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Be a Small Town Derby HeroWe are a small Roller Derby Team based out of Grand Junction, Colorado....Total Prize: $2... hollykayt Contests 14 minutes ago4:35pm EST
Qui-GoOur poject is to create a community platform that connects people traveling to Africa first (and Worldwide ne... Contests 15 minutes ago4:35pm EST
Create a Logo for a Healtcare Technology StartupWe are a healthcare technology company. We work with doctors, dentists, therapists, and other healthcare prof... info Kaw Contests 19 minutes ago4:30pm EST
Exercise Your Creativity - 3D Render & Label. Can You Create Quality 3D Product Images? We Want You!We are a manufacture of health foods and weight loss supplements. We sell our own products online so we are m... suprfast450 Contests 27 minutes ago4:23pm EST
Create an eye-catching logo to peak interest in the newest branch of my business.I am the owner of several business. I will now be opening my own PERSONAL webpage. This will serve as purely ... Camwell Nutrition Contests 28 minutes ago4:22pm EST
Bust out the big guns for semi-automatic tool for fat contractors*Semi-automatic* Project Management *Tool* for General Contractors who are working on *LEED Certified* *Comme... vincent xb Contests 31 minutes ago4:19pm EST
Julia O Test Photography needs an elegant, modern logoI am a photographer based out of San Francisco. I focus on portraits, boudoir, events, wedding, and family ph... julia.test Contests 35 minutes ago4:15pm EST
Create a modern clean logo for an established science and engineering business.We manufacture and sell scientific instruments and offer engineering design services for scientific applicati... Cantium Contests 38 minutes ago4:12pm EST
Jackpot CasinoOperates a small/mid sized casino in Red Deer, Alberta....Total Prize: $1853... New Star Capital Contests 40 minutes ago4:10pm EST
phone skinsWe are a private training facility for professional motocross, supercross, and minibike riders....... WyvernRanch Contests 41 minutes ago4:09pm EST
Elegant logo for Boutique Lending Firm in Michigan and FloridaResidential Mortgage Financing - lend money to home owners for purchasing a home or refinancing a home. Targ... rfranchi Contests 42 minutes ago4:08pm EST
TOYOTA TRD Mobile Tour - Trailer Wrap!<p><strong>Automotive mobile marketing...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $175</em></p><p></p> atate Contests 55 minutes ago3:55pm EST
Create An Informative & Action Driving Website For A SaaS Company!Spreesy provides a super simple way for businesses and individuals to sell directly on Instagram through our ... Braydo25 Contests 1 hour ago3:48pm EST
RPG - Create a logo of strength and professionalism!RPG CONSULTANTS We offer full-service retirement planning with an emphasis on defined benefit, defined contr... bob.derr Contests 1 hour ago3:46pm EST
Uber creativity needed - do you have it?Our organization advises people on how to set up their own retirement programs. We eschew, deplore, and activ... 4sandyd Contests 1 hour ago3:27pm EST
Logo für DanDe Bau GmbH & Co. KG (Bauunternehmen) benötigtWir sind ein Bauunternehmen im Bereich Hoch- und Ingenieurbau. (Neubau/Wohnungsbau, Altbausanierung, Gewerbli... dandemann80 Contests 1 hour ago3:25pm EST
ALL I NEED IS A NICE AND HAPPY LOGO FOR MY PEDICURE FLIP FLOP COMPANYOur innovative way of walking out with your pedicure intact and with style. Our durable, non-skid rubber sole... Joshs 4 Contests 1 hour ago3:24pm EST
Create a "Beauty Center" designWe would like to create a wordpress theme for our client who sell "beauty center" services to mostly ladies..... Vojko Voga Contests 2 hours ago3:18pm EST
Fix-Homes Vehicle WrapWe are essentially a handyman service that works with residential property management companies as well as ho... chip e1 Contests 2 hours ago3:18pm EST
Program booklet cover for global affairs conference in Washington, DCThe World Affairs Councils of America is the largest non-profit grassroots organization in the United States ... ibyrne Contests 2 hours ago3:14pm EST
Create a logo that will be the industry standard for identity theft protectionIdentity Theft Protectors was created in order to help protect your identity and financial well-being. Our un... damien888 Contests 2 hours ago3:11pm EST
Rebrand launch - looking for a new logo to enhance my brandThe Client Concierge connects you with a high-level virtual assistant from our hand-picked team who is ideall... noelle R Contests 2 hours ago3:10pm EST
Creating the face of Presh Juice: a cold pressed, organic and local juice company in San Jose, CA!Presh Juice is a cold-pressed bottled juice company in San Jose, CA pressing local and organic produce into f... preshjuice Contests 2 hours ago3:04pm EST
Fund Database ReportingWork with hedge funds reporting their information and returns to institutional databases and reporting agenci... SCG Services Contests 2 hours ago3:02pm EST
Create a logo for a travel and landscape photographerI am a travel and landscape photographer currently setting up my own website and online store. I will use the... sebastien 8 Contests 2 hours ago2:59pm EST
Go wildWe are a photography studio that has been in business for 25 years. We are a full service studio. We do com... tom 2RV Contests 2 hours ago2:49pm EST
Need a killer logo for a new sign company!B2B audience. We offer sign and visual branding solutions. Brand pillars are: - Excellence/Quality (atte... aplake Contests 2 hours ago2:46pm EST
Survey ClubWe perform market research. People complete surveys for money and to help companies develop their products. ... eric.kissel Contests 2 hours ago2:42pm EST
Are you innovative and understand Social Media? Help Us Make a COOL logo:)WorkOutLoud will connect with your colleagues, customers, and partners! WorkOutLoud is the first Enterprise C... loring.kaveney Contests 2 hours ago2:39pm EST
Create an inspirational pathway symbolizing teamwork, development, and progress.We provide behavioral therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy services for childr... Mallory Morrison Contests 2 hours ago2:28pm EST
Create a logo which would motivate all car drivers to equip their car with air ride systems.We are selling air suspension systems (air ride) and compressors (air pump) for passenger cars. Our target gr... olivermayer Contests 3 hours ago2:15pm EST
Design simple and attractive Facebook post based on images provided<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $163</em></p><p></p> gh57 Contests 3 hours ago2:06pm EST
Veterinary resource organization striving to provide growth opportunities for veterinary hospitalsOur audience is veterinary hospitals,veterinarians, veterinary hospital staff. We are a resource center for ... Nissanmoss Contests 3 hours ago2:06pm EST
Deep Space Aviators - create the adventure!We are a studio focused on crafting games that engage the imagination, create a sense of wonder and excitemen... deepspaceaviators Contests 3 hours ago2:04pm EST
TUT - The Universe Talks<p><strong>We are TUT stands for The Universe Talks.</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> M1305987 Contests 3 hours ago2:03pm EST
Create a winning logo for MD Staff PointeWe are a physician recruiting and locum tenens company, specializing in Pulmonary/Critical Care and Hospitali... smcdougall Contests 3 hours ago2:02pm EST
Family Coat of ArmsThis is for personal use/enjoyment. Meant as a Gift for our own family....Total Prize: $2... Alpha 1 Contests 3 hours ago1:55pm EST
Create a logo for a 100% natural vitamin supplementNatiMama sells vitamin supplements in fertility market for woman who want to get pregnant. NatiMama also ha... vandenberg.tim Contests 3 hours ago1:54pm EST
Create a serious and sophisticated security company logoCctv, Alarm, Intercom, Access Control installations and Security Patrol and Security Guards...... Barrock.elali Contests 3 hours ago1:46pm EST
Choices...Make good food choices that are good for you and taste good...The products and the logo wiWe all make CHOICES in the food we eat...we are creating a company that helps you with your choices...some pr... Johng7580 Contests 3 hours ago1:38pm EST
Logo for West LA / Hollywood Rental CompanyFinds rental homes, condos, apartments for clients in trendy parts of Los Angeles...Total... davesosborn Contests 3 hours ago1:36pm EST
Durf jij het aan om een logo design voor het 't oude centrum in Roosendaal te maken?'t Oude centrum bestaat uit een aantal historische straten van de stad Roosendaal...Total... henk C Contests 3 hours ago1:33pm EST
Create a taxi app logo<p><strong>ASAP taxi service app...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> Jjbell1 Contests 3 hours ago1:33pm EST
Create a taxi app logo launching in Las Vegas first<p><strong>ASAP taxi service app...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> Jjbell1 Contests 3 hours ago1:33pm EST
Transition from an old inherit company to a well established modern day company. Be part of historyWe own realestate properties that we rent commercial space to retail businesses...Total P... Joanna i Contests 3 hours ago1:31pm EST
GBS Makeover!Great Big Solutions builds mobile and web applications to replace paper workflows....Tota... wonderkatwoman Contests 3 hours ago1:24pm EST
Create a Two Sided Print Ad for Innovative Technology CompanyNMI has created a Payments Enablement Technology for Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) who provide Merch... lpuchalski Contests 3 hours ago1:23pm EST
Create a fun original logo for a new business serving video gamers!We produce content (blog, podcast, youtube, & live on twitch) for video game streamers. Our content helps str... techguynate Contests 3 hours ago1:23pm EST
Looking for a mesmerizing product label for an all natural skin care company - Juicy OrganicsWe sell 100% natural and handmade skin care products. Including whipped body butters, deodorants, lip balms, ... juicyorganics Contests 4 hours ago1:15pm EST
Creative Performance Solutions, LLC logoWE offer leadership development programs to corporate audiences. Our programs can be offered live, on line, w... Regina90 Contests 4 hours ago1:13pm EST
Logo Design for Future TechnologiesOur organization is a technology consulting firm that helps organizations of all sizes solve problems through... sultan y Contests 4 hours ago1:10pm EST
Create logo for residential mortgage marketing companyLead generating marketing company for residential mortgages, people currently renting a home or apartment ... mattveoukas Contests 4 hours ago12:59pm EST
¡Participa! Diseña el logotipo de un bello proyecto Residencial próximamente en QuerétaroSomos un complejo privado de vivienda residencial, ubicado en Querétaro, con modernas casas de 2 niveles y 3... yamile e Contests 4 hours ago12:57pm EST
Logo für Café-Bar<p><strong>studenten...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $305</em></p><p></p> heshag Contests 4 hours ago12:54pm EST
Create brand identity and very cool business presentation for a innovative nursery brandWe are a group of investors currently raising money to launch a chain of forward thinking nurseries in the UK... marine.buclonducasse Contests 4 hours ago12:52pm EST
Logo needed for an online baby/toddler business. Modern with a traditional twist.We make custom made personalised baby blankets and gifts. Supersoft cuddle blankets which are aimed at babies... contact q0Z Contests 4 hours ago12:50pm EST
Create a lively and modern logo for LifeStreet MediaLifeStreet Media is a leader in global in-app advertising for Apple (iOS), Android and Facebook developers. T... diana.r.donovan Contests 4 hours ago12:38pm EST
Hangover Shot Bottle DesignTo help with a hangover will be branded in a 60ml shot called name's hangover recovery shot...... kamal1a Contests 4 hours ago12:36pm EST
Friends are friends foreverWe support the Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge. Target general population...Total Prize:... Mwspringer Contests 4 hours ago12:28pm EST
Cool Technology Company LogoHistorically, ConsultNet has positioned itself as an IT and Engineering staffing company. We want to broaden... G.boquist Contests 4 hours ago12:24pm EST
Create an iconic logo for an international running challengeRunning enthusiasts who completed the challenge of running 500 miles in 100 days...Total ... Jake61359 Contests 5 hours ago12:19pm EST
Looking for designers who are very creative and will help my business create a design for our shirts<p><strong>We are in the fitness industry...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $244</em></p><p></p> ThepackCF Contests 5 hours ago12:17pm EST
Mexican Food Company...Create a logo that will be seen and purchased by millions of peopleWe will be selling prepackaged Burritos and Mexican Food in Convenience Stores on the West Coast of the US...... Johng7580 Contests 5 hours ago12:15pm EST
Create logo inside a Ticketmaster-style ticket for ShowHelpMeWe will be a theatrical show recommendation engine and authority on best ticket pricing. Users outside and i... Douglas.alexander.kenn Contests 5 hours ago12:08pm EST
Create a fun and energetic banner for interview seriesWe sell coaching and training for copywriters and other marketers....Total Prize: $135... Kelly q Contests 5 hours ago12:06pm EST
Update Feet/Footprints for BlueFeet's Blue Footed BoobieWe are building talent management and social engagement software focused on people. We want our software to h... media uq Contests 5 hours ago12:06pm EST
United States Marines Shirt<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> jemckinney2 Contests 5 hours ago12:05pm EST
Traditional private school needs a new, fun logo!The Anthony School (TAS) a non-profit, private PreK3 through 8th grade school in Little Rock, AR. We are the ... karib T Contests 5 hours ago12:05pm EST
New Logo for elegant italian restaurantHi guys, we would like to have some new proposal for elegant italian restaurant that has as specialization f... info kn98 Contests 5 hours ago12:04pm EST
We can make your car amazing — you can make our logo outstanding.We are a brand new company, opening in early 2015, that will sell and install aftermarket automotive parts...... bjabernethy Contests 5 hours ago11:55am EST
Looking for Modern Logo for Up start Packing Company for people on the move in New JerseyWePackYou is a new start up Packing Service Company based in New Jersey. We provide a wide range of services ... gcostas Contests 5 hours ago11:50am EST
70s 80s 90s BAR...Create A Landing PageYucatan Bar & Grill is a 70s 80s 90s Bar. Dancing, Karaoke and Music Videos. Target Audience is 25-55....... henry s Contests 5 hours ago11:47am EST
Logo Design for a Visa Office - Salman Visa Office - Visa and Immigration WorldwideThe company provides LEGAL REPRESENTATION towards Visas and Immigrations Services at an International Level. ... SalmanVisaOffice Contests 5 hours ago11:43am EST
Creating a logo for a new business at the intersection of healthcare and ITWe are experts in what the health workforce (clinicians and those that support them eg IT people) needs to kn... hisadesigna Contests 5 hours ago11:35am EST
Book cover - 5 Effortless Ways - cosmic timing to begin projects, go on vacation.... etcPublishing and workshops - I write about Cosmic Timing - which is a way of re-framing 'astrology', which has ... Jennisd914 Contests 5 hours ago11:34am EST
Help Dirt Road Organics come up with a logo for soap and lotionWe make and sale organic soap, lotion, and other body products. Our target audience is women ages 25-65 who c... CT Photography Contests 5 hours ago11:29am EST
Since 1997, Nature's Aide has looked the same. Create a identity/logo for the next 17 years!Nature’s Aide vision is to create a truly organic line of vitamins and supplements that works in harmony wi... tedbr Contests 5 hours ago11:28am EST
Since 1997, Nature's Aide hasn't changed. Create an identity/logo for the next 17 years!Nature’s Aide: a truly organic line of vitamins and supplements Total Prize: $200... tedbr Contests 5 hours ago11:28am EST
Dancing couple logo for a Ballroom dance studioWe are a ballroom dance studio specializing in private lessons in all forms of partner dancing. Most of our c... Rgrohowski Contests 5 hours ago11:21am EST
Rebranding of America's Largest Massage and Integrative Health Professional ConferenceWe run conferences for massage therapists, chiropractors, fitness, wellness and integrative health care profe... scottdartnall Contests 6 hours ago11:20am EST
DESIGN A LOGO FOR "US JEANS CO."<p><strong>Premium Denim and Apparel...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $300</em></p><p></p> Irene.americanwear Contests 6 hours ago11:20am EST
Design a rustic and primitve logo for candle and soap companyWe sell homemade soap and candles. Our target audience are people who will spend more for products with local... apple_beejuju Contests 6 hours ago11:18am EST
Technology Innovation Website ContestCyberwatch Systems offers a network security strategy that enables customers to identify the gaps that may ex... dunctwodaughters Contests 6 hours ago11:16am EST
body wellness solutions. Medical loss weight program<p><strong>medical weight loss program...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> mktashkent Contests 6 hours ago11:15am EST
Weekly email promoting the best of the week on our app.Build a mobile app that allows people to do live audio broadcasting....Total Prize: $200... kevin DU Contests 6 hours ago11:00am EST
App Icon for iOS Weather AppThis is a consumer facing weather app (iPhone first, then Android) that will show weather information along w... pek Contests 6 hours ago10:59am EST
T-Shirt Designs for Sports & Fitness Company<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> jason.m.vaught Contests 6 hours ago10:53am EST
Vitamin/Supplement Bottle Label Design Plus Regular Work After<p><strong>A range of Vitamin and Food Supplement Products...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> minskis Contests 6 hours ago10:41am EST
Create a modern gritty logo for a developing agriculture/environmental services company.Krause Services is a environmental services company with an emphasis on Florida Citrus. Our services include... efran U Contests 6 hours ago10:40am EST
SubAla Anniversary LogoWe are a trade association for specialty trade contractors...Total Prize: $300... Emily dW Contests 6 hours ago10:37am EST
Create an inspiring, vintage logo for Mint salon! Let's Get Minted!Hairstylist/salon. Target is to service men and women 18-65 who are interested in modern and vintage hair cut... Get.minted209 Contests 6 hours ago10:23am EST
Create a professional logo for an IT services company - Kafi Solutions<p><strong>We are starting up a new company providing IT services....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $305</em></p><p></p> dia.aliou Contests 7 hours ago10:20am EST
THE DOPEST NEW CANDLE COMPANY!! THIS IS GONNA BE FUN!!!!Its a fun candle company. Inspired by Hip Hop, but I want the look and feel of it to be fun and creative. Lik... NILE EVANS Contests 7 hours ago10:17am EST
Logo for DJ/Music Production NameLooking for a logo for DJ/Music Production business. I'm not going to use "DJ (name)". Just want my name turn... quocngo Contests 7 hours ago10:14am EST
Website design for Nevada Police & Fire GamesWe run an annual games, featuring different sporting events for the members of Police & Fire organizations ac... james YZ Contests 7 hours ago10:14am EST
Design a Q-dance shirt<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $230</em></p><p></p> IboOrgut Contests 7 hours ago10:12am EST
Design a eyecatching book cover for "24 Hours" Romanian book on time management and personal productAbout me & this project: ================ I am a Romanian self-help blogger and own the most visited Romani... Florin Rosoga Contests 7 hours ago10:10am EST
Logo needed for new marketing firm that's using an unusual Scotch/Gaelic word as their company name.We create exceptional business/marketing strategies and execute them for clients interested in bottom line gr... matt 3R Contests 7 hours ago10:07am EST
Create a Logo around classic childrens stories featuring Kings, Princesses, Castles, etc.childrens clothes with fairy book themes, Clothes are coordinated around classic childrens stories featuring ... rbaltes1 Contests 7 hours ago10:05am EST
Product Label Needed for Body Art Protein!We sell whey protein supplements to fitness enthusiasts, advanced athletes, and active aging men and women...... mark.inkrott Contests 7 hours ago10:00am EST