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Create a great logo for Davies Lifestyle, a luxury personal concierge provider.We provide a personal concierge and luxury lifestyle management business to high net worth individuals. Offer... richard.davies247 Contests 32 minutes ago6:06am EST
Create a cover for an entry level book helping the Twitter generation to understand the BibleWe publish books that build up the Christian community, promoting spiritual growth, wisdom, mission and creat... kate.beaton Contests 40 minutes ago5:57am EST
Dentistry in the AlpsWe are dentists withfocus on service and friendly state of the art treatment provided for people in the Tyrol... praxis.nahler Contests 47 minutes ago5:51am EST
Most Interesting Design Brief Since Amazon<p><strong>Pediatric Nutrition...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> neilgrusd Contests 1 hour ago5:37am EST
W kickstarter Social Media Page<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $115</em></p><p></p> Skim1 Contests 1 hour ago5:26am EST
Reviews for the workplace Name & LogoWe have built a company review site (Trip Advisor for the workplace) and need a name and logo for launch.... ty.fairclough Contests 1 hour ago5:21am EST
Suche originelles und einmaliges Design für ein aussergewöhnliches Eventunternehmen!Original American BBQ, Planung und Durchführung von Veranstaltungen, Wedding Planer, Catering...... info YcZk Contests 1 hour ago5:13am EST
Logo creation for a Technology Conference with a DifferenceBuzzConf is a new conference that focuses on the latest topics related to technology; from software developme... BuzzConf Contests 2 hours ago5:01am EST
create a fun and corporate logo for a fairground operative website business owner of children's ridewe own and operate children's amusement rides in shopping malls across the UK...Total Pri... chasemanders Contests 2 hours ago4:52am EST
Schriftzug für Outletunser Fabrikverkauf für Lederbekleidung ist in einem neuen Gebäude. An dem Gebäude wird mit OUTLET geworb... juergen.raber Contests 2 hours ago4:42am EST
Smartlymoney - A brochure for the new world of Cryptocurrencies ( Bitcoin and more )B2B target : online and offline merchants ( websites,webshops,traditional shops ) age 20-50 wishing to add ne... invest l Contests 2 hours ago4:41am EST
redesign Logo ILC-Europe BVInformation Technology and Communication for business and health care...Total Prize: $410... wittgen Contests 2 hours ago4:41am EST
PuR MenschTrainerin für Vertriebs-Trainings und -coachings, sowie Paar-Trainings und -Coaching Zielgruppen - Versi... petrak1307 Contests 2 hours ago4:27am EST
Create a logo for a African fashion businessReady to wear ; African fashion We sell ready to wear for women 70%, men and children 20%. Accessories 10% o... Princesse du Sahel Contests 2 hours ago4:13am EST
Create a logo for Chinese wok restaurantWe are the owner of an outdoor shopping center in Mouscron (Belgium) named "Parc Commercial Les Dauphins" (ww... jan.dubois Contests 3 hours ago3:59am EST
new brand<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> dido r Contests 3 hours ago3:52am EST
Create an innovative and outstanding Logo for a Digital Marketing TeamThe Digital Marketing department is a service operation of Bayer, a multinational chemical and health care co... thuylinh.vuthi Contests 3 hours ago3:50am EST
Logo for an inspirational urban communityUtopia is a Urban Community using PERMACULTURE and MUSIC to bring people, artists and changemakers from all a... camille.franc Contests 3 hours ago3:36am EST
Hot and cold: ice cream / coffee, a concept store in Caribbean islandConcept store. We sell artisanal ice creams, crepes (pancakes), fresh salads and, of course, we're a coffee-s... laurent.calistri Contests 3 hours ago3:28am EST
Create a Sports Pads brandSports Pads provides a safe and efficient way for homeowners and tenants to conduct business during sporting ... jtomara Contests 3 hours ago3:27am EST
Financial company needs new logo and name card design!- Our company is dealing with economics and the financial markets. We are primarily focused on the emerging m... redaktion O Contests 3 hours ago3:13am EST
LOGO for - Re-Branding the colour!<p><strong>We are an online retailer....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Contests 3 hours ago3:13am EST
We need a new logo to relaunch a content creation agencyCohortive is an outsourcing company working mainly with digital marketing agencies to help them with content ... james iO Contests 4 hours ago2:57am EST
Strawberry Pixel needs a logo. Nothing bland... Just go for it!I am a freelance event video engineer. If you go to a large event say a music festival or a conference and th... Ben O'Dwyer Contests 4 hours ago2:56am EST
Create a memorable logo for professional sugaring hair removalWe supply hair removal products to professional aestheticians. Our product is based on sugar - for a process ... paul 34 Contests 4 hours ago2:53am EST
logo for high-tech beauty equipmentwe produce equipment for electronic skin beauty treatments using four different wave forms - light, micro-cur... paul 34 Contests 4 hours ago2:47am EST
Joiz data visualizationJoiz has 2 TV channels in Switzerland and Germany, it is also an advanced SaaS service and more. Based in Zur... omri N Contests 4 hours ago2:32am EST
Help me Create THE PERFECT LOGO for: Smart Business Edge!!This is a blog site which covers smart and creative ways to keep a competitive edge in your business....... gizorbe Contests 5 hours ago2:03am EST
Create a logo for CRM/ERP software ClientMaster<p><strong>Delivering SaaS CRM/ERP solutions for multiple branches...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> g.adam Contests 5 hours ago1:51am EST
Warranty card that customers will keep! for optical lens,CST Lens provides premium lenses from single vision lens to digital free-form progressive lens. Immediate cus... Edward W Contests 5 hours ago1:45am EST
Create an impactful book cover about audiobook production for indie authors.Rocking Self Publishing is a weekly podcast with an audience of indie authors. The book is a guide for in... simon HI Contests 5 hours ago1:31am EST
Create a stand-out logo for FAFWe customize apparel. Targeting mostly the male athletic urban culture ages 14-30....Tota... liltoomuch Contests 5 hours ago1:30am EST
Creating a capturing vintage gas maskBlack Glove Society is a movement, a team of like minded individuals, that are willing to stand-up for there ... Blackglovesociety710 Contests 5 hours ago1:28am EST
Create "Chip", a mascotte/logo for an IT job websitePlatform for IT jobs (permanent and freelance) in the Benelux area. We focus on IT employees and employers...... FilipL Contests 5 hours ago1:16am EST
Thank you so much- Company logo needed for an International Consumer Product Brokerage FirmInternational consumer product brokerage firm. Matching manufactures of food, spirits, and industrial product... expandingshores Contests 5 hours ago1:12am EST
Design a new brand for Gates Risk ManagementOrganization description: Gates Risk Management is a professional services business specialising in personal... david WaX Contests 5 hours ago1:10am EST
Website for a Distributor of Electronic ComponentsOur business is Selling Electronic Components/Chips, Integrated Circuits (IC), Semiconductors etc. that are u... Kmrezwan00 Contests 6 hours ago1:07am EST
Guaranteed - UI Design for Fairy Tales Themed Mobile Slots Game<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $1110</em></p><p></p> Ianlwang Contests 6 hours ago1:00am EST
Blizzard Hearthstone UI inspired Mobile game - Guaranteed - Fast Feedback - Wireframes Provided!<p><strong>Wireframes provided</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $1110</em></p><p></p> Ianlwang Contests 6 hours ago1:00am EST
Modular poster design for exhibition stands (1x2,5m)We have been manufacturing swimming pool equipments and marketing worldwide. Our target audience are pool bui... tekimsan Contests 6 hours ago12:58am EST
Safety Handbook design - cover and inner pagesWe provide safety handbooks for companies and are looking to develop a good well designed template. We would ... kimberley P Contests 6 hours ago12:58am EST
Create a sense of security and history for the upstartNamed after Lake Red Rock in Iowa, we oversee financial transactions to make sure bond or trust money (large,... Chris.draper Contests 7 hours ago12:08am EST
Logo Design for Online Fine Jewelry StoreWe are an online fine jewelry store selling traditional Indian Diamond Jewelry in India....... b2cjewels Contests 7 hours ago11:35pm EST
Improving existing ShowEros logo - Simple, elegant, classy.Our site: - We are building a community dedicated for erotic art. Everyone is free to upload... toneypark Contests 7 hours ago11:15pm EST
Create a capturing logo that will motivate, empower,and encourage women in fitness!To Motivate, empower and encourage women to reach fitness or life goals. You can see current logo at www.bea... danapionk Contests 8 hours ago11:02pm EST
Craft the most visually appealing logo in the universe!We are hosting a web series that will be broadcasted worldwide. Our target audience is between the ages of 1... LYPSKRATH Contests 8 hours ago10:47pm EST
New company seeking inspiring logo!We need a logo design for a new company based in North West Melbourne called "Bluegum Electrical Solutions Pt... chantel.amiss Contests 8 hours ago10:41pm EST
Hunting Ranch Logo!!!<p><strong>This is a recreational and hunting ranch in Texas...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $300</em></p><p></p> cshires Contests 8 hours ago10:37pm EST
Create a modern and playful design for our Preschool and Family CenterWe are a new and modern designed family center offering preschool for local families in our small town of San... sballa221 Contests 8 hours ago10:25pm EST
Design a standout label for a supplement bottleWe are an Herbal Supplements brand and our target audience is healthy and active individuals from 20 - 60 yea... william.r.shea Contests 9 hours ago10:05pm EST
Design the best advert in the worldI am an electrical contractor servicing mainly the domestic and commercial market. I provide all types of ... geoff X Contests 9 hours ago10:04pm EST
A cool documentary without a coverRice, Beans and Lasagne is a short documentary movie about a little village in Brazil....... paulo.vidiz Contests 9 hours ago9:56pm EST
Tractica logo design - emerging technology market intelligenceTractica is a market research and consulting firm focused on human interaction with technology. Our research... clint.wheelock Contests 9 hours ago9:50pm EST
WANTED: Cutting edge design for new fitness brandFull Spectrum Fitness is a brand new e-commerce store specialising in health and fitness equipment. We are ta... karatyson Contests 9 hours ago9:44pm EST
We need a cutting edge logo design for new fitness and lifestyle brandFull Spectrum Fitness is a brand new e-commerce store specialising in health and fitness equipment. We are ta... karatyson Contests 9 hours ago9:44pm EST
We need a cutting edge logo design for a new fitness and lifestyle brandWe need a modern and on trend logo that reflects our core values and resonates with our customers. ... karatyson Contests 9 hours ago9:44pm EST
Create a logo for zipniture (customizable, automated and trackable signatures)Zipniture enables companies and individuals to create, customize and automate their digital signatures by all... hatchd Contests 9 hours ago9:41pm EST
Got 99 Problems and my Logo is oneB&H MEDIA Provides Consulting, Web Development & Design Services in New York City...Total... yossibenzvi Contests 9 hours ago9:37pm EST
Bold new logo for personal loan finance companyWe are a New Zealand finance company, offering personal loans. The target audience is low and middle-income N... dean.anderson Contests 9 hours ago9:37pm EST
File sharing platform looking for an innovative logo design.<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> projectsfgi Contests 9 hours ago9:36pm EST
Create a captivating image for SoulFire that inspires and ignites the flame withinSoulFire is a fitness and wellness center that provides sports performance training, yoga and meditation. Sou... lpriggiola Contests 9 hours ago9:36pm EST
Create a set of easy to understand illustrations to describe our clean energy technology for websiteWe execute engineering projects and install clean energy technology on power plants in China and the US....... elezhan.zhakiya Contests 9 hours ago9:32pm EST
Create a site that makes my competitors jealousMalvern develops shipping software to automate outbound small parcel and freight shipments across a wide vari... tstuart Contests 9 hours ago9:21pm EST
Create a new logo for a Commercial Real Estate company in Melbourne West.Selling and lease commercial property , warehouses and factories...Total Prize: $410... andrew17666 Contests 9 hours ago9:21pm EST
Create a clean & modern logo for a company specializing in protective cases for cameras and GoPro.We are a company that makes protective travel cases for cameras, GoPro, electronics and other consumer produc... justinwleung Contests 10 hours ago9:02pm EST
Design a beautiful and elegant logo for Eye services medical practice.We provide diagnostic and surgical opthalmology services to patients in Jacksonville, Florida....... PPS Design Contests 10 hours ago8:58pm EST
A bright new concept - CUBO CoffeeCUBO Coffee is a gourmet coffee manufacturing company. The company features a web page that portraits a virt... cubocoffee Contests 10 hours ago8:53pm EST
Leco Supply - Janitorial & laundry supply companyWe sell janitorial and laundry products to large facilities such as schools and hospitals....... brianraymor Contests 10 hours ago8:51pm EST
Create a logo for a brazilian women fashion storeWe are a brazilian clothing manufacturer and seller, we've been in the women fashion design market for over 3... ana I Contests 10 hours ago8:48pm EST
create a champion for Peoples Champ Physical Therapytarget audience athletes youth -adult, would like image of champion holding their hands up like a boxer does ... peoples.2104 Contests 10 hours ago8:43pm EST
Create an edgy tshirt for one of Atlanta's top Personal Training Companies<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> spartanfitnessatlanta Contests 10 hours ago8:43pm EST
ITALIAN ICE LOGO DESIGN!!!We sell Italian ice out of a pushcart at various events and parties in South Florida....T... pdodson726 Contests 10 hours ago8:37pm EST
New logo for an up & coming CrossFit<p><strong>Fitness...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $300</em></p><p></p> jlarish Contests 10 hours ago8:36pm EST
Design a billboard advertisment for a leading West Australian OrchardMoora Citrus is a major Australian owned Orchard producing citrus fruit for West Australian Families....... Andrew19950216 Contests 10 hours ago8:20pm EST
Create a image for a new startup.This company installs home theaters and home automation....Total Prize: $200... steamboatcav Contests 10 hours ago8:20pm EST
Bring kids to the bar to become self sufficient, happy and successful adults, StudyBar!Currently we are looking to develop a look and feel for StudyBar. The project as a whole is unique in that i... mkogan b Contests 10 hours ago8:15pm EST
Logo for Wood-Fired Neapolitan Pizzeria<p><strong>Authentic Wood Fired Neapolitan Pizzeria...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> 67design Contests 11 hours ago8:06pm EST
Logo for Wood Fired Neapolitan Pizzeria<p><strong>Authentic Wood Fired Neapolitan Pizzeria...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> 67design Contests 11 hours ago8:06pm EST
want a cookie? help rebrand pipeline cookie company!I do high end "illustrated" sugar cookies- things like reproducing company logos and cartoon characters in ic... pipelineconfections Contests 11 hours ago8:05pm EST
Create a style and image for a refrigeration (cellar cooling) companyWe supply cellar cooling to pub chains, restaurants, clubs etc to cool their their beverege (coke, beer, wine... jamesvolland Contests 11 hours ago7:59pm EST
A Pilates Studio from a home. Open to ideasPilates at Studio G teaches Pilates. The studio is out of my home and I am the only instructor. I am looking... Gannamcgowan Contests 11 hours ago7:59pm EST
Create a new exciting beauty line called "SkinTree" for the body.We sell products to beautify the body. It includes diet pills, vitamins, skin products & healthy eating items... edmond168 Contests 11 hours ago7:58pm EST
Create an iconic logo for hockeyninja.comWe're a start-up hockey equipment company that is growing quickly and we need professional graphics/logos....... skaggs007 Contests 11 hours ago7:57pm EST
Create a logo and business card for luxury house builder<p><strong>We design, renovate, and build luxury houses in Canada...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $405</em></p><p></p> bijan_a_j Contests 11 hours ago7:51pm EST
Edgy gun design/logo for smoking and grilling sauce company apparel<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> greg.winchell Contests 11 hours ago7:45pm EST
Create a fresh and inspiring logo for Healthcare professionalsWe provide information to individuals interested in career in healthcare positions e.g Nurses, Medical Assist... gregoryjmumm Contests 11 hours ago7:38pm EST
Create a Modern creative logo for InSkyWe ultra modern service company that supplies geographical mapping, infrastructure inspection and video and p... tim_mackay231 Contests 11 hours ago7:35pm EST
Create a Mosquito Chasers superhero type of logoWe are a company that sprays a barrier around our customers yards and homes to keep mosquito's, ticks, fleas,... karlo.broussard Contests 11 hours ago7:34pm EST
Logo Design for FreedawnWe help people pursue a more successful and fulfilling life through various personal management tools, suppor... FX - Superhero Contests 11 hours ago7:30pm EST
Stationary for EnergaWe sell fuels (gasoline, diesel and heating oil), lubricants and industrial supplies to residential, commerci... Lpepin Contests 11 hours ago7:16pm EST
Help get our charity up and running! Create a recognisable brand for this fascinating disease.We are here to provide educational programs and support to sufferers. also to raise awareness within the comm... nsgaustralia Contests 11 hours ago7:14pm EST
Create an updated modern and fun logo for upscale gourmet cupcake and specialty cake shopWe are a gourmet cupcake bakery however we are breaking out to include more products like specialty cakes and... leonard s Contests 11 hours ago7:12pm EST
Create a Masculine logo capturing the essence of Loyalty, Trust and Competence.Loyal Consulting Group Inc./Loyal Credit Repair Pros provides Credit Repair/Restoration, Credit Development, ... Toddporter001 Contests 12 hours ago7:03pm EST
Create an image for Aurora Lamb, a modern primary producerPrime Lamb Producer . The audience is buyers of premium lamb - restaurants, consumers, butchers....... navarrofiona Contests 12 hours ago6:58pm EST
Medical Logo<p><strong>Medical Marijuana...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $300</em></p><p></p> sandy.whc Contests 12 hours ago6:56pm EST
Create a fresh and fun cover for a vegan cookbook!We are a vegan food blog that shares healthy plant based recipes and information on raw food, juicing, and de... racarr72 Contests 12 hours ago6:46pm EST
Create a logo which will help define a start up Employee Benefit Company - Benefit Resource PartnersWe sell health, life, dental, vision, and disability insurance to small businesses. In addition we provide H... BenefitResource Contests 12 hours ago6:41pm EST
MentorI coach junior shooters (children under age 20) in precision rifle (Olympic Style). My goal is to have my ki... Mfurrer Contests 12 hours ago6:37pm EST
Create a Holiday Card for A Fast Growing Silicon Valley Start-Up!PlanetPro provides business services that help businesses maximize their monetary return on technology invest... smirza Contests 12 hours ago6:22pm EST
create a logo for a modern and innovative computer collegeit is an academic college for higher education. The college values are excellent and modern education, commun... fmdosari Contests 12 hours ago6:14pm EST