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Create a logo for a young and talented italian app factoryWe are Pushapp ( a leading Mobile Apps development agency offering iPhone, iPad and Android Ap... BiancoElettrico Contests 9 minutes ago11:12am EST
Harbor Tires needs a LOGOTires, Brakes, Alignment, Oil. Monthly maintenance on any and every vehicle...Total Prize... richard nK Contests 11 minutes ago11:11am EST
Create a logo for PC/Mac support business called Half-Day NerdsGeneral Mac/PC support and training offered in half-day (3 hour, 9am to noon and 2pm to 5pm) increments for i... eric 2Z Contests 11 minutes ago11:11am EST
Create a Crypto Currency logo for BlockZeroA group come together to form a company for a new venture centred around Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin... at Contests 18 minutes ago11:04am EST
Capture the spirit of the Fierce Gentleman Movement for our first eBook<p><strong>We inspire men & women to treat each other better....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> andrewrlong Contests 46 minutes ago10:36am EST
T3 - Logo for Mobile Phone CompanyMobile phone carrier competing with companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, Orange, etc. but with a primary customer b... SWARMSWARM Contests 46 minutes ago10:35am EST
Design Our Modern Financial Planning Logo!Comprehensive financial services company. Guiding families with all aspects of their financial planning as we... Dan The Marketer Contests 49 minutes ago10:33am EST
Innovative helmet design company.Helmet designs for various sports including wrestling, basketball, baseball, etc....Total... Tmj1 Contests 55 minutes ago10:27am EST
Create an eye catching logo for a winning online marketing company<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $300</em></p><p></p> dagmar.schult Contests 56 minutes ago10:25am EST
Create a slick logo for a modern security firm. Now with birds of prey!We are a security firm specializing in information security. We advise clients on the protection of data, do... eoin x Contests 59 minutes ago10:23am EST
Crea un Logo para un Criadero de Dogos Alemanes.Un Logo que viajará por toda Europa!!!Es un criadero de dogos alemanes , se trata de hacer un logotipo que identifique la actividad y pueda ser fá... jajajavi111 Contests 1 hour ago10:12am EST
Apple focused company needs logoWe specialize in the repair of liquid damaged MacBooks, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pro's, and iPhones. We only se... anthony.montz Contests 1 hour ago10:09am EST
Create a Crypto Currency (Bitcoin,Litecoin etc) logo for BlockZeroA group come together to form a company for a new venture centred around Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin... at Contests 1 hour ago10:06am EST
Create a facebook page for Dialled In men's lifestyle blog<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $115</em></p><p></p> alextozer Contests 1 hour ago10:03am EST
New Logo For A Tennis WebsiteGlobal Tennis Network is a website that is used to organize tennis tournaments, ladders, and leagues. It is a... twmeier Contests 1 hour ago10:02am EST
Create logo/brand ID for tech startup w/ pet wellness platform that helps pets enjoy healthier livesWe're a startup tech company set to launch this year powered by a mission to enable smarter care for pets and... WeLovePets Contests 1 hour ago9:57am EST
Creating the Best Bootcamp LogoI currently operate a CrossFit Gym and we plan to launch an outdoor bootcamp program. My target audience is 1... luke138 Contests 1 hour ago9:55am EST
Logo of Coffee and Tea ShopWe are a coffee and Tea shop with the name of Mugs and Cups. We serve people kinds of fresh coffee and tea a... Chris.binlu Contests 2 hours ago9:52am EST
Simple But Stylish Female Design Needed - Printed On 1000s of tees this summer!<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> thebradfarmer Contests 2 hours ago9:38am EST
Creative elements for mobile game design -papercut styleWe are designing a motivational game to help people reinforce positive behaviors and break bad habits. Its a ... Contests 2 hours ago9:36am EST
Helfen Sie dem deutschen MittelstandWir bieten Unternehmern, Selbständigen und Gewerbetreibenden die Optimierung Ihrer Gewerbeversicherung auf H... lotspeich Contests 2 hours ago9:09am EST
Create a darling logo for a pediatric therapy company!I am a speech pathologist providing speech and language therapy to pediatrics....Total Pr... kirwin83 Contests 2 hours ago9:08am EST
High Fantasy Time Travel Teen Adventure Book CoverNeed a book cover designed for an independent author, age 15. Target audience is 8-15. Fantasy adventure book... joeywargachuk Contests 2 hours ago9:04am EST
Doctors are in troubleDoctors are in trouble. It was named the second-most suicidal occupation.Total Prize: $2... oneone+99 Contests 2 hours ago8:59am EST
Create an elegant rat for Gym Rat Botique.Online botique selling trendy fitness clothes and accessories. Target audience are females 18 to 45 years old... gymratbotique Contests 3 hours ago8:48am EST
Wir freuen uns auf ein Corporate Design für Dreadlocks Friseure (Start-Up)Professionelle Erstellung von Dreadlocks/Rastas, Pflege von Dreadlocks/Rastas und alles was damit zu tun hat.... kb H Contests 3 hours ago8:44am EST
Challenge your creativity for a pet supplies company!We sell dog suppliers, as bully sticks and accessories for dogs. Our business is from a dog lover to dog love... luisacastrofe Contests 3 hours ago8:30am EST
A brilliant team is looking for a fabulous logo for their startup!LiteUp is a social, peer-to-peer learning platform that seeks to revolutionize education. The service involve... adrienn.horvath Contests 3 hours ago8:24am EST
Create a logo for a growing tech companyWe sell hail maps to roofers and other storm damage professionals. We show them where it hailed so they can ... mike 7wm Contests 3 hours ago8:07am EST
Create an incredible fashion logo for "Richard Lowe Collection"Luxury branded Fashion Line designed with unique and couture detailing for mass market needs. Think QVC, Macy... Densityofsouls Contests 3 hours ago7:59am EST
Two-screen design refresh for sales application on phone/tablet<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $705</em></p><p></p> stevenwoods Contests 4 hours ago7:51am EST
NathanielBronner Business CardThis is a personal business card. I run and manage several businesses and I am the pastor of a church.... nb j Contests 4 hours ago7:50am EST
AIEBA™ - Average is Easy. Be Awesome!™ T-SHIRT by HUCKSTRAPS<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> info lkY Contests 4 hours ago7:50am EST
AIEBA™ - Average is Easy. Be Awesome!™ T-SHIRT by HUCKSTRAPS.COM<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> HUCKSTRAPS Contests 4 hours ago7:50am EST
AIEBA™ - Average is Easy. Be Awesome!™ T-SHIRT for HUCKSTRAPS.COM<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> HUCKSTRAPS Contests 4 hours ago7:50am EST
Music Producer/Audio Engineer Looking for One of A Kind DesignI am an Audio Engineer that produces music, record artists, designs sounds & offer trainings of audio softwar... erlightfoot Contests 4 hours ago7:48am EST
Logo for "arbanah""arbanah" is an arabic word which means shopping cart. I am using this name for an online market-place....... aip19 Contests 4 hours ago7:40am EST
Healthcare Industry for Online Pharmacist DesignProvides Pharmacist consult to Healthcare Professionals, Target Primary Care, ER, Private Practice, Urgent Ca... mypharmdaz Contests 4 hours ago7:38am EST
May the best Win! :)We create and build Internet Websites for Corporates and Entrepreneurs....Total Prize: $3... philip.aegerter Contests 4 hours ago7:24am EST
Create an interesting logo for a new Photography Workshop in Montana!Weeklong retreat type setting for high-end Photography workshops. Target audiences are professional photograp... denisermiller Contests 4 hours ago7:23am EST
An eye and a root.. the logo will moveJether Productions is a film production company .. Creates TVC and produces films. "Jether" means root in Ara... sooome-one Contests 4 hours ago7:11am EST
Create an awesome new logo for our brand new service for the US Government.PALMS stands for Program Acquisition Management System, which is a system our small business built and intend... waddell.steve Contests 5 hours ago6:43am EST
Help Opus Private Wealth Group create a bold new logo for our upcoming launch.We are a private wealth management firm, specializing in comprehensive financial planning. Our audience is e... mattmartinez17 Contests 5 hours ago6:38am EST
Want a modern design logo for Securx, must reflect electronic security, secure premisesWe are an Electronic Security solutions company, we Manufacture, install and service products like CCTV, biom... anand I Contests 5 hours ago6:29am EST
Biotech/Life Science Crowdfunding SiteFundRx is a crowdfunding platform for the medical industry (biotech, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical dev... zeshan D Contests 5 hours ago6:28am EST
Future and Past<p><strong>Traditional family business,...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> emmel D Contests 6 hours ago5:45am EST
EAB Sports Jersey<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $230</em></p><p></p> nugent Contests 6 hours ago5:42am EST
logo for www.lounge61.chCoaching and Consulting, professional reorientation, accompaniment in the change process; anyone who wants to... daniel.oswald Contests 6 hours ago5:40am EST
joke poster<p><strong>A poster for a friend...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> Chris11 Contests 6 hours ago5:14am EST
New logo for power ball webshop (the fitness gadget)We sell Powerballs online in The Netherlands and in Belgium. Most of our customers are consumers but sometime... AddSugar Contests 7 hours ago4:41am EST
Create a Logo for Tomorrow’s Healthcare RoboticsWe have developed a rehabilitation robot called; “ROBERT” In the next few years, thousands of "service... Lth Contests 7 hours ago4:37am EST
form a logo for the next modular mobile loft from LTG Lofts to go: name is cubeesee we are producing modern modular mobile units for everybody who wants to live different...... info M0 Contests 7 hours ago4:27am EST
Create an awesome business logo for a customer data analytics start upA B2B delicate and passionate start up customer data analytics + customer data driven marketing digital agenc... wsamuelw Contests 7 hours ago4:23am EST
New logo design for - textile companyWe sell fabrics for textile companies. Our website Prize: $200... info yvy Contests 7 hours ago4:17am EST
Beautiful logo for a LUXURY gifting website<p><strong>Luxury gifting service,...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $300</em></p><p></p> kuohanjen Contests 7 hours ago4:01am EST
Create a captivating logo for a communications company called LynK SolutionsWe provide sales and executive coaching services to individuals and corporation. We develop and deliver sale... lyn 4 Contests 8 hours ago3:47am EST
esarti.styling - Personal styling logo design!Personal styling - image makeover - consulting - personal shopping Targets mainly females ages 25+ but also ... sasha.rose Contests 8 hours ago3:16am EST
Create winner business card for a personal trainerI specialise in weight loss for overweight people. My services are personal training sessions + nutritional a... Sunshine_ Contests 8 hours ago3:13am EST
Create an original logo for Big Wall, a company mixing Art and TechnologyOur business is to decorate places with images. We work on demand to print, frame and mount any kind of imag... jb.rousset Contests 8 hours ago3:13am EST
Create Logo/Business Card for Insurance Agency helping From this Generation to the Next!We are a full service insurance agency who helps families to be insured and protected, from one generation to... wangagency Contests 8 hours ago3:05am EST
Create a awesome new t-shirt design<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> Bucko11df Contests 9 hours ago2:45am EST
Logo design for an innovative content company, could be the next big one..Consulting, services and products for content owners that include global publishers, media houses focusing on... Venuprasad.menon Contests 9 hours ago2:38am EST
Be part of a revolution. NEW and EXCITING clothing retailer!High Quality Wool and Cashmere Coats, Australian Made. Our range is woman, men and children of all ages world... marchgrant Contests 9 hours ago1:58am EST
Create a film/photo inspired Logo for a published photographer and filmmakerI am a cinematographer, filmmaker, photographer, and editor. I have shot a lot of fun events like big music f... KabirCinema Contests 9 hours ago1:54am EST
Create a modern and elegant design for a collaboration commerce site.Ours is a site that allows our users to a) list their unused property (e.g. home, land, garage, etc…) for r... Ramtinn Contests 10 hours ago1:06am EST
Create a modern and elegant Hermit Crab logo.<p><strong>Modern and Elegant Hermit Crab Logo</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Ramtinn Contests 10 hours ago1:06am EST
Create Characters for a children's coloring bookWe make Augmented Reality coloring book Apps to make a normal coloring page comes to life. Our target market ... katy.kelly Contests 11 hours ago12:48am EST
Retro Cycling Club LogoMy local cycling club (Sanctuary Lakes Cycling Club) requires a logo for its new cycling kit. It needs to con... shawn_b_smith Contests 11 hours ago12:45am EST
Create a motivating eye-catching Brand Identity for Unfurl Your Self Movement Education PracticeI am really excited to be a small start-up business offering Feldenkrais Somatic Education. I have recently q... unfurlyourself Contests 11 hours ago12:44am EST
create a mixed old school / modern logo for Odell Resources<p><strong>transport , earthmoving , construction...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $410</em></p><p></p> elemse7 Contests 11 hours ago12:18am EST
search-centerWe perform professional patent searches for patent attorneys and large corporations - website to be built is ... John Winger Contests 11 hours ago12:06am EST
Create a logo that brings "Live Young Chiropractic" to life!I'm a doctor of chiropractic who focuses on natural anti-aging in addition to athletic optimization, nutriti... Thundr55 Contests 11 hours ago11:56pm EST
Help brand an exciting radio stationMethod Radio is an online electronic music radio station. We focus on producing cutting edge programming and... justin qG Contests 12 hours ago11:31pm EST
Create a logo for a nostalgic American dive bar and restaurant - Paradise Palms!Its a tongue-in-cheek but lovingly-designed American-style dive bar opening in Scotland. Evoking the faded ol... grant q Contests 12 hours ago11:20pm EST
Create a timeless logo for a high-end fitness facilityWe are a personal training and group fitness facility that offers higher end health and fitness services to w... DMandKV Contests 12 hours ago11:10pm EST
In a market where everyone is trying to take advantage of everyone, my company is different.We are an real estate investment company based around the values and traditions of my family name. We do a li... pasha2166 Contests 12 hours ago11:05pm EST
Make a cartoon Crickets head for Cricket Works<p><strong>Firearms dealer...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> rick G1 Contests 12 hours ago11:03pm EST
Design an enticing, Mexican flavored design for a start up food truck business.We are a mobile food business (food truck). Our target audience is found at festivals, events, office parks, ... kerridennis Contests 12 hours ago10:57pm EST
Create an attractive and strong corporate logo for The Dolphin MethodThe Dolphin Method, is a comprehensive system involving movement, relaxation, breath and comfort & support de... JakeMore Contests 12 hours ago10:53pm EST
Create an attractive and strong corporate logo for The Dolphin MethodThe Dolphin Method, is a comprehensive system involving movement, relaxation, breath and comfort & support de... JakeMore Contests 12 hours ago10:53pm EST
"Safe-Stick" every burn your tongue on a hot beverage? Well this product has the solution. Need LogoThe Safe-Stick is a product that incorporates a color changing ink into a generic stir stick. When someone bu... brett.mcquaide Contests 13 hours ago10:28pm EST
BarrelEye Photography needs a logoWe create virtual tour photography that is affordable, quick, and awesome. Serving residential and commercial... info UZf Contests 13 hours ago10:19pm EST
Horror Novel logo, Zombie fiction called Dead HorizonDEAD HORIZON is a 400 page horror novel about zombies! Gritty, realistic, brutal, serious, unflinching, scary... ry P Contests 13 hours ago10:05pm EST
Online Retailer in Need of a Logo Solution<p><strong>Online purchaser of gold, silver, and watches...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Q4life01 Contests 13 hours ago9:54pm EST
Create a solution logo for petsDog walking and pet services at it's most futuristic. Service plans, or "solutions" can be purchased that inc... ambiejillie Contests 14 hours ago9:49pm EST - New browser-based virtual World needs a Logo!Cosmos3d is a browser based virtual World Platform where Users can create their own 3D Worlds and socialize w... stefan.selle Contests 14 hours ago9:45pm EST
Online Retailer in Need of a Logo SolutionOnline buyer of used iphones, smartphones, ipads, and tablets....Total Prize: $200... Q4life01 Contests 14 hours ago9:37pm EST
Create an inviting, soothing image/logo for patients who want their varicose veins treated<p><strong>We treat varicose veins in patients...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> jayradmd Contests 14 hours ago9:22pm EST
Create an eye catching logo for Timber Creek LandscapeWe provide landscaping services including design, installation and maintenance of residential landscapes....... greg_kekes Contests 14 hours ago9:22pm EST
Classy Real Estate Logo for a female partnershipTwo female realtors working as partners on behalf of their clients...Total Prize: $200... ecsmith Contests 14 hours ago8:52pm EST
Logo for new airline: Spice Island Air (Zanzibar)Spice Island Air is a new small airline based in Zanzibar/East Africa, offering flights between the various i... Info57342 Contests 15 hours ago8:39pm EST
Draw a squirrel with a bubble gum dream!We sell stories and additional products to promote the exciting process of caring for our nature in collabora... info ECU Contests 15 hours ago8:32pm EST
Billboard: Culture of ProductivityWe sell Customer Relationship Management Software to businesses....Total Prize: $135... keith 8 Contests 15 hours ago8:29pm EST
Create A new look for an up and coming Martial Art and Fitness Studio<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> Sensei Ash Contests 15 hours ago8:23pm EST
Create App Logo for Mixtape MusicStream and Download Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B mixtapes and music from your iPhone...Total Pri... rlshawdotcom Contests 15 hours ago8:23pm EST
Logo needed for Internet based Jewelry Rental & Retail StartupWe rent high end jewelry. Most of our customers are wedding brides and wedding parties (bridesmaids + mother ... chris.battis Contests 15 hours ago8:10pm EST
Create an engaging logo for our Caravan,Camper and Pop-top company!We are a rapidly growing manufacturer of quality, innovative and luxury Campers, Pop-tops and Caravans. Our p... barnso Contests 15 hours ago8:00pm EST
Create a modern brand identity for Dezapp with opportunity for future work!We are a mobile app development company that is focused on developing mobile apps for entrepreneurs and ente... Arash T Contests 16 hours ago7:37pm EST
New bacon race brand needs a cool pig for a mascotwe are a 5k fun run with a bacon theme. Free bacon during the run, and a big bacon after party when the race ... garf90 Contests 16 hours ago7:20pm EST
Clever and Creative Wordmark Logo Designer Needed!We globally source reputable graphic designers to create designs for our clients. Our clients are mostly sta... zephgibson Contests 16 hours ago7:13pm EST