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New American Craft Brewery in China Needs a Vintage Style Logo!We are a new American craft brewery located in Wuhan, China and are preparing to bring real ales and lagers t... stephenrussellpatterso Contests 31 minutes ago4:55am EST
Create Billboards to encourage electricity & Gas consumers to switch to GO PowerGO Power sells Electricity and Natural Gas to Domestic Homes and to Commercial and Industrial Business....... daniel.loughran Contests 42 minutes ago4:44am EST
Create a design for GO Power Stationary that has a corporate lookOur Company is called GO Power. We sell Electricity & Natural Gas to Homes for Domestic use and also to Larg... daniel.loughran Contests 43 minutes ago4:42am EST
create our new logo for our company Ardeno , must be strong and simplewe design, manufacture and sell tv & media furniture to resellers...Total Prize: $200... info 0AM Contests 46 minutes ago4:40am EST
Create a cutting edge logo for new power business Edge ElectronsBackground: This is a new technology company in the electricity industry. The new business has designed ... simon fl Contests 53 minutes ago4:32am EST
Create the logo for UK ROSE (UK inspired baby clothing)Enchanting English inspired baby clothing.... Traditional designs. Total Prize: $200... JH AUS Contests 58 minutes ago4:28am EST
Simple Corporate logo designInvestment Company with a focus on large real estate investments...Total Prize: $200... MILOSHA Contests 2 hours ago3:40am EST
friends icon<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $40</em></p><p></p> lionel 5 Contests 2 hours ago3:38am EST
Angehänder spengler meister für meisterprojekt logoAusführung sämtlicher blecharbeiten,dachdecker arbeiten, mettalfassaden....Total Prize:... josefbeck1 Contests 2 hours ago3:31am EST
Swarming pictures in galaxy<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $40</em></p><p></p> lionel 5 Contests 2 hours ago3:25am EST
"Whoocha" needs a LogoWhoocha is a new "Daily Deal" website. Our Audience is 25-45 years old. Our competitors are Groupon and Liv... franz.jochen Contests 3 hours ago2:04am EST
Create a logo for a Juice shop which will lead to 1 - 1 project for the packing and Menu<p><strong>Juice shop...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> adel.negash Contests 3 hours ago2:02am EST
Create a striking symbol for Sydney's first professional marine security company.Organization delivers specialist waterborne security services inluding water patrol vessels, marine function ... jon Cn Contests 3 hours ago2:00am EST
Create a logo that illustrates what The Project Funnel meansBuilding/Construction Project Management and Trade Consolidation Services We assist home owners develop thei... phil_flick v Contests 4 hours ago1:43am EST
Logo für neues Produkt gesuchtWir sind ein Unternehmen mit über 20-jährigen Erfahrung im Bereich Verkauf von Kassenlösungen. Unter d... Hager V Contests 4 hours ago1:34am EST
Create a simple logo for a Melbourne electrical contracting companyAn electrical contracting company catering mostly to commerical and larger scale projects...... gemma.alpert Contests 5 hours ago12:41am EST
Logo, fonts and colors for a high-tech blogWe create products that fuse Machine Learning with the Internet of Things....Total Prize:... bruce.sharpe Contests 5 hours ago12:37am EST
A T-shirt design to inspire, motivate and kick butt!<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $230</em></p><p></p> Healthy For Life Contests 5 hours ago12:20am EST
Create a logo for a wold famous iconic nightclub thats about to open to NYC, Coco Bongo New YorkCoco Bongo New York will be an event space in New York City set up to host primarily Latin inspired events bu... cocobongony Contests 6 hours ago11:20pm EST
WOMEN AUTO MECHANICS CONTEST - GUARANTEED WINNER<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> teejayanddave Contests 6 hours ago11:19pm EST
Create a modern and stunning design for a Hotel booking websiteWe are a hotel booking website with 280,000 hotels around the globe. Our website functionality is pretty si... alex.jacobs Contests 6 hours ago11:14pm EST
Design our logo to POP - Blue Havenlicenced café - fresh, healthy homemade food, gluten free, environmentally conscious & looking to minimise o... sue_nz Contests 6 hours ago11:10pm EST
Create a logo that appeals to people into the outdoors and beach lifestyle.Our website is work in progress). The "Chill" in this case refers to relaxing, not co... jlannen Contests 6 hours ago10:57pm EST
Ganesha logo mascot for martial arts studio.We are a mixed martial arts studio, focusing on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Our target audience is varied. We offer ... michaelmileos Contests 7 hours ago10:55pm EST
Get this windsurfing instruction school off to a kick-ass start!I'm a certified sailing instructor, specializing in teaching windsurfing here on Long Island. I recently open... cgriebs Contests 7 hours ago10:30pm EST
Design a slick raglan for the LHS Class of 2017<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> twinkqol Contests 7 hours ago10:17pm EST
Thrill Seeking Travel WebsiteOur target audience are adventure travel seekers who want to go somewhere based on what you can do there, not... samturner2 Contests 7 hours ago10:16pm EST
Create a powerful or unique TS for Trim Solutions<p><strong>Interior woodworking, residential and commercial...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> dcooper53 Contests 7 hours ago10:09pm EST
Seeking Logo Designer: Be a part of the Strong Brew!Strong Brew works with TV Networks, PR/Marketing firms, Event Planners, and other companies seeking to produc... harpsrent Contests 8 hours ago9:28pm EST
It's All Heart by Bobby Whisnand Book CoverIt's All Heart Program and fitness expert, speaker and author...Total Prize: $200... wilene Contests 8 hours ago9:25pm EST
Paramount Vapor Logo Re-DesignParamount Vapor is an e-liquid company looking to alter or redesign our current logo.Tota... andycribari Contests 8 hours ago9:14pm EST
Create a logo based on British flag with a twist for my food truckI am starting a food truck with a British themed menu. We serve an extensive tea menu with crumpets, scones ... rhondaridley Contests 8 hours ago9:04pm EST
FALMU cover and page designWorking on a book project that is intended to be a humorous, coffee-table type book that combines pictures wi... dfkiren Contests 8 hours ago8:58pm EST
This is your chance to create a Stylish and Attractive DJ logo!!!DJ Logo. The target audience are clubbers. (Genre: Trance)...Total Prize: $200... askurns Contests 9 hours ago8:53pm EST
Create a simple luxury logo for a wedding industry businessWe design and create custom made, one of a kind veils and bridal accessories....Total Pri... JS Web Solutions Contests 9 hours ago8:43pm EST
Create 4 home page banners for Spice is an Australian adult online boutique specialising in high quality sex toys and adult lifestyle ... alex A4 Contests 9 hours ago8:30pm EST
Create the next big thing in the U.S. government technology marketInformation Technology Consulting and Services targeting U.S. Government, Department of Homeland Security cus... whiteman Contests 9 hours ago8:24pm EST
Create a compelling & fun brand identity for a food truck businessWe sell food from a mobile kitchen. We set up and deliver food at local businesses, wedding receptions, outdo... zach UT Contests 9 hours ago8:19pm EST
Create a Landing Page for an Accountant. Make the most exciting (and 1st) CPA Landing PageCPA firm specializing in small business tax returns and small business outsource accounting. Firm uses Cloud... Bette51 Contests 9 hours ago8:12pm EST
HonestAdvisor: Create a Logo for a New Software/Technology Information SiteWe help small business make software and technology purchasing decisions. We provide listings of software and... caseydeg Contests 10 hours ago7:31pm EST
Premier Colorado ski lodging logo for PM LodgingPremier Colorado Ski Lodging, 3 and 4 bedroom ski-in ski-out houses for rent. Audience is skiing professiona... paul xGQ Contests 10 hours ago7:30pm EST
Exciting new medical textbook!!!It is a Question and Answer review book for the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam and Recertifying... tayji Contests 10 hours ago7:19pm EST
Creating an Amazing Logo for our company!We help Pet Owners get their Pets certified as Emotional Support Animals.Total Prize: $20... erik x Contests 10 hours ago7:18pm EST
Create a unique and distinctive logo for an up and coming and ambitious construction companyBuilding high end architectually designed, bespoke residential and commercial properties...... burchellbuilt Contests 10 hours ago7:06pm EST
Create an awesome logo for a blog that focuses on increasing credit scores and credit card reviews.We provide informative articles on increasing your credit score and knowledge of credit, credit card reviews,... stowerski Contests 10 hours ago7:04pm EST
Travel Blog Logo communicating finding homeHome Along the Way is a travel blog documenting the international travels of a family of six....... PaulKortman Contests 10 hours ago7:03pm EST
Electronic Vaporizer - Concept Product Design or SketchWe are developing an Electronic Vaporizer for Dry Herbs/Tobacco products for customers who want a high qualit... jaeson.bang Contests 11 hours ago6:52pm EST
Design the logo for a cutting edge healthcare product!Telemerge is cloud service that coordinates telehealth (video consultations between doctors and patients). I... chris GG Contests 11 hours ago6:36pm EST
Create a strong, but visually stunning logo that can be a future household symbol for fitness brandWe are designing fashionable t-shirts for serious gym goers and athletes. Motivational quotes on a t-shirt wr... XMinister Contests 11 hours ago6:26pm EST
Logo for an American Classic YachtCherokee will be the name and logo of a classic American yacht combining the heritage of its owner (of Cherok... Jimmy.whited Contests 11 hours ago6:11pm EST
Create a logo for Gimme Lasagna!it's a takeout lasagna business... potentially delivery. Similar to Dominoes... eventually going into freeze... Yarollimac Contests 11 hours ago5:59pm EST
Insurance BrochureDominos Pizza employees average age is 28 years old. So it needs to look young and current....... jpowter Contests 12 hours ago5:42pm EST
Design a "Liberaltarian" slogan T-shirt graphicIt's politics getting in the way of public welfare, rather than politics getting in the way of commerce.... s eX8 Contests 12 hours ago5:41pm EST
Create 5 pages of mockups for cryptocurrency Mega Store!We are the first mega store that allows people who have cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) to purchase items from ... mariaz1954 Contests 12 hours ago5:39pm EST
Something to relate with food, nothing to tacky or over the top.Catering, functions, weddings, celebrations. Mostly doing finger food and cocktail parties but would like to... liviof Contests 12 hours ago5:37pm EST
Surgery Center Needs LogoState of the art ambulatory (outpatient) surgery center/hospital. Very high end clients/patients....... Jglaser Contests 12 hours ago5:35pm EST
Create Military Design for Retail Store that supports the Military<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $40</em></p><p></p> jdsistek Contests 12 hours ago5:24pm EST
Create a piece of art that I will use to help people change their life!Collaborative community of aspirational people sharing ideas and opportunities (via mobile app)....... paul 78 Contests 12 hours ago5:21pm EST
Accern: Big Data Media Analytics Startup geared towards Financial ServicesA big data media analytic startup monitoring around 20 million news and blog sources online. We try to captur... Kumesh Contests 12 hours ago5:16pm EST
Luxury packaging need for lifestyle fashion brand.Phlip is a luxury lifestyle brand that combines classic American style with clean modern cuts. Inspired by... Phlip Contests 13 hours ago4:53pm EST
App icon targeted to beachgoers<p><strong>smartBeach is a mobile app that target beach goers...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> smartBeach Contests 13 hours ago4:45pm EST
our iconic rock house built in 1880 needs a logo designWe are a financial services firm focusing on Small Business owners in transition. We sell financial advice, ... boba0867 Contests 13 hours ago4:42pm EST
Book cover for The Solar Singularity: Why Our Energy Future is So BrightThe Solar Singularity is about the coming explosion of solar power and other renewable energy sources that we... tam.hunt Contests 13 hours ago4:35pm EST
Facebook Cover Design For<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $95</em></p><p></p> Scott oh Contests 13 hours ago4:20pm EST
Fresh NEW Dental Masters Business CardDental Masters is a new modern kind of dental clinic where extremely happy friendly staff take care of all yo... Shad Manavi Contests 13 hours ago4:14pm EST
GREAT DESIGNERS ONLY: Create a fresh, witty label for a small batch, craft sauce companyCharm City Flavor Co. is a small batch sauce and spice company with a witty and playful sense of humor. The o... Charm City Flavor Contests 13 hours ago4:10pm EST
Create a logo/insignia for a hot rod company on Route 66We sell automobiles. Specifically, hot rods, customs and classics to an discerning clientele....... donaldhancock Contests 14 hours ago3:55pm EST
FlyInside FSX - Virtual Reality Flight SimulationFlyInside FSX is software which allows you to use Microsoft Flight Simulator X from inside the Oculus Rift DK... mohney64 Contests 14 hours ago3:55pm EST
Create a fresh, new look for an established but growing accounting firm.Accounting, taxes and administrative services for small and home-based businesses....Tota... mjyoung n Contests 14 hours ago3:49pm EST
Website Design: Linking communication and technology.Elimint specializes in modern web design by bringing style, functionality and guidance to businesses of all s... richard pB Contests 14 hours ago3:46pm EST
The Main Street ForumThe Main Street Forum brings together large companies to discuss the challenges of small business growth and ... Smallbiztechnology Contests 14 hours ago3:31pm EST
Create Trade Show Banners For Financial Services ProviderNational Debt Relief is one of the country's largest and one of the most reputable debt settlement companies.... Adam.Tijerina Contests 14 hours ago3:30pm EST
Waitr Drivers App<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $865</em></p><p></p> Waitr Inc Contests 14 hours ago3:23pm EST
"F" for iPhone app iconIt's an app for teenagers and Millenials. The Letter F should be white respecting and replicating EXACTLY the... lionel 5 Contests 14 hours ago3:20pm EST
Create a impactful logo for a fun, modern and high-end Photobooth company.About to Snap! Booth is a fresh, modern take on the old school photo booth. Forget about the days of the cra... heyjenk Contests 14 hours ago3:16pm EST
"F" for iPhone app iconIt's an app for teenagers and Millenials. The Letter F should be white respecting and replicating EXACTLY the... lionel 5 Contests 14 hours ago3:09pm EST
Create a clean word-mark logo for a residential and commercial painting companyOur company is a residential and commercial painting company. We pride ourselves on our excelling quality of ... parkerruiz96 Contests 15 hours ago2:42pm EST
Create a clean logo for a residential and commercial painting companyOur company is a residential and commercial painting company. We pride ourselves on our excelling quality of ... parkerruiz96 Contests 15 hours ago2:42pm EST
Create a timeless logo for a family Investment companyWe are an investment company that owns several other companies involving real estate, dairy queen and other b... 395fuel Contests 15 hours ago2:36pm EST
Create a modern logo for an aerial video is an aerial video company that uses quadcopters to film aerial video projects. Right now t... jonathan.m.singh Contests 15 hours ago2:30pm EST
Help Brand the Next Alaskan SensationWe design and build fishing and hunting gear. We hope to "brand" our work and use that to bring in customers ... macey.shapiro Contests 15 hours ago2:27pm EST
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - neuromarketing content analysis companyNeuromarketing content analysis - we allow marketers to understand why their content works. Sounds complex... robfuller Contests 15 hours ago2:27pm EST
Help me say a lot with a little space (120 x 30) - logo for amazonThe name of my company is Prime Time Distributors. I sell merchandise on amazon via fulfillment by amazon (so... primetimedistributors Contests 15 hours ago2:19pm EST
The Auto Protectors needs a crazy, colorful, eye catching truck wrap!We specialize in Automotive Protection, keeping cars looking new. 3M clear bra, undercoating, paint sealant ... theautoprotectors Contests 15 hours ago2:18pm EST
Design a menu for a cool new bubble tea brand!We serve bubble tea (also called boba tea), which you can read about here: Stephan, Kula Contests 15 hours ago2:16pm EST
Create a logo for expanding Neighborhood Workspace conceptNeighborhood Workspace provides affordable, flexible real estate (office, retail, warehouse, shared office sp... todd Mi Contests 15 hours ago2:12pm EST
"Bad British Jokes", a cover for a dry joke book with bears and barsBad British Jokes is a hilarious joke book with 21 illustrations and dry jokes of all types. “What do y... afit Contests 15 hours ago2:09pm EST
New Site<p><strong>Self Storage...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $475</em></p><p></p> info pWv Contests 15 hours ago2:03pm EST
Create a modern logo for a new niche automotive marketing start up! T3 AutomotiveT3 Automotive Marketing provides automotive dealers innovative marketing solutions. With a strong focus on th... Magnetic Marketing Contests 16 hours ago1:43pm EST
Create an endearing, memorable & fun logo for personal blog.Personal Blog about Essential Oils for Home Health & Family Life...Total Prize: $300... jrjarosky Contests 16 hours ago1:39pm EST
Erstellt ein ansprechendes Desing um unsere Alpprodukte zu vermarktenDer Zweck der Alpgenossenschaft Triesenberg ist die Verarbeitung der auf den Alpen gewonnenen Milch zu hochwe... roger.schaedler Contests 16 hours ago1:21pm EST
WaffiVibes Cover Illustration ArtOnline Magazine setup to promote indigenous culture, music and lifestyle....Total Prize: ... emmanuel.mrakpor Contests 16 hours ago1:10pm EST
We picked the font, you make it awesome!Alluriana is a jewelry boutique specializing in handcrafted fine jewelry....Total Prize: ... ellie I Contests 16 hours ago1:08pm EST
Create a cool logo for Printcom SystemsPrintcom Systems is an online printing company that will market print products such as brochures, postcards, ... dmontano Contests 16 hours ago1:04pm EST
VideoCRM LogoWe sell a web based/mobile video messaging application to sales managers directly and for integration into ex... joseph A7 Contests 16 hours ago1:02pm EST
Build a progressive and creative design around the word IgniteProgressive marketing Agency that focuses on digital media content and delivery....Total ... torrey r Contests 17 hours ago12:56pm EST
Wine club logo designWe will be offering wine courses online as well as setting up wine clubs in communities....... L Gray Contests 17 hours ago12:52pm EST
Create a logo for a skin care line that sells anti aging serums & creamsA skin care line that sells anti aging serums and wrinkle reducing moisturizers...Total P... mike Go Contests 17 hours ago12:50pm EST
Create an eye catching,feel good, health exuding, in balance design for Insync.I am a massage therapist. I want to target people interested in their health and spending money on themselves... Heidi @ Insync Contests 17 hours ago12:48pm EST
Business card for broadcast technology company.Business card is part of a re-brand of our established broadcast technology company.Total... richard.bailey Contests 17 hours ago12:46pm EST