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Gun designer for a Cool PREMIUM project.<p><strong>Provide a premium Gym to the local community...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $540</em></p><p></p> shane KL Contests 51 weeks ago9:07pm EST
Interiors for fifth n mainWe are a interior decorating firm that operates out of a store front. A one stop interior decorating firm for... Scottw3 Contests 51 weeks ago9:06pm EST
Adroll banner ad pack needed. Only the best!Apostherapy is a biomechanics like device worn on the foot. It is indicated for the treatment of knee pain...... sadov88 Contests 51 weeks ago9:04pm EST
I am a new business trying to brand myself properly and I need help.We replace roofing, r roof maintenance, siding, windows& paint on single family homes...... anthonystpierre1977 Contests 51 weeks ago8:54pm EST
Photography Logo - New logo for watermarks and website needed!Concert Photography, Abstract Photography, Street Photography, Landscape, etc.......Total... Ryankoch77 Contests 51 weeks ago8:46pm EST
Create a simple, classic, clean and cartoonish baseball-style logo for a blogWe track ships to follow where cargoes of oil are going, then package the data and sell it to traders....... matthew.smith v Contests 51 weeks ago8:38pm EST
Erstellt ein Logo für eine gehobene Textilreinigung & ÄnderungsschneidereiAngeboten werden Leistungen einer Textilreinigung aus Waschen, Chemisch Reinigen, Bügeln. Ergänzt wird die ... textilreinigung.rothen Contests 51 weeks ago8:33pm EST
Record Label - A label that wants to give hope and inspiration to people!We are a record label that create and produce music for up-coming and new artist. Music that is empowering, m... farzshabani Contests 51 weeks ago8:28pm EST
artsy fastsy rehab logo<p><strong>upscale hair n skin salon...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> atstylist Contests 51 weeks ago8:18pm EST
Create a beautiful logo to market some beautiful keepsakesWe sell hand painted glassware to hotel gift shops mostly in the caribbean. Examples found here https://www.f... carri A Contests 51 weeks ago8:14pm EST
Create a femininely passionate logo for Charming HimWe provide dating and relationship tips to women who want to attract that one special man and build a wonderf... marketingcrusader Contests 51 weeks ago8:07pm EST
Create a unique logo for Charming HimSeeking a creative logo design for women that creates a feeling of love, passion, and romance.... marketingcrusader Contests 51 weeks ago8:07pm EST
Fund Fresh Millenial Finance Blog - Help us build a brand!Business name: I’m GOOD – Getting Out Of Debt – sponsored by Debt Mediators. Client contact: Ben and... Contests 51 weeks ago8:06pm EST
Logo with dark humor for combat veterans communityWe entertain combat veterans with dark and inappropriate humor, to bring vets together and reduce suicide....... dandamanpdk Contests 51 weeks ago8:04pm EST
Legal design based on experience and fair price-the people's law firmThis is a law firm that primarily practices in family law (divorce, child support, custody, etc.). We also re... mtheodore Contests 51 weeks ago7:56pm EST
Streamline meWe at Streamline Dictation Services provide a global, professional and motivated team to be your on-line work... julie 4 Contests 51 weeks ago7:55pm EST
HQ LogoHorsequest supplies online advertising for horses and related products directed at the upper / expensive end ... allie u Contests 51 weeks ago7:54pm EST
Create an App using a Map Interface<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $480</em></p><p></p> cdharary Contests 51 weeks ago7:50pm EST
I am building a brand with my nameMy business is wedding flowers. I need a logo that represents Loreta Daka.i am interested in branding my name... loretadaka Contests 51 weeks ago7:44pm EST
Create an eye catching packaging design for Sovrano International's all new VERO French PressOur target audience is home and on the go coffee connoisseurs looking for high end coffee accessories to inte... empowersllc Contests 51 weeks ago7:39pm EST
Compelling Print Advertisement for Business AssociationWe are an association for chain and franchise salons and spas. These range from Great Clips, JC Penney Salon... Valorie Contests 51 weeks ago7:32pm EST
Simple Design Required for Future looking Accounting FirmI sell business advisory services to small businesses. I focus on new technology and accounting software to h... matthew Lc Contests 51 weeks ago7:29pm EST
Bold, new company wants bold, new logoGolden Enterprise is a trucking, transort and hauling company for construction....Total P... alissa t Contests 51 weeks ago7:24pm EST
iFlavor BannerThis product flavors alcohol, it takes the place of the mixer....Total Prize: $135... brettmacias Contests 51 weeks ago7:20pm EST
Wordpress theme for Startup VictoriaWe are a community based non-profit organisation, our goal is to make Victoria’s startup ecosystem a world ... Startup Victoria Contests 51 weeks ago7:19pm EST
MAM logo design contestMurphy Asset Management, LLC (MAM) focuses on generating development opportunities in the multifamily, hospit... meghanmurphy819 Contests 51 weeks ago7:14pm EST
Create the brand logo for a new Celebrity News web series with a new twistThis logo is for a celebrity news web series. Much like something on the E! Network, Entertainment Tonight or... kttatara Contests 51 weeks ago7:04pm EST
Create a brand pack for a law firm that helps injured peopleLaw Firm -- we help people injured on the job, person injury...Total Prize: $400... matt mF3 Contests 51 weeks ago7:02pm EST
Bring our "logo man" to life in the style of existing stock image renders.We are a specialist IT recruitment agency in Sydney with a unique psych profiling tool which we are expandi... lucy R Contests 51 weeks ago6:58pm EST
Make a logo for a new news parody web series!This is a satirical, news parody show for the internet. It's short fake news casts. The Onion style sense of ... kttatara Contests 51 weeks ago6:55pm EST
Design a book cover that screams READ ME!I write works of fiction for readers enjoyment. Selling online via Amazon....Total Prize:... martys65 Contests 51 weeks ago6:53pm EST
Create an enticing logo for TW Tennis that will be worn throughout the world.TW Tennis is a private tennis coaching service. TW Tennis works privately with junior or professional tennis... TW Tennis Contests 51 weeks ago6:51pm EST
Clean modern page for a managed print services providerWe are a manage print services company. In other words sell and lease office printers (single and multi-funct... tsquier Contests 51 weeks ago6:19pm EST
Create a rockstar logo for ZojiFit<p><strong>Sells fitness products and apparel....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Trevor127 Contests 51 weeks ago6:07pm EST
Social media Tech startup needs your creativity<p><strong>Politics news on social media...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $300</em></p><p></p> santiba Contests 51 weeks ago6:05pm EST
Design an Engaging T-Rex with Braces Logo for Young at Heart Orthodontics<p><strong>orthodontics (braces)...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $300</em></p><p></p> kcluff7 Contests 51 weeks ago6:03pm EST
Create a design that conveys sophistication and expertise in the field of podiatryDouble Bay Podiatry Centre provides you with the highest standard of care and offers a variety of specialist ... natasha_skewes Contests 51 weeks ago5:58pm EST
Create a logo and website for Clockwork, a clean and friendly space for water jet cutting etcWe are a shop that allows clients to come in and use our high end specialized machines in time slots, using t... natalie 2w Contests 51 weeks ago5:52pm EST
Design a Logo for a SURFBOARDS and outdoors company.We manufacture surfboards for surfers all over the world from beginners to advanced level. We focus on the sp... pablohernandezd Contests 51 weeks ago5:51pm EST
create a eye catching logo thats simple and clean.Plastic Coating metal materials from parts from a car all the way to coating metal for oil field... jegama Contests 51 weeks ago5:47pm EST
Create a modern logo for a new website audit toolWe're building an SEO audit and reporting tool. The target audience is SEOs. This platform functions like a w... scott UG Contests 51 weeks ago5:43pm EST
JUCY RV Rentals Eye MaskWe are a car and camper rental company operating in NZ, AU and USA....Total Prize: $120... jarred.grogin Contests 51 weeks ago5:27pm EST
Create a Elephant logo for Bill Clinton's $1M Student Competition Finalist Team TemboWe educate parents in Africa's urban slums to teach their children. Then we assess the learning process thro... atholloeducation Contests 51 weeks ago5:23pm EST
Creative PIE logo, Successful/Different Orthodontic Practice! Yes, its a PIE logo, crazy fun, huh!We provide orthodontic/dental care (braces & Invisalign) for our patients. We believe in having a "Postitive... mwirig Contests 51 weeks ago5:14pm EST
Whitepaper for Mobile App ExperimentsWe allow mobile teams to iterate faster with mobile a/b testing and instant update. Our target audiences are ... kendrick 0 Contests 51 weeks ago5:10pm EST
Create a progressive logo for a jobs/career service reviews website, GradsUpOur service ( provides a place where people can review and find reviews of career service ... am.tarunmj Contests 51 weeks ago5:06pm EST
PIP (Process in Place . com) needs your help to find a personality!This is the logo for an app designed to help companies put processes in place. The target audience is indivi... Maxable Contests 51 weeks ago5:02pm EST
Pip (Process in Place . com) - Mobile App - Fresh & fun logo!<p><strong>Process in Place</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Maxable Contests 51 weeks ago5:02pm EST
Logo for "The Space Between Your Ears" - an executive coaching companyI am an executive coach who works with sales people who work on commission. I help them get rid of the stuff ... katiehill.madison Contests 51 weeks ago5:00pm EST
Create a innovative modern clean health care logo for Alabama Functional MedicineA Direct Primary Care practice with a focus on optimizing health and preventing disease using the principles ... laurenbtancredi Contests 51 weeks ago5:00pm EST
Creative a rustic barrel/cast iron branding design* Location (Darwin Australia) * Bar & Grill Restaurant serving all day dinning in a relaxed setting. * Fe... grant_melville Contests 51 weeks ago5:00pm EST
Designing a logo for a new charity call "Art for Living"Art for Living is a charity focused on encouraging and supporting young people to become the next generation ... jp_dacosta Contests 51 weeks ago4:56pm EST
Design a Book Cover that Captures the Energy of Human Striving InstinctsKathy Kolbe is an acclaimed theorist, bestselling author, entrepreneur, educator, organizational strategist, ... cayala Contests 51 weeks ago4:51pm EST
Seeking Creative and Brilliant Designers for Tech Startup!We make things that help people make better decisions. We specialize in custom MEMS* products to solve a wide... charles.allan Contests 51 weeks ago4:49pm EST
NXTSENS<p><strong>We make things that help people make better decisions. </strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> charles.allan Contests 51 weeks ago4:49pm EST needs you to redesign our CUSTOM OATMEAL pageWe sell customized oatmeal to our online audience of vegans, athletes, moms and regular people. Every order i... Contests 51 weeks ago4:48pm EST
Mobile app startup seeking business card!appbiddr brokers the sale of mobile apps. We connect someone who is selling their mobile app with someone wh... VinceKurban Contests 51 weeks ago4:47pm EST
Use your talent to help come up with a creative name and logo for an old professionThe company will focus on commercial cleaning - targeting apartments, new construction, parks and recreation,... pear9802 Contests 51 weeks ago4:46pm EST
A kaleidoscope of flowers for everyday - locally grown and sourcedKaleidoscope flowers is a brand new business venture. Kaleidoscope Flower’s mission is to deliver the b... jodyniven Contests 51 weeks ago4:42pm EST
We need an awesome logo created for our new consulting business.We are a Consulting and educational content provider that helps Massage Practitioners start and grow their b... info Iq3l Contests 51 weeks ago4:37pm EST
Create a t-shirt for the Embody Love Movement!<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> lexi m Contests 51 weeks ago4:26pm EST
Create the perfect vintage logo for this classic concept with a modern look and feelIts a gastro pub with a tavern the theme and concept is based on prohibition. the location the rathkeller was... tlw892 Contests 51 weeks ago4:25pm EST
Create a strong logo for Motta Landscaping & ConstructionMy company will offer a long list of landscaping and construction services, including plantings, masonry, tre... blaise.motta Contests 51 weeks ago4:21pm EST
Create the coolest legal logo<p><strong>Civil litigation law firm in Dallas Texas...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Pamthompson Contests 51 weeks ago4:12pm EST
Create the visual identity for Kung Fu - the people who power the sharing economyKung Fu is on a mission to help people who power the sharing economy be successful. We connect people to ... chris wS1 Contests 51 weeks ago4:05pm EST
create a DNA strand for DNA HoldingsWe are a finance/real estate company. We want a DNA double helix icon with DNA Holdings incorporated in there... jrdean20 Contests 51 weeks ago4:02pm EST
Create a logo for Charity called Guru Nanak KitchenThis logo is needed for our charity non profit organization based out of New York. People from the Sikh commu... Gina1881997 Contests 51 weeks ago3:59pm EST
Create a magazine cover for a world leading biotechnology publicationMedical Research, magazine cover in journal read by scientists and biotech industry people....... Awittrup Contests 51 weeks ago3:47pm EST
Create a stylish logo for a roof rack company with and edge - DC RacksWe build roof racks for vehicles with integrated LED lighting. Target audience is outdoor enthusiasts with a... ericgreen21 Contests 51 weeks ago3:46pm EST
Create a rad logo for our Aviation company!We make videos and content of all things aviation. Flying planes, using flight simulators (huge part of what ... pedalpalle Contests 51 weeks ago3:45pm EST
-------=Electronics, Gadgets, Smartphone accessories! =-------.Selling "Smartphone accessories" to consumer marked, in the Norwegian marked....Total Pri... karsten_hovi Contests 51 weeks ago3:45pm EST
BlackBird (Loon) Aerial Media | Drone Foto LogoMinnesota based "BlackBird Aerial Media" captures breathtaking visuals via UAV drones. We provide aerial pho... matt 4K Contests 51 weeks ago3:44pm EST
Surrender.Xplore.Emerge.Bright.Strong.Transformation that is SXEBSTSXEBST stands for Surrender.Xplore.Emerge.Bright.Strong.Transformation The target audience is women. We sell... sxebst2015 Contests 51 weeks ago3:38pm EST
Create a hip logo for a startup building technology that focuses on social impactBuilding quality (hardware) tech for social impact. Product management services from prototyping to scaled ma... hyppoinc Contests 51 weeks ago3:35pm EST
Create a compelling logo for new online store, Your Prepared Family!We are an online store (sell through Amazon). Our products include: water filters, essential oils supplies, b... czarnecki.mary Contests 51 weeks ago3:29pm EST
Create a BOLD, COOL, Head Turning Full Face Motorcycle Helmet!Help us design an awesome, head turning full face helmet! Stylish, cool, and bold; design whatever you like!... Paul IV2 Contests 51 weeks ago3:28pm EST
Help reduce electricity costs: logo for a new energy intelligence softwareSoftware optimizing the utilization and profitability of distributed Solar PV with Battery Storage Systems... fcrampe G Contests 51 weeks ago3:26pm EST
Create logo for energy supply company/utility.The company is an energy broker, we buy energy from the spot market and from independent energy generation pr... sebastiao Contests 51 weeks ago3:19pm EST
"Embracing the common unity in community"<p><strong>.</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $215</em></p><p></p> Alexander Levin Contests 51 weeks ago3:17pm EST
Amber jewelry landing page contestA blog informing about my company producing amber jewlery, aiming to increase the number of visitors and pers... office Yf Contests 51 weeks ago3:13pm EST
Guaranteed Contest! Innovative Logo for Professional Digital Media PortfolioI'm looking for a logo for a Media Portfolio website. I would like it to be used as a watermark for photograp... kenji.c.wong Contests 51 weeks ago3:13pm EST
Create a hip/urban logo & website for a FUN AND HONEST realtor, while still remaning profressional.I am a Realtor. I work with all different buyers. First time buyers as well as experienced buyers. I office o... mmderosia Contests 51 weeks ago3:11pm EST
Create a hip/urban logo & website for a FUN AND HONEST realtor, while still remaning professional.I am a Realtor. I work with all different buyers. First time buyers as well as experienced buyers. I office o... mmderosia Contests 51 weeks ago3:11pm EST
junges Technologieunternehmen für erneuerbare EnergieErbringen von Beratungs- und technischen Dienstleistungen, Vertrieb, Montage von Anlagen der Solartechnik sow... perparimbllaca g Contests 51 weeks ago3:03pm EST
Create a classic and sophisticated illustration for a family owned coffee plantationOur business is a coffee plantation that is family owned since 1935. It is located in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, ... taniaoliu Contests 51 weeks ago3:02pm EST
Create an artsy wine label for a napa wine<p><strong>personal wine label. Family wine...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> marisoltrailer Contests 51 weeks ago2:51pm EST
Venture Capital Value Add Case StudyWe are a seed stage venture capital fund that invests in B2B SaaS businesses. We pride ourselves in our value... eric.vreeland Contests 51 weeks ago2:48pm EST
Peak<p><strong>anyone who uses leather...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> trish P Contests 51 weeks ago2:47pm EST
Create a brand identity for Beyond 100 NATURALSNatural products for people interested in increasing the quality of life, health, active lifestyle and super ... megasuccess18 Contests 51 weeks ago2:46pm EST
High Profile Branding, Logo design for New Cultural DistrictThis will be a New Urban Residential and Retail development. The logo is to encompass and entire area of a c... glamourpaws40 Contests 51 weeks ago2:31pm EST
Business Card and Stationary for a Custom Kitchen CompanyWe make custom kitchen cabinets for big high rise projects. We only sell B2B and our customers are constructi... bnakash Contests 51 weeks ago2:30pm EST
Redesigning a new user interface for a restaurant point-of-sale system<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $950</em></p><p></p> Flow Menu Contests 51 weeks ago2:27pm EST
Create an eye catching logo for a family law firmWe provide litigation and mediation services in the area of family law....Total Prize: $4... DaisyMae Contests 51 weeks ago2:26pm EST
IT Solutions/Services/Outsourcing Startup needs logo and business cardsWe provide enterprise IT solutions, services, and outsourcing to medium and large-sized companies....... Jarod M Contests 51 weeks ago2:23pm EST
Create a modern logo conveying the Challenge Unlimited brandChallenge Unlimited unites our social and business missions by creating unparalleled opportunities for indiv... tdutko Contests 51 weeks ago2:20pm EST
edgy outdoor style logowe sell outdoor products such as , fishing, camping, hunting, hiking,...Total Prize: $200... mattybell30 Contests 51 weeks ago2:17pm EST
Bring sophistication to my coaching business!We are a coaching business targeted at professionals and executives....Total Prize: $540... jamassey Contests 51 weeks ago2:11pm EST
Help us create a Show Hope T-Shirt for Hope Church<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> srlamotte Contests 51 weeks ago2:06pm EST
Support our combat wounded veterans!We offer offshore fishing charters. What sets us apart from everyone else, is the fact that we have a custom ... Bigpoppa1702 Contests 51 weeks ago2:04pm EST
God Loves Denver merchandise<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> aaron.young Contests 51 weeks ago2:04pm EST