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Create a logo that is impactful and classic!!!!Training development firm that provides both classic training offerings for workforce developoment and design... rdjohnson Contests 14 minutes ago11:12am EST
Create a Logo for Laboratory Testing BusinessWe are a full service clinical diagnostic laboratory providing testing and related services to physician offi... dpark l Contests 21 minutes ago11:05am EST
Expat Tax Preparation Website (Clean and simple design needed)Expat Tax Service specializes in the preparation of tax returns for U.S. citizens and resident aliens of the ... mc agency Contests 26 minutes ago11:00am EST
Healthcare Real Estate/Data Illustration for National Launch Event!Revista serves as a valuable, one-stop source for healthcare and real estate organizations to obtain comprehe... elisa D Contests 28 minutes ago10:58am EST
Create an ad for Memorial EyeWith an unparalleled reputation spanning more than 22 years, Memorial Eye has long been recognized as a leade... rjolink Contests 29 minutes ago10:57am EST
Qupido LogoQupido is a brand new product, not a company. It redefines the concept of Direct mailing: it's a web servic... piermattia.avesani q Contests 38 minutes ago10:49am EST
Create a standout but subtle women fashion accessories design<p><strong>women fashion accessories e.g. scarf, handbags, jewelry...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> girlnglam1 Contests 39 minutes ago10:47am EST
Bundled PackageDentists primarily. Followed by Doctors and Small businesses. Most likely these will be 45+ individuals who ... william.cooper Contests 39 minutes ago10:47am EST
Adventure/Superhero-ish brand seeks creative logoLine of action buddies geared toward boys, but open to girls too. Brand is all about wonder and adventure...... laurelwider Contests 41 minutes ago10:46am EST
Supplement BrandWe sell Health Supplements, Including weight loss, healthy skin, workout supplements etc....... orders d Contests 42 minutes ago10:44am EST
Home page design for leading mens fashion retailerThe website is the magento e-commerce store selling mens tailored clothing from Melbourne Australia....... nick 6J Contests 42 minutes ago10:44am EST
Invittion to FlyThis is an email download campaign designed to motivate pilots of light airplanes to take their friends and f... Tom ad Contests 49 minutes ago10:38am EST
Create a magnetic book cover for how to sell personal trainingWe sell information on how to sell personal training to personal trainers....Total Prize:... gregmarshall17 Contests 57 minutes ago10:30am EST
Create a logo that communicates the power of gratitude.The Obadiah Group provides strategic consulting, business development and capital raising services to multi-n... theobadiahgroup Contests 58 minutes ago10:29am EST
***RE BRANDING HAIR SALON FOR FRANCHISING**Hair salon in downtown St. Louis. we are in the heart of the city. looking for something young, sophisticated... Studio16stl Contests 58 minutes ago10:28am EST
Innovative Dental PracticeA dental practice with a focus on implants, a life-long solution to dental problems. Implants have been exclu... douglasbaldwindds Contests 59 minutes ago10:28am EST
One-Pager Needed to Market ServiceOur target audience is job board owners. We are targeting both small and large job boards....... NETSVS Contests 1 hour ago10:23am EST
Dallas Mavericks Super Fan Group!We are a promotional 'super fan' group representing the NBA Dallas Mavericks. My wife and I are corporate spo... Love Those Mavs! Contests 1 hour ago10:19am EST
Brand Logo for Professional Business Services FirmCreative Brief: Logo Design Company: Blank Page Tagline: Innovate by Design. Business/Industry: Profess... dfreemyer Contests 1 hour ago10:11am EST
Create a clean flat and slightly minimal logo/brand identity for next AirBnB/HolidayRental startupWe are an online booking website for Holiday Rental properties. Niche is the operative word, meaning that pro... gavin CC Contests 1 hour ago10:05am EST
Create a clean flat and slightly minimal logo/brand identity for next AirBnB/HolidayRental startupWe are the latest online booking website for Holiday Rental properties. Total Prize: $3... gavin CC Contests 1 hour ago10:05am EST
Create Facebook banner ads for Camaro iPhone app<p><strong>We are a social network for Chevy Camaro owners...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $175</em></p><p></p> sean ff Contests 1 hour ago9:58am EST
Logo for Quantiative hedge fundStart up hedge fund in a pre-launch stage. Target audience include financial institutions, high net worth ind... muthusankar Contests 1 hour ago9:57am EST
Create a sign for a horse barn<p><strong>Horse farm...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> lgallagher1 Contests 2 hours ago9:47am EST
simple and classy design, open to your awesome abilities!This is a company that will do several kinds of consulting. Government affairs, selling commercial real esta... kentlcravens Contests 2 hours ago9:45am EST
Create an ad for GNC<p><strong>Sells health products....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> rjolink Contests 2 hours ago9:44am EST
iPad Screens Design<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $480</em></p><p></p> prashantup Contests 2 hours ago9:41am EST
Create a DVD Case cover for an instructional video series<p><strong>We make and sell DVDs online....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $290</em></p><p></p> RNetMedia Contests 2 hours ago9:37am EST
Industrial condo unit building render<p><strong>Commercial Real Estate...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> Info57467 Contests 2 hours ago9:33am EST
Be the Winner of the WORLDS most recognized apparel BRAND!We sell wholesale apparel to women with inspirational quotes on the apparel and now evolving into more causal... justbewearclothing Contests 2 hours ago9:29am EST
Dead Sea Surf Gear .... "Lost Soul"we sell all types of apparel & novelty items .... shirts, bags, stickers ...etc our target market is someone... mj 7 Contests 2 hours ago9:18am EST
Take Our Landing Page from Good to Great!Bankruptcy attorney needs talented designer to create progressive design revision of successful PPC landing p... gjerum Contests 2 hours ago9:14am EST
New logo design / Fair traded furnitureWe want to sell online garden furniture , which originate from fair-trade. Primarily, we'll sell wooden and ... Nordio Contests 2 hours ago9:14am EST
Create a unique logo for a newly launched construction business looking to make a strong impact in tIt is a construction and Project management business. Its market is high end residential and light commercial... vishalr t Contests 2 hours ago9:05am EST
Creat a logo for a technical medical manufacturerCustomers of a milling and 3d printing service mainly for the dental industry...Total Pri... lachlan.thompson Contests 2 hours ago9:05am EST
Bold/Simple Landing Page + Consulting workWe are creating a large scale social portal, where non professional athletes and fans can get together and im... dllevoc Contests 3 hours ago8:55am EST
Independence Academy PatriotsWe are a K-8 Charter School with 600 students. Our mascot is the "Patriots". We educate children and specia... positivemedia llc Contests 3 hours ago8:55am EST
Insurance Distributor Looking to Find best designWe are INSURANCE distributors. We assist life insurance producers with their sales. We are known as a BGA Bro... miamigarry Contests 3 hours ago8:54am EST
Season of GivingChurch outreach to community through various ministries during the Christmas season....To... tmelton Contests 3 hours ago8:49am EST
Rabbit Carrot Gun Delivery VehicleRestaurant, cafe, food retail, catering, gastropub, boutique accommodation.Total Prize: $... Rabbit Carrot Gun Contests 3 hours ago8:44am EST
Help an established company identify a new look that stands out from the crowd!!!We are an experienced financial services company that makes investors money and helps companies grow. Our str... pkamdar Contests 3 hours ago8:23am EST
Internet Security and privacy can you help?Computer forensics is the process of obtaining and analyzing computer evidence and presenting it in a judicia... bbukowski Contests 3 hours ago8:23am EST
Create a capturing design for a large exhibition overhangThe IWA is the organisation that brings together people from across the water profession to deliver equitable... chloe.menhinick Contests 3 hours ago8:11am EST
A Great Logo for Objective Moon !Objective Moon is Cloud Monitoring Company. We monitor your website's heath to see where things are not wo... pjoubert0 Contests 3 hours ago7:59am EST
Create a conservative yet catchy logo for a unique Corporate Finance Boutique- We are an independent Corporate Finance Advisory Boutique (not linked to any bank and less than 50 employee... kuhn.denis Contests 4 hours ago7:44am EST
Around the world in 90 glasses [Infographic]Infographic will target wine lovers, ages 28+. A slightly more sophisticated group made mostly of women. It w... content 7 Contests 4 hours ago7:37am EST
Help this 15 year old I.T. company overhaul its Brand IdentityOur company provides a wide range of I.T. services for small to medium sized businesses across a variety of i... james Xm Contests 4 hours ago7:22am EST
Create a brand structure for a new manaufacturerVilimia is the parent organization of both the Precision Adhesives and Adhesives & Chemicals (also known as A... bill.fischer Contests 4 hours ago7:17am EST
Create a simple and classy logotype for an electronics retailerWe are the go-to retailer in mobile Communication solutions, we offer cellphones, mobile broadbands, home sec... karl.moquist Contests 4 hours ago7:16am EST
Create a sleek, attractive illustration for Majesty DancesportMajesty Dancesport is a 1st class Ballroom Dancing Competition, targeting mostly upper middle class professio... jenniferelliott0 Contests 4 hours ago7:14am EST
Packaging for Hojitoyz<p><strong>We are a company selling action figure toys ....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $270</em></p><p></p> shojabr Contests 4 hours ago7:12am EST
Creare un logo giovanile da usare in una collezione di abiti streetWe are a sports association of Parkour that look for a logo where they are not represented actions and moveme... enjoyyparkour Contests 4 hours ago7:01am EST
We need a new identity to help us grow our U.S. nonprofit with big ambitions to strengthen democracyWe are a U.S. nonprofit organization committed to ending the corruption of big money in American politics and... dmweeks Contests 4 hours ago6:59am EST
Create a captivating logo for Gladstone Capital PartnersWe are a real estate private equity fund that raises money to invest in estate projects throughout New Jersey... anthony.melillo Contests 5 hours ago6:55am EST
Create a professional logo for Netitude - a proven and trusted IT services CompanyNetitude provides a complete range of managed IT services and business technologies. Including hardware, soft... jo.windel Contests 5 hours ago6:50am EST
Erstellt eine coole Einkaufstasche für www.trachtenrausch.comWir sind ein Einzelhandelsgeschäft in München welches Trachten ,Lederhosen, Dirndl an eine vorwiegend jüng... uta.rausch Contests 5 hours ago6:33am EST
Facebook page for<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $270</em></p><p></p> info hM Contests 5 hours ago6:22am EST
Create a visual Identity for a freelance web developer and consultantFreelance front-end web developer and consultant. For hire from medium to large companies to do help with we... info lUTG Contests 5 hours ago6:17am EST
Launch of an All Natural Seafood BrandA new innovative seafood importer launching an all natural, eco-friendly seafood line of products that do not... Liberty Seafood Contests 5 hours ago6:11am EST
E-Commerce Website Redesign for Retail SectorA South African based high end retail store that sells imported and some locally manufactured tiles and sanit... Ian7846 Contests 5 hours ago5:58am EST
Design a logo for a recipe blogRecipe blog Target audience: foodies, parents, anyone interested in cooking/recipes, schools...... slb_black Contests 6 hours ago5:53am EST
New logo for a natural products websiteIt is a business that sells good healthy products such as chemical free skin care products, gluten free food,... Sales Rj Contests 6 hours ago5:50am EST
Illustration for our carsAs a doctor owned company, we offer IT Solutions for Healthcaremarket (hospitals, clinics), as well as medica... aparasta Contests 6 hours ago5:47am EST
New consultancy service to save the planetWe are two organisations offering a joint-branded service to architects, contractors, building owners and bui... Lisa.pasquale Contests 6 hours ago5:20am EST
Awesome colourful T-shirts design<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $175</em></p><p></p> skazyy Contests 6 hours ago5:14am EST
Colourful T-shirt design<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $175</em></p><p></p> skazyy Contests 6 hours ago5:14am EST
Create the logo for The Tattoo Removal Clinic<p><strong>Specialist clinic proving laser tattoo removal services...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $305</em></p><p></p> jabe.jerram Contests 6 hours ago5:13am EST
Logo for an innovative logistic serviceWe sell a saas service for delivery companies like DHL, Fedex, etc. The things we do are: normalize addresses... esp 7 Contests 7 hours ago4:53am EST
Modern edgy design needed for financial planning company with 18-40 year old client base.We're a financial planning company that helps people control their finances, plan for retirement and protect... Alj_oneill Contests 7 hours ago4:51am EST
Create a team crest for Kent Rowers and Paddlers<p><strong>We are a dragonboat racing team...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Tradecrafter Contests 7 hours ago4:41am EST
Agora Store Design logomy business designs professional online stores websites (ebay stores, online stores, ecommerce websites) we ... J3mall Contests 7 hours ago4:36am EST
Create a great looking logo for MentorinkWe are launching a peer-to-peer online mentoring platform which does not only understand mentor and mentee pr... bekir 6 Contests 7 hours ago4:00am EST
Can you make "ZWEIUNDACHTZIG" look cool and professional at the same time?Hello guys! This is our second attempt so this time we will try to make it easier for you talented guys (an... Scraffy Contests 8 hours ago3:57am EST
Create an outstanding logo for Praktijk GezondGelukkigI am offering mindfulness to women who have many years of overweight and tried every diet....... prakijkgezondgelukkig Contests 8 hours ago3:57am EST
Create a Military Logo for a unique Bodybuilding Personal Training BusinessWe offer unique Personal Training and Coaching in Bodybuilding & Powerlifting, in a private gym from ex Milit... jordan.davis82 Contests 8 hours ago3:49am EST
Create cruising sailing catamaran type logo for a yacht brokerage in Australia.We sell cruising catamarans and multihulls yachts/boats that are for recreation, racing or world cruising. T... linda CA Contests 8 hours ago3:39am EST
The designer needs someting out of the box different<p><strong>Building designers, Architects, interior designers...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $305</em></p><p></p> cam Xo Contests 8 hours ago3:35am EST
Create an out of the box logo for #viewsofangolaIt's a website from Angola-Africa which the main purpose is to share diferent views of the country (landscap... elciomiguel Contests 8 hours ago3:34am EST
Create a fun logo for a small family mobile marine business in Qld AustraliaOutboard servicing and repairs. Target audience: Boat owners...Total Prize: $200... tivmarine Contests 8 hours ago3:30am EST
New logo for Kitesurfing companyI'm a water sports instructor, but the idea of the business is mainly kitesurfing based....... fullviewkite Contests 8 hours ago3:23am EST
Create a fresh, exciting logo for instanttv.cominstantTV ( is your television on the internet. With more than 200 channels, users can view... varshaj Contests 8 hours ago3:20am EST
Develop branding for a new Pan African Power Generation Services CompanyFrazPower that is focused on gas-to-power projects in the Sub Sahara Africa market Scope is across the nat... Stanbury Holdings Contests 8 hours ago3:04am EST
A logo for an inner suburb upcoming Property Development companyBuilding New Residential Homes in Inner suburbs of Melbourne...Total Prize: $410... emaargroup Contests 8 hours ago3:03am EST
Help us help expectant mothers!!Our company provides childbirth classes to expectant mothers. The logo should be feminine and natural....... modernbirthny Contests 8 hours ago2:57am EST
App design for a picture-to-movie creator<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $720</em></p><p></p> reza99d Contests 9 hours ago2:37am EST
Create an epic poster for a cow eating festival in Malaga province!Gastronomic restaurant aiming to educated yet easy going / living people that enjoy fine foods and drinks....... guillermo.barcena Contests 9 hours ago2:34am EST
Poster for a food festival near Malaga!Poster for a fooding festival: argentinian grilling of an entire cow. Based on movie references with a humori... guillermo.barcena Contests 9 hours ago2:34am EST
Create poster for a food festival near MalagaPoster for a fooding festival: argentinian grilling of an entire cow. Based on movie references with a humori... Yerbagüena Contests 9 hours ago2:34am EST
Put our CloudDog on the WebThe attached document clearly defines the requirements for a new business website branded “CloudRuckus”. ... Mark Julier Contests 9 hours ago2:31am EST
Create an important logo for pro racing road and mountain bikes made in Switzerlandmanufacturer of high end carbon fiber bicycles for racing use, made in Switzerland...Tota... stefanocenere Contests 9 hours ago2:29am EST
Sophisticated Logo for internet & media companyWe’re a Dutch internet & media company with three websites in our portfolio focussed on women and next coup... ldegroot Contests 9 hours ago2:22am EST
Wer schafft die perfekte Verbindung<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> H2236093 Contests 10 hours ago1:54am EST
Create a logo for an innovative food & beverage distribution companyNajm Food & Beverages is an exporter and wholesaler of innovative beverages from Canada. Our aim is to respon... jfox y Contests 10 hours ago1:49am EST
Erstellt eine anregende Startseite für eine motivierte SolarfirmaWir sind eine Solarfirma, die Installateure (Wiederverkäufer) als Großhändler anspricht, als Service-Diens... tr i Contests 10 hours ago1:46am EST
Create an Energetic Platform for EntreprenergyEntreprenergy is Energy for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs. What is meant by Energy and How is it Delivered?... Andreawad Contests 10 hours ago1:35am EST
Create a book cover that draws attention & lands in the shopping cart!We provide training services & 1-on-1 coaching for individuals & corporations focusing on self-development...... lindley f Contests 10 hours ago1:33am EST
Create the most suave logo design ever for MosXIt keeps you safe from Mosquitos and is completely non-toxic and natural. The ingredients are organic and bio... accucon Contests 11 hours ago12:50am EST
Clothing line design for fitness wear and casual wear<p><strong>Fitness & Casual wear design</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $230</em></p><p></p> ravageapparel Contests 11 hours ago12:49am EST
3iX Logo - Corporate Technology Branding<p><strong>Technology Company...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> MinMax Contests 11 hours ago12:41am EST
Create a logo for Inspira - Consulting for Inspired LeadersThe organization provides organization development consulting services. Such services include: leadership an... jlocolorado Contests 11 hours ago12:38am EST