full name of my company is ITAssist.local. I like to emphasis the local serv... mike Lz Contests 1 hour ago6:04am EST
YOUTUBE FITNESS CHANNEL LOGO. COOL JOB! Guaranteed!"MuratFit" is a fitness youtube channel. "Murat" is the name of our fitness coach. "Fit" comes from fitness..... barbaros Contests 1 hour ago6:01am EST
Slick, funky logo required for web based video software!Viddyoze is a powerful web based application that creates animation videos for businesses. The tool create... joeyxoto Contests 1 hour ago5:45am EST
IN DEPTH DESIGN DIRECTION PROMISED: in-package promotionWe sell a 'rear view baby car seat mirror' so that parents can keep watch over their baby safely. Sold via Am... Aileo8 Contests 1 hour ago5:45am EST
Modern Catchie Techie Logo for a Dashboard Web ApplicationIts a Pipeline Dashboard for Software Development Alpha release: eddie 5 Contests 1 hour ago5:43am EST
Vehicle Routing Software web site redesignVehicle Routing and Scheduling software - see existing web site to get the idea. Our customers ar... Tim Pigden - Optrak Contests 2 hours ago5:35am EST
Create an iconic logo for IGO AdventuresIGO Adventures is the name of the company but we want the logo just to be based on the IGO part (Pronounced I... sam Zu Contests 2 hours ago5:34am EST
Design Long Pond Digital's First LogoMy company designs high quality web applications for startups and small businesses. Our main selling point... Long Pond Digital Contests 2 hours ago5:29am EST
Brand per parrucchieri eleganti ma alla moda che apriranno vari punti venditaSarà il primo negozio da parrucchieri alla moda, fashion e cool. Dovrà essere allo stesso tempo elegante e... davide.francogallo Contests 2 hours ago5:24am EST
Unleash your inner creativity<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $230</em></p><p></p> almarri.ak Contests 2 hours ago5:21am EST
Richard Burrage, Inc.We were formally a grading company that performed grading / earthwork services. Now we offer complete site d... rburrage Contests 2 hours ago5:15am EST
Clever, iconic logo brand with professional, modern medical feelWe market, sell and distribute innovative medical products (pharmaceuticals and medical devices) in Australia... dwalsh p Contests 2 hours ago5:14am EST
Natural Baby Range<p><strong>Supplies natural and eco friendly products for babies....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> craig e9 Contests 2 hours ago5:05am EST
Rebranding AIDS Legal Council to support a broader health justice missionThe Legal Council for Health Justice is the umbrella organization over three legal projects: the AIDS Legal C... sigraff Contests 3 hours ago4:33am EST
A New Face of Knitting! Create a clever logo for Ninja Knitting Academy > online knitting schoolWe teach knitting to expecting/new/stay-home Mums via online tutorials. This is a comprehensive online kni... Tatyana Deniz Contests 3 hours ago4:20am EST
Modern web2.0 logo for a productivity online-toolmoova is an online organizational productivity tool. it helps organizing daily tasks as well as bigger plans.... fl D Contests 3 hours ago3:56am EST
BGM Pharmaceuticals<p><strong>Pharmaceuticals , cosmetics , medical devices...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> martin.magwaza Contests 4 hours ago3:34am EST
Black Company - We need your Skills and Imagination for a Bookcover of a famous Fantasy-NovelWe are a Publisher of Fantasy and Scifi Gamebooks, Roleplaying games and Novels.......Tot... -Manticor- Contests 4 hours ago3:26am EST
I want to persuade Australian goat meat haters into goat meat grunters!Wholesale Boer goat meat to restaurants and butchers, also export live Boer goats for breeding programs....... clarrie Contests 4 hours ago3:08am EST
Create an AWESOME IMPACTFUL & CAPTIVATING logo which will be an inspiration to Cheer MomsWe positively inspire cheer moms on how to support their competitive cheerleader athletes so that they Win on... michele R7 Contests 4 hours ago2:56am EST
Création d'un logo pour la start-up de demain ...Achat et revente de biens immobiliers Ouvert a des particuliers investisseurs...Total P... MAARCKS Contests 4 hours ago2:47am EST
Logo for luxury app & brand development agencyWe're an app development and marketing agency based in Sweden. Our clientele ranges from seed-funded startups... emil.romanus Contests 4 hours ago2:41am EST
Création logo Pizzeria pour vente de pizza à la partil s'agit d'une pizzeria al taglio, c'est à dire vente de pizza typiquement romaine à la part (rectangulair... renato.rovito Contests 5 hours ago2:31am EST
Help us capture one million survey responses!We are conducting a survey of contemporary physiotherapy/physical therapy practice to profile the profession.... rachael B Contests 5 hours ago2:24am EST
Joie Cosmetics logo- skin care and make up - target market : 20 years to 45 years old; working women; income $4500 to $25000 -... joiecosmetics Contests 5 hours ago2:14am EST
Monarch Web Solutions - Street Art Style<p><strong>Web design, Ebay design, online marketing...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> cmp2011 Contests 5 hours ago1:59am EST
Logo for Monarch Web Solutions - Street Art Style, Blind Contest!<p><strong>Web design, Ebay design, online marketing...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> cmp2011 Contests 5 hours ago1:59am EST
Snapback and small shirt Patch for Poker site!<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> Mcgrath.aland Contests 5 hours ago1:44am EST
Design cute, modern, owl-themed logo for education companyWe help non-native English speakers improve their reading and critical-thinking skills to prepare them for sc... owlwoothoot Contests 5 hours ago1:44am EST
Creative shirt design for Poker website!<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> Mcgrath.aland Contests 6 hours ago1:37am EST
Need Sexy Acne Cream Logo for Amazon ProductKeeva is an acne treatment cream that's all natural using tea tree oil extract and our target market is women... accounts kX Contests 6 hours ago1:30am EST
.htaccess wont process rewrite rule despite many attemptsIt should be a straight forward change. http://... Contests 6 hours ago1:23am EST
Your logo will be seen throughout the ukRack & Dollar is a new bar opening in Liverpool Uk we serve American style food daily , we have 8 pool tables... Johndoran Contests 6 hours ago1:15am EST
Create a Simple Brand Packaging for Pure Essential Oil CompanyCielune sells Natural Essential Oils. They have therapeutic uses and is in the Health & Beauty category. De... sleex89 Contests 6 hours ago1:08am EST
Create a logo for a company making an app for tourists!The organization is creating an iPhone app for tourists who like to take bus tours....Tot... eshan.chordia Contests 6 hours ago12:53am EST
Show Me Your Perfrormance!een fitnessschool die zich specialiseert in oldschool manier van trainen. er word hier conditie lessen gegeve... hybridperformance Contests 6 hours ago12:51am EST
Create a creative and simple coming soon page for our website.Gamma inventory of digital cinema, film, video and lighting rental gear became immense, and its experience an... GConsultant Contests 6 hours ago12:44am EST
SMARTUPS LOGO: A serious play logo for a company that builds companiesWe are a company that builds companies. We are a company factory. We are a company builder. SmartUps’ mi... a.farid Contests 7 hours ago12:41am EST
5K Tee Shirt Design For Annual School Fundraiser<p><strong>Las Lomitas-La Entrada Fun run</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> David Kelsey Contests 7 hours ago12:28am EST
New 5K Tee Shirt Design For Annual School FundraiserLooking For New Logo For This Very Successful Annual Event!Total Prize: $145... David Kelsey Contests 7 hours ago12:28am EST
Design the Logo that Changed the WorldSharper Stone is a revolution in how we get things done. We sit at the cutting edge of both technology and so... Project Lumen Contests 7 hours ago12:03am EST
Create a logo, mascot, badge for Kango!Kango is a social entertainment app facilitating the promotion and sharing of viral content through a tinder-... bm559 Contests 8 hours ago11:40pm EST
Business publication template in MS Word<p><strong>Project Management...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $340</em></p><p></p> InstProjMgt Contests 8 hours ago11:24pm EST
Design the Brand & Logo for an Innovative Hangover Releif Capsule.Joove is an innovative and natural hangover relief capsule. After consuming alcohol you take 2 Joove capsules... chrishealyis Contests 8 hours ago11:20pm EST
Design a Logo and Brand Marque for an Innovative Hangover Releif Capsule.Joove is an innovative and natural hangover relief capsule. After consuming alcohol you take 2 Joove capsules... chrishealyis Contests 8 hours ago11:20pm EST
CREATE A LOGO FOR A NEW STREETWEAR CLOTHING BRAND: ILL TYPE CLOTHINGill type clothing represents the continuance of early American street culture; a culture created by Emcees, G... illtypeclothing Contests 8 hours ago11:12pm EST
New Contemporary Logo for J5 Energy ServicesProvides construction for energy services and engineering for different industries and plants...... am 7 Contests 8 hours ago11:07pm EST
Fearless Leaders Group needs a trifold brochurePeople at trade shows that are in attendance looking to expand their leadership ability. They are 70% men, 30... Andrea10313 Contests 8 hours ago11:01pm EST
Create a logo for a security consulting LLC - gravitas, simple, direct.AnalyzSecurity LLC is a security consulting company that provides expert advice on matters related to protect... acmcginty Contests 8 hours ago10:54pm EST
"Your mission should you choose to accept to design our Top Secret Logo"We sell Beard/Mustache grooming and maintenance products that are pleasing to both the men who use it and als... Top Secret Beard Contests 8 hours ago10:53pm EST
Logo makeover. Bring our logo into 2015.Car care products utilising the latest advances in polymers and chemistry....OPT stands for Optimum Polymer T... blake_jl Contests 8 hours ago10:50pm EST
The Australia Institute wants a new design!The Australia Institute is the country’s most influential progressive think tank. Based in Canberra, it con... MollyTAI Contests 8 hours ago10:47pm EST
Create Compelling New Brand Identity for Unique Marketing AgencyWe are a marketing agency focused on lead generation and sales enablement for lifestyle-related properties (g... mphelps Contests 8 hours ago10:46pm EST
Angels Like Rebels: create a powerful logo for a new talent discovery platformAngels Like Rebels merges a music label with a cutting-edge crowdfunding and crowd-marketing platform. Our pl... andrei s Contests 9 hours ago10:20pm EST
Create a semi rustic logo for a residential construction companyWe will be building quality custom homes and remodeling residential structures....Total P... t_hunter18 Contests 9 hours ago10:10pm EST
Create beautiful site for customers to sell ASX SharesWe sell customers shares on the ASX stock market and offer brokerage advice...Total Prize... julianarmstrong82 Contests 9 hours ago10:06pm EST
Create a mobile website for travel company<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $1673</em></p><p></p> rhiannon F Contests 9 hours ago10:02pm EST
Create a "Kula" than average logo for new sports health center!This is a new health center that blends chiropractic, massage therapy, sports medicine, rehabilitation, perso... jkula3 Contests 9 hours ago9:51pm EST
Subscription box for natural skincare products. capturing key words of (joy,delight,and vitalizationVitaCleanse is a monthly subscription box company which aims to provide natural skincare products to vitalise... alvinchungg Contests 9 hours ago9:49pm EST
Add your two cents to My 2wo Scents candle Logo and Label design.My 2wo Scents is a scented 3-wick candle. The candle consists of 2 different scents that, when lit, combine t... teresa_gffn Contests 9 hours ago9:45pm EST
Create a fun and fresh logo for modern momsWe are selling baby bath filters and skincare products targeting modern and health conscious moms. The kind ... huangamy23 Contests 9 hours ago9:44pm EST
Create a unique logo and text for our Solar BusinessWe are a Residential & Commercial Solar Company. The product is a solar system that uses the sun to create el... paulc H Contests 10 hours ago9:41pm EST
Create an app icon for "Giftaway"We are a mobile application that link consumers(mobile users) to our client companies through the use of mark... colintsanguu Contests 10 hours ago9:37pm EST
Creating a logo for the next viral app... (well we like to think so).Endless is a messaging app that allows users to send message into the future. We originally called the app In... HiSSlyneSS Contests 10 hours ago9:33pm EST
What Great Trainers Do — we need an authoritative but colorful jacket design.We publish business and nonfiction books to help people in their work and in their lives....... couderkirk Contests 10 hours ago9:33pm EST
Need a RAD logo for a yoga studio based on the elements fire and water!This is a logo design for a yoga studio. Tuli Vesi is Finnish for the elements Fire and Water, balancing the ... jennifertaylor.88 Contests 10 hours ago9:33pm EST
React Innovations Logo DesignTech Overview: At its core, the innovation is an FDA-cleared, magnetic stimulation technology utilized to no... kennethpaulus Contests 10 hours ago9:23pm EST
Create a vintage/nostalgic looking logo for a online auction site where we liquidate returned is a service based company built upon online auctioning and liquidation of returns, overstock,... joshbrown78 Contests 10 hours ago9:18pm EST
create an eye catching logo that is simple and modernWe are a retail store that primarily sells wigs, hair extensions, and beauty supplies (i.e. cosmetics, brushe... MANEbeauty Contests 10 hours ago9:07pm EST
Develop a company logo for a chain of liquor stores to be used for the storefrontWe are a chain of liquor stores that sell liquor, beer and wine to the general public. Looking for a new, eas... zipps2000 Contests 10 hours ago9:03pm EST
Need a logo for SeniorCare Connectors - we connect families to the perfect homecare agency.We connect families that need of non medical home care for their elderly loved ones with the ideal homecare a... SeniorCareConnectors Contests 10 hours ago8:59pm EST
Create an imaginative image for a committed environmentalistAn environmental consultancy for extractive industries in Queensland Australia....Total P... rodcoe1 Contests 10 hours ago8:56pm EST
Challenge for a great designer? Let's make roofing industry pretty!!!<p><strong>Business cards for roofing company...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $390</em></p><p></p> Projectofmylife Contests 10 hours ago8:50pm EST
Create grandparents-friendly postcard for Oak & LindenOak & Linden helps you connect with your loved ones. Our service makes it easy to stay in touch with those yo... spearlman Contests 10 hours ago8:46pm EST
Aritst Intelligence Agency - Banksy Style MascotHelps artist in the music industry take control over their career....Total Prize: $840... sean I2 Contests 11 hours ago8:35pm EST
Aritst Intelligence Agency - Banksy Style logo<p><strong>AIA's mission is to help artists reach relevant audiences</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $840</em></p><p></p> sean I2 Contests 11 hours ago8:35pm EST
Launch Fulcrum with a unique design to match a unique education start-upWe are a start-up education consulting service, specializing in maximizing the instructional leadership withi... cjwysocki Contests 11 hours ago8:30pm EST
Crie um logo style e divertido para a marca de surfe 365waves365waves é uma marca que busca uma aproximação mais forte com os surfistas do Brasil, através de conteúd... 365wavesoficial Contests 11 hours ago8:29pm EST
logo's and website for rap artist THE UMP record label ALPINE UNDERGROUNDMusic producer , associated record label and recording studio. I produce RAP/ HIP HOP/ TRAP. target demograph... bossofthepine Contests 11 hours ago8:27pm EST
Logo for 18-35yr old female audience - weight loss - health - fitness nicheLaunching our business selling our custom blend skinny detox teas. Target market is women 18-35. Our bran... Pawcci Contests 11 hours ago8:26pm EST
Design a logo for an auto auction brand for national exposure in the U.S.Automotive auctions. Target audience is automotive dealers....Total Prize: $200... Blackyardbird Contests 11 hours ago8:23pm EST
Create a design/logo for a world reknown organizational culture change specialistI am an organizational culture change specialist. My target audience is: public sector organizations and thei... sandrajdaniel Contests 11 hours ago8:20pm EST
Website design for day spa, incorporating my logoDay spa, offering waxing, facials, eyelash services and massage....Total Prize: $595... Tammypak888 Contests 11 hours ago8:19pm EST
Create a logo about adventures in cooking for Caveman EscapadesCaveman Escapades is a blog that I use to document my adventures in food and cooking. It's topics are more di... jazzab Contests 11 hours ago8:18pm EST
Make a Prestashop Template for a new generation of lure fishing tackle web shop - leurre-japon.comWe buy and sell used or new lure fishing tackle. (Lures;Reels;Rods ;Apparels;etc…) The most of the brands w... cedric.fraval Contests 11 hours ago8:12pm EST
Combine ideas of "Southern" and "Engineer" in a sweet new logo for SoutherneerSoutherneer is a web and app engineering firm. The company focuses on the technical, functional, and UX aspec... eric 6P Contests 11 hours ago8:11pm EST
Service Inbound Redesign ProjectWe are an internet marketing advertising agency and we work with small businesses....Tota... steve kB1 Contests 11 hours ago8:02pm EST
Glacier Point Solutions, Inc. LogoGlacier Point Solutions, Inc. offers Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Career Coaching as corporat... donna on Contests 11 hours ago8:01pm EST
Create business logo for Foot Prints Behavioral Health .Offers addiction treatment, behavioral health, supportive counseling, coping skills training, and expressive ... vincetint Contests 11 hours ago7:59pm EST
City Sessions LogoA monthly house show concert series that engages local and regional musicians to raise money for global cause... mikerusch Contests 11 hours ago7:57pm EST
Taking the dirty auto and making it look new!<p><strong>We detail all Cars, SUVs and Trucks of all sizes....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> bcarr 4 Contests 11 hours ago7:51pm EST
Logo for new Home Wares businessHome wares / Kitchen wares brand - aspirational, scandinavian influenced, modern style… Target market is no... hsquared Contests 11 hours ago7:47pm EST
Logo for a business that connects artists with space to workWe are a business that connects artists with the right space. It's customers are 25-70, and are both artists ... MCar99 Contests 11 hours ago7:46pm EST
Create a fun, fresh, bold and colorful crested gecko logoWe are a crested gecko breeding company. Target audience are reptile owners....Total Priz... hollypalmer007 Contests 11 hours ago7:45pm EST