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Create a captivating logo for a new business in the "green industry"we are a wholesale (to the retailers no sales to the public) plant grower and seller located in TN we grow a... bradadcocknurserysales Contests 37 minutes ago10:33am EST
best new bike shop in North America in 2007, wants a new logo design with new businesshigher end bicycle store, lots of music/art influence Tag line "Bicycles-community-lifestyle" we will sell ... The hub cycling Contests 37 minutes ago10:33am EST
No studying required: Help us launch "Pop Quiz"!We create and produce game shows for both live and TV/internet audiences....Total Prize: ... philipvanmunching Contests 37 minutes ago10:33am EST
Create a professional and inviting logo for successful financial advisor and insurance agent.Retirement exit planning, business succession planning, tax planning, estate planning and charitable gifting,... lisa MZ Contests 44 minutes ago10:26am EST
Design a T-Shirt Illustration for VegBelly! Think VEGETABLES + STOMACH<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> kyleefournier Contests 45 minutes ago10:25am EST
Create a new logo for a friendly forklift sales companyWe are a family business, located in Scotland, selling forklift trucks and other mechanical handling equipmen... studio 2 Contests 48 minutes ago10:22am EST
Create a logo for ooqio<p><strong>Crowd-sourcing references...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> us 0 Contests 49 minutes ago10:21am EST
Vintage Retro Product-Packaging / LableLoacult is a Bracelet Company from Germany. The Loacult Atelier is located on the verge of the Palatinate-Fo... muellsen Contests 51 minutes ago10:19am EST
Create a modern and colourful logo for an upcoming school named EpsilonWe are into Schools ranging from Pre schools to high schools with state of the art infrastructure and faculty... avinash.kotha Contests 52 minutes ago10:18am EST
Create a label for a new line of pure, origin controlled, GMO-free, virgin vegetable oils.We produce healthy vegetable oils through a strict control of the whole supply chain, from seeds sourcing to ... lfiger Contests 54 minutes ago10:16am EST
Love Bikes And All The Blingy Parts? Design A Tshirt!<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> kristi Ao Contests 54 minutes ago10:16am EST
Create a logo for Blue Collar BreakoutWe create information products that show tradesmen and blue collar workers how to make money online and break... Randy Engler Contests 55 minutes ago10:15am EST
Create something related to Chess and/or lighthouse.Amman-Capital Ltd, is a new brand which navigating in the major stock exchanges worldwide. Amman's business,... mayer.roy Contests 1 hour ago10:07am EST
AJR Logo DesignAn online resource for buyers/sellers/homeowners. A website that will contain property search, articles, pod... joedimeobiz Contests 1 hour ago10:06am EST
Design a logo for the new face of personal injury cliams<p><strong>Personal Injury claims...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> chris 7d Contests 1 hour ago10:05am EST
WILDCATTER - Innovator, Cowboy, Independent, Visionary- HELP DEFINE OUR COMPANY!A hybrid private equity firm involved in oilfield services and real estate development in Texas and Colorado.... re E Contests 1 hour ago10:04am EST
Create an Innovative logo for a Medical Device Research CompanyWe contract with medical device companies and help them test their products to make sure they are working pro... bdiethorn Contests 1 hour ago10:03am EST
Create a new & unique luxury-inspired logo for a distinguished travel companyWe are the online division of an award-winning luxury travel agency with 40 years of expertise customizing an... admajlazarus Contests 1 hour ago9:54am EST
Brand redesign for InnervisionInnervision is a leading lease management company providing innovative solutions and services to global corpo... ryan.hendrie Contests 1 hour ago9:52am EST
Create a standout weight loss logoMedical weightloss and wellness company. Physician supervised weightloss. Target audience is primarily ove... at Contests 1 hour ago9:51am EST
Create a label for Flavored Japanese Tea TinTea Leaf Plus offers one of the most comprehensive lines of quality Japanese green teas, flavored teas and el... info 5Fm Contests 1 hour ago9:46am EST
Create Trade Show Banner For Global Telecom ProviderNewNet is a global provider of next generation mobile technology solutions offering over 25 years of expertis... Marketing 44 Contests 1 hour ago9:46am EST
Contractor needing creative logo for building and remodeling<p><strong>Residential Building and remodeling...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> johnmw10 Contests 2 hours ago9:35am EST
I am "Alfred" - what do I look like?Alfred is a butler, a concierge, friendly look but really organize. He is the man that will help you to get o... gregoryperego Contests 2 hours ago9:35am EST
Humor, love, breast cancer & a gaming girl. Make me a cover.... please.My style of writing would be described as contemporary, humorous relationship stories that deal with strong ... Roufaclan Contests 2 hours ago9:35am EST
Create a mindful "zen" logo fro the Mindful Martial ArtsWe are a karate studio that focuses of respect, discipline, and mindfulness. Through our teaching we have fun... ericreist Contests 2 hours ago9:35am EST
Financial Advisor Needs Personal Brand Logo Fast<p><strong>Financial Plans Business Plans Estate Planning...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> handyluigi Contests 2 hours ago9:33am EST
Create a logo that shows drain cleaning and plumbing that's like no one elseWe are a small family owned plumbing company, that specializes in drain cleaning. We are local plumbers that ... Plumb4fun Contests 2 hours ago9:33am EST
Real Estate<p><strong>Real Estate...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> christiane.wesoly Contests 2 hours ago9:33am EST
Convince new moms natural is the way to goNaturopathic Doctors offering house calls and health care for the growing family (pregnancy, post-partum, ped... lauriealpertnd Contests 2 hours ago9:32am EST
Calling all cat lover's<p><strong>CarInsurance...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $165</em></p><p></p> cindabennett1 Contests 2 hours ago9:23am EST
I'm on that Jesus high<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> anthony OM Contests 2 hours ago9:22am EST
Create a professional logo for a Cardiology Surgery Center businessCardio Surgical Partners assists in building surgery centers focused on cardiology procedures or assists exis... rfry Contests 2 hours ago9:12am EST
Neugründung Praxis für Körperbehandlungen und GesundheitstherapienWellness-Pflege: beinhaltet Gesichtspflegen, Körperbehandlungen, Fusspflegen, Handpflegen, Massagen, Haarent... info rtc Contests 2 hours ago9:11am EST
Create a logo for The Minds EyeOur product utilizes a surgical microscope which projects the image to a monitor, while radiographic images, ... denerveator Contests 2 hours ago9:09am EST
Need a Fresh, Simple and Sleek packaging design for innovative products companyWe focus on selling simple innovative products that are aesthetically sleek. Our current focus is on homew... jacky_cheung1992 Contests 2 hours ago9:06am EST
Create an updated logo for Subdreamer CMSWe are a PHP / MySQL based Content Management System (CMS)...Total Prize: $200... rgf207 Contests 2 hours ago9:05am EST
Help SnapTreat with a Logo DesignSnapTreat is a service which aims to help overweight women lose weight by integrating workouts in their daily... mail d5 Contests 2 hours ago9:02am EST
Modern Cloud Technology Illustrations NeededWe are a team of consultants that help clients build and deliver private cloud computing environments to thei... brandon.sanders Contests 2 hours ago8:53am EST
Playful, Yet Elegant Logo for a Central Hub for "WineClubz"Wineclubz is an online and mobile portal for managing multiple wine club memberships from a single location. ... dave.smitty Contests 2 hours ago8:51am EST
Create a website for a horse racing tipping serviceWe are reselling other peoples horse racing tips. People will be paying us £10 a month and we will be sendin... mason 4 Contests 2 hours ago8:45am EST
Create a Logo for Innovative online training community (The Training Plan)The Training Plan provides excellence in coaching, programming and lifestyle design for High performance envi... jami.tikkanen Contests 2 hours ago8:44am EST
Redesign our company logo to look both professional and rock'n'roll!!We belong to the top5 german agencies when it comes down to recruiting experts in the digital world. We lo... PROJECT ROCKERS Contests 3 hours ago8:36am EST
We are the best Club Basketball team west of the Mississippi. We expect our logo to be the same.We are a basketball team. However I do not want a basketball to be part of our design....... LVProspects Contests 3 hours ago8:31am EST
Zeichnen Sie einen stilisierten Kranich<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> jaco_design Contests 3 hours ago8:30am EST
Großplakat Bildungsstudio tta e.KWir sind ein Bildungsinstitut, das sich auf Nachhilfe und IHK-Prüfungsvorbereitung spezialisiert hat. Unsers... saiyed.shah Contests 3 hours ago8:23am EST
business letter for innovative software companyWe are a Software Provider. Our product is a webbased social Intranet Solution named peakfactor. We offer ind... peaks Contests 3 hours ago8:20am EST
Bike Courier Logo for Start upWe are a local bike courier business delivering packages up to 200kg within the city of Salzburg. Goal is to ... damgmd Contests 3 hours ago8:17am EST
Software Consulting Company Looking for Sophisticated and Modern LogoWe are a computer software consulting company that sells our services to large companies and corporations tha... foleydnf Contests 3 hours ago8:16am EST
ROOSTER color illustration needed for Wall Clock!We are a wall clock brand / manufacture. Our products are available at largest big box stores in US and Canad... Robert of SXe Contests 3 hours ago8:16am EST
Create a logo for the best continuing education platform for professionals.We sell online continuing education courses for professionals in the accounting, financial & insurance indust... richard F Contests 3 hours ago8:15am EST
HAMMERTECH InnovationsWe work on cool technology ranging from games to unmanned aerial systems....Total Prize: ... DKnight42 Contests 3 hours ago8:07am EST
Create a new Muay Thai Kickboxing (Martial Art) Association LogoCorley Perez Muay Thai is the most complete Muay Thai Kickboxing system for your school....... texasmuaythai Contests 3 hours ago8:06am EST
Royal Venture InvestmentWe are an Investment company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and I need a corporate logo....... simonerondi Contests 3 hours ago8:03am EST
Create a logo for Whitaker ContractingWhitaker Contracting is a third generation construction company that has been in business since 1957. Though... jimreed Contests 3 hours ago7:56am EST
Create my new live entertainment consultancy logo for Brett Inc!I am a live entertainment consultant who works on events all over the world. My focus is music events but I a... emilybrett Contests 3 hours ago7:51am EST
Create an AWESOME Real Estate Logo!<p><strong>Real Estate Agency...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> ryan.norrish Contests 3 hours ago7:51am EST
Using mountains to convey a healthier body and mind for Elevated WellnessWe are doing corporate wellness programming, getting people who sit at desks all day active and moving... We ... Schromm.emily Contests 3 hours ago7:41am EST
Create a playful/simple ninja logo design for Birthday Card subscription businessWe sell a birthday card subscription service to people between their 20s and 40s who suck at sending birthday... ian.kuchman Contests 4 hours ago7:26am EST
Create an eyecatching design that promotes the future of sports performanceproduct allows the high school athletes to compete at the highest level. They will be purchasing workouts tha... Michael.cano Contests 4 hours ago7:24am EST
Ein Logo für leckere Kekse!Als Händler für Nischenprodukte im Bereich Lebensmittel werden wir in wenigen Monaten mit einem Online-Shop... peter.wolf Contests 4 hours ago7:15am EST
Create a Logo for a brand new Brazilian Retail Recruiting firm.Tyton is a start-up recruitment agency based in Brazil. We recruit exclusively for Retail positions on a mid... Orlando Laragnoit Contests 4 hours ago7:06am EST
Set of 16 ICONS needed for WebsiteWe provide wide ranging business advice to SMEs (Small to Medium sized businesses) here in the UK. We are a ... Nick McDonald Contests 4 hours ago7:04am EST
Exciting, eye-catching design needed for spectacular concert!Adam Hepkin Productions brings world class musical theatre performers to theatres around the UK, teaming them... adamhepkin Contests 4 hours ago7:03am EST
Urlaub am Bauernhof Kärnten feiert 25jähriges JubiläumWir sind ein Tourismusunternehmen und haben 400 Mitgliedsbetriebe in Kärnten. Auf rund 200 Bauernhöfen in K... UaB Kärnten Contests 4 hours ago6:59am EST
Create cool and stand out banners for promoting traveling and activity events!We basically are a travel site in wich we provide our visitors the ability to organize their trip from scratc... anggian2008 Contests 4 hours ago6:52am EST
Unique Logo for new Financial Trading Education websiteDaytrading Academy is a website providing education and training on how to actively trade the worlds financia... Julian Mitchell Contests 4 hours ago6:51am EST
Logo and Business Card for Revolutionary Self and Collective HealingMilestales is a publishing and education consulting firm that aims to create and disseminate "stories that he... amakyawson Contests 4 hours ago6:45am EST
World Class Hospitlaity Logo needed for Visions HotelsThe name of the company is Visions Hotels and we are a hotel development and management company. We are drive... 123hpatel Contests 5 hours ago6:31am EST
Logo is just the beginning. Business cards and a website will be next. Need confidence in logo firstLail Enterprises is a consulting company advising small-large businesses on their communications needs, ie. I... andrew AF Contests 5 hours ago6:28am EST
Promote our world renowned Harp Conference, and step into the futureThis is the 2016 American Harp Society National Conference, and is dedicated to bringing world class presente... lisa gS Contests 5 hours ago6:20am EST
Repete Logo RedesignRepete ( develops software and hardware control systems for use in feed mills worldwide. We... Vx Group Contests 5 hours ago6:11am EST
Scandinavian Beach Polo World Cup 2015Building on the tremendous success of the 2013 event, we are now excited to be able to present another luxur... Louise EJ Contests 5 hours ago6:08am EST
Create a sharp, contemporary professional logo<p><strong>Manages dental offices...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Destrosa Contests 5 hours ago6:07am EST
Create graphic standards for a new publishing company's booksIn a nutshell : - FRED EDITION will propose writers to publish their books through a crowdfunding platform. ... Fred Edition Contests 5 hours ago5:52am EST
Running and writing with passion. Provide great content. Need great logo!Content for running brands, running journalism and more generic fitness writing too. Editor of various runnin... @therunninged Contests 5 hours ago5:49am EST
Value creation in the sports field, boutique advisory firm, high-end, tech and financial savvyBoutique advisory firm specialized in value creation in the sports field globally, leveraging accumulated exp... jeff no Contests 6 hours ago5:26am EST
New soaps bar packaging + logo<p><strong>We sell soaps......</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $270</em></p><p></p> Richard1989 Contests 6 hours ago5:08am EST
Creëer een strakke IT website klaar voor de toekomst..Micral is een IT bedrijf gespecialiseerd in Cloud oplossingen. Wij implementeren It infrastructuren bij de kl... info IPh Contests 6 hours ago4:44am EST
Barcamp um/about AktMob (Aktive Mobilität / active mobility)Barcamp für Aktive Mobilität / barcamp for active mobility...Total Prize: $200... barbara xa Contests 7 hours ago4:22am EST
Create eye catching logo to help promote my construction companyConstruction industry which covers all aspects of the building trade...Total Prize: $200... kcsltd Contests 7 hours ago4:21am EST
Design a company logo for a truck transportation companyThe company's prime business is the transportation (via trucks) of industrial materials, with the intention t... ernestedward Contests 7 hours ago4:16am EST
Ideacrate logoIdeacrate is a company which creates educational and entertaining play spaces for children. We strive to give... Contests 7 hours ago4:12am EST
Design a Vintage Propaganda Style T Shirt Design for a Marijuana Dispensary<p><strong>Subject is marijuana strain Blue Dream</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> phoenixreliefcenter Contests 7 hours ago4:11am EST
Packaging Design for a premium British made biscuits.<p><strong>We produce prmuim biscuits range for export markets....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $410</em></p><p></p> moustafa.elgendy Contests 7 hours ago4:04am EST
Caramel Wafer bar design.We produce prmuim British biscuits range for export markets....Total Prize: $410... moustafa.elgendy Contests 7 hours ago4:04am EST
Logo RedesignLogo Redesign Zunächst geht es darum die bestehenden Logos zu "redesignen", allerdings ohne das orangefar... pfeiler Contests 7 hours ago3:59am EST
Create a logo for The Cufflink King<p><strong>On-line store specialising in the sales of cufflinks....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> rod.jacka Contests 7 hours ago3:58am EST
Visitenkarten Template für Onlineshop DondoWir sind ein Onlineshop mit einer breiten Produktpalette. Visitenkarten sind für B2B gedacht....... Contests 7 hours ago3:51am EST
2 page re-design: 1st product flyer of a serial. Winner gets following 1-to-1 projectWe provide risk management solutions and services for the financial sector. Thus our target group are manager... grau O Contests 8 hours ago3:29am EST
The conference logo needs to capture Cairns as the location along with fun and business in mindA logo is required for our annual conference to be held in Cairns, this is a annual logo requirement used onl... narell.enno Contests 8 hours ago3:27am EST
Create a captivating but simple online property logoProperty Mozambique is an online property portal where people can search for all available properties on one ... bryan Q7 Contests 8 hours ago3:22am EST
Create a new but classic electrical company logoElectrical Company. We service commercial clients in the building industry....Total Prize... Admin10159 Contests 8 hours ago3:14am EST
Create a fun and girly logo for an online cake decorating supply storeThis is an online retail store that sells cake decorating supplies. This business is aimed at women....... winky_chop Contests 8 hours ago3:13am EST
Creative Flyer for skillsharing platformIt's a platform where anyone can offer a course - share his knowledge - and anyone interested in learning can... marc q6R Contests 8 hours ago3:10am EST
Create a Logo for LucksmyWe are an german designcompany since 2015 for simple and cool products in the area of living, giving, interie... Spuersinn24 Contests 8 hours ago3:00am EST
Can you come up with a logo for a funny driving pic site?DriverLOLs is a funny and entertainmetn site all about funny car videos, russian dash cam videos, videos of d... Hoyinc Contests 8 hours ago2:58am EST
Geopolitical AlphaFinancial services professional - banks, investment managers, investors, etc....Total Pri... Inveniam Contests 8 hours ago2:56am EST
Create a logo for a QWAHN high fashion clothing brandQWAHN is a high level fashion clothing brand. The logo will be used on traditional supports (business cards,... sungwon1809 P Contests 8 hours ago2:44am EST
Miss Mondial Heart and Arrow PatternProduct: Diamond Jewelry Target Market: Female Age: 25 - 40 Social Economic Status: AA+ / Stable Income...... blank_de_java Contests 9 hours ago2:30am EST