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créer un prospectus thème vintage pour fast food et pizzeria.Nous vendons des sandwichs, hamburgers, pizza, cookies, donuts. L'objectif est de lancer la livraison. Tout p... hicham.taleb Contests 16 minutes ago3:29am EST
Logo für eine Immobilienverwaltung erstellenVerwaltung von Wohn- und Gewerbeimmobilien. Zielgruppe sind Immobilienbesitzer in ganz Deutschland,...... GPlitsch Contests 26 minutes ago3:19am EST
An Emirati Software seeking a worldwide brandingWe consult on business strategy and we do software engineering for those who want increase their efficiency v... i y Contests 36 minutes ago3:09am EST
Create a logo that represents comfort, modern, and beauty for home furnishing companyRESCO is a manufacturing companies that produce bed sheet, bedcover, blankets, and other bedding products in ... christopherkusuma Contests 42 minutes ago3:04am EST
Banner Ad for Nigerian Food showcases Nigerian recipes and also sells kitchen items and accessories as well as baking suppl... ekerete Contests 1 hour ago2:36am EST
Create a civil war era train logo for a vapory companyThis is a business that sells custom made e-juice online for electronic cigarettes in gourmet flavors. We are... mattdmorris Contests 2 hours ago2:11am EST
New and exciting business looking for new looking DIY reflection on the logo as the business is forEveryone that is looking for signage for there business....Total Prize: $200... paul PJ Contests 2 hours ago1:57am EST
Design unique logo for an iconic Berlin landmark!The Kranhaus is a café and event location in Berlin-Schöneweide. The building is a listed landmark located... Ramoll Contests 2 hours ago1:57am EST
Die Brochüre muss unbedingt möglichst jeden Autohaus-Geschäftsführer überzeugenZielgruppe sind meist Geschäftsführer von Autohäusern, 30-50 Jahre alt, oft männlich, der Ort ist deutsch... CCDer Contests 2 hours ago1:32am EST
NEW Logo for Los Angeles kings official restaurantI own this restaurant and we support the professional hockey team Los Angeles Kings...Tot... Tony10571 Contests 2 hours ago1:27am EST needs a new Website!Company description: OpenChallenges is a new technology company. We are a two-sided market. We help public in... JakobRasmussen Contests 2 hours ago1:19am EST
Need a bad ass motorcycle shirt<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> andyaguila Contests 3 hours ago1:16am EST
Create an amazing & fun logo for a code monkey...well fellow ape :)I provide custom web & software consultation and engineering services....Total Prize: $20... barry s Contests 3 hours ago1:15am EST
Create a logo for a blog on the topic of starting a Property Management/Rental CompanyThis will be for a blog on the topic of how to start a residential property management/rental company from sc... Ben826431 Contests 3 hours ago1:11am EST needs a new Logo!Note that we are also running a website design competition. Company description: OpenChallenges is a new t... jr O Contests 3 hours ago12:38am EST
Make a logo for rising superstar DJ before he goes on tour.16 year old up and coming EDM Producer and DJ and Artist for music festivals and clubs. Teens, colleges, club... nathanasherm Contests 3 hours ago12:37am EST
Logo for online shoppingWe are an online, global selling business. We sell a range of different products online...... Jbrown.11 Contests 3 hours ago12:20am EST
Create a logo that is simple but a little artistic for a senior care referral networkGolden Pathways is a start-up company that will be referring and helping families to place elder loved ones i... upinthehillz Contests 3 hours ago12:16am EST
Create our Kaia air sensor logoSelect industry: Home furnishing, technology, and lifestyle. Kaia is an air sensor targeted towards allergy s... aubi.abramowitz Contests 4 hours ago12:11am EST
Create a corporate identity for Astute Economics!!!Astute Economics is one of Sydney's leading niche economic consulting firms. Founded in 2014, Astute Economi... Timothy.oconnor Contests 4 hours ago12:00am EST
Create a logo for a fishing guide in the salmon fishing capital of the world.Guided salmon fishing charters in Campbell River, BC, Canada. Target audience is global. Clients currently co... Info57507 Contests 4 hours ago11:56pm EST
Create a sleek, yet fun, Limo bus logo that is mostly just composed of words and uses red and blackParty bus business who rents out party buses to people who have weddings, parties, corporate events or want ... pdxpolvo Contests 4 hours ago11:51pm EST
Redesign of 3 simple banners - Time sensitive project.<p><strong>Sell vaping items and accesories...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> jamesc447 Contests 4 hours ago11:30pm EST
Logo for Shipping Comparison Site & Shipping PackagingShippy is a website which compares shipping services. Users enter in parcel dimensions and the site will com... jay 6 Contests 4 hours ago11:27pm EST
Cardiac Clinics design bundleWe are a health care organization that offers cardiac care to individuals with congenital heart defects (PACH... JAGrewal Contests 4 hours ago11:22pm EST
Design a new brand identity for Ascent Financial.We provide financial education and advice services to employers and their workforce that help them make bette... alan.mccredie Contests 5 hours ago11:08pm EST
Voting App<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $705</em></p><p></p> Quinions Contests 5 hours ago11:04pm EST
Create an empowering logo design for a financial planning firm that will stand out for our clientsWe are a fee for service financial planning firm that works together with our clients to achieve their lifest... jane y Contests 5 hours ago11:02pm EST
Portfolio Quality, Trendy, Property Investor, Real Estate, Trendy Initial DesignI am a residential redeveloper. We buy and Sell real estate. We renovated homes. We are property investors. W... matthew.gillis Contests 5 hours ago10:57pm EST
Marketing company needs new cool idenity - We sell data and do lead generation - Help us out :)Marketing company that provides leads and data for telemarketing, direct mail and email campaigns....... Jared Knapp Contests 5 hours ago10:57pm EST
Create a elegant logo depicting secret and brushLine of hair accessories used by professional stylists. Hair clips, and pins for example....... arbordds Contests 5 hours ago10:41pm EST
Create Music Label and Service Logo4AM Classics is a music company. We do management, consulting, publishing, and are a label....... dhg Contests 5 hours ago10:39pm EST
Shopping Plaza LogoI am building shopping plaza that will hold a variety of businesses from fast food restaurants to beauty salo... barneychamorro Contests 5 hours ago10:36pm EST
Logo wanted for on the go farmers market!We are a mobile farmers market. Think of us as a grocery store on wheels, accessible through the web....... Npgray03 Contests 5 hours ago10:31pm EST
Create a beautiful, vibrant, abstract logo for Treasured CopiesMy website enable mothers to upload the photographs they have taken of their kids favourite artworks – and ... mitchell.barber 4 Contests 5 hours ago10:23pm EST
Create a fun logo and help scientists dissect movies.Movie Science is a web site devoted to the intersection between science and popular culture (with - no surpri... colin rA Contests 5 hours ago10:17pm EST
Create a fun fresh design for Sugar Street BakeryWe are a local bakery known for its cupcakes. We're about to expand our product line to include other baked ... jenhogle Contests 6 hours ago10:16pm EST
Create vitamin supplement brand label for juice bar chainWe are a chain of juice bars and pro shops located inside gyms. We will be making a private label of nutriti... rhamdi Contests 6 hours ago10:13pm EST
Flyer<p><strong>Parents of kids and sports rehabilitation...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $175</em></p><p></p> richard 7R Contests 6 hours ago10:01pm EST
Make Our Logo Sparkle! Signed, Your Favorite "stodgy" CPA firm.Accounting, Tax, and Financial Planning Services. We serve the small to mid size business market along wit... tom PA Contests 6 hours ago9:57pm EST
Second Hand DealerSelling of second hand goods, mostly IT related industry, some electrical...Total Prize: ... engage.accounts Contests 6 hours ago9:56pm EST
Startup Air Conditioning Contractor looking for a brandable logoGallegos is a start up Air Conditioning Contractor targeting residential and commercial customers....... jose_a_gallegos Contests 6 hours ago9:56pm EST
Cam Abstract Needs A Logo<p><strong>Cam Abstract is my stage name for my music....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> BlakeCamden Contests 6 hours ago9:54pm EST
Create a dynamic website for CalWater Solutions: innovative design solutions to water scarcityWe specialize in Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Re-use, Water Resource Program Development, Sustainability,... brent@CalWater Contests 6 hours ago9:47pm EST
Create a classy, modern, luxurious logo for Roederer USAA specialty food company that sells fresh black truffles from France....Total Prize: $200... Adam-HTX Contests 6 hours ago9:44pm EST
Sharp, professional logo wanted for nascent communications services company.Providing resilient radio-data communications to hospitals, utilities, and emergency services using a wireles... Arbilink Contests 6 hours ago9:43pm EST
Create a logo for a blog that covers a pro sports teamWe blog about the New York Knicks, a professional basketball team....Total Prize: $200... dan 5E Contests 6 hours ago9:37pm EST
Create a cutting edge logo for the next big web and mobile design consultancy!Matter Group is a consulting company that builds custom websites, web apps and mobile apps....... eric 1o Contests 7 hours ago9:14pm EST
Corporate Profile curtains and blindsOur business creates bespoke window furnishings, from Curtains to Motorised Blinds, Shutters, and interior fu... paul Tq Contests 7 hours ago9:05pm EST
Fun, modern, attractive logo for women-focused charity crowd funding site!We are a a dynamic, lifestyle-focused online charity crowd funding platform for women. Our target market is ... josielauritsenlee Contests 7 hours ago9:03pm EST
Create a sleek looking site targeted for technical communication writersA meeting/matching place for Technical Communication writers to share their skills and be matched with client... Corylo Contests 7 hours ago9:01pm EST
Candy Jar - Your Online Candy Store (Logo)Candy Jar is an online candy store that focuses on providing selection, personalization and savings to our cu... Rob Fletcher Contests 7 hours ago8:50pm EST
Create a great logo for GrabMyGrub!We are a restaurant delivery service that delivers from restaurants that don't deliver....... keitheinstein Contests 7 hours ago8:41pm EST
Foundation of TexasPolitical Organization promotes integrity in politics, promotes business to offer internships to college stud... Foundation of Texas Contests 7 hours ago8:35pm EST
The population is getting bigger. Thin 2 Win needs a great logo to take a bite out of this epidemic.Thin 2 Win is here to attack the obesity epidemic. We're a self-serve health & wellness program that’s cen... jdolan Contests 7 hours ago8:34pm EST
Espresso<p><strong>selling espresso coffee machine...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $135</em></p><p></p> imres Contests 7 hours ago8:29pm EST
Make a bold, clean look for cycling apparel<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $230</em></p><p></p> lucas L Contests 7 hours ago8:29pm EST
Create the logo for the EVOLUTION of the online marketplace!!!<p><strong>An online marketplace...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> vweylagro Contests 7 hours ago8:25pm EST
Graves Investements Logo Design ContestGraves Investments is an investment company focused on purchasing and maintaining desirable commercial and re... mrjasongraves Contests 7 hours ago8:18pm EST
Create a luxury, black and white logo design for a celebrity makeup artist.I am a professional celebrity/luxury makeup artist for film/tv, print, and fashion editorials....... info HtJ Contests 8 hours ago8:11pm EST
Showcase your creativity by making a logo for an event design and styling companyWe provide decor for weddings and corporate events. Our target audience is anyone getting married or planning... tina.chadha1 Contests 8 hours ago8:01pm EST
Logo for the source for trucks/trailers sales<p><strong>We are buying and selling heavy trucks and trailers....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Natalia T Contests 8 hours ago7:56pm EST
Create a cover page for our "Welcome packet"Every day, sick children are born in hospitals. These children depend on the hospital's resources (breathing ... MichaelJones v Contests 8 hours ago7:54pm EST
Website HeaderRuff Industries is a start up eCommerce selling apparel-geared toward the blue collar/ skilled labor force. M... dustin b2 Contests 8 hours ago7:48pm EST
Design a logo for a modern production company.We are an entertainment producing company that puts on Christmas musicals for the Australian market. Our demo... Matthewatuey Contests 8 hours ago7:47pm EST
Ever been hurt or felt like you didn't matter, this book is for you!My book is an autobiography self-help with a goal to help at least one person. The book idea came from the bi... shannonwalker2011 Contests 8 hours ago7:35pm EST
Damian Coccio needs a Jazz Album Cover DesignI am a musician (bass player/composer). I need artwork designed for my upcoming CD. The music leans toward ... damiancoccio Contests 8 hours ago7:20pm EST
Iconic Wordmark for Juji, Inc.<p><strong>Creating a Iconic Wordmark for Juji, Inc. </strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $627</em></p><p></p> chrisswright Contests 8 hours ago7:16pm EST
Create a fresh feel for independence, mobility and health care with prosthetics and orthoticsAbility Prosthetic and Orthotic Care Inc. is a clinic that provides patients with fitting and making of prost... eldeib Contests 8 hours ago7:16pm EST
Branding for a new coworking community in Austin, TXPatchwork Austin is a new coworking community. The idea behind the name: people from different backgrounds an... emilie 9 Contests 9 hours ago7:09pm EST
Create a logo for - Makeup Artist's website<p><strong>Makeup artist for brides and special occasions....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> mdangelo3 Contests 9 hours ago7:08pm EST
Fresh New Landing Page (Redesign Project)ProProfs is a leading platform for creating online surveys, quizzes, training and assessments. ProProfs produ... Virginia Contests 9 hours ago6:58pm EST
create a logo for WILDFIRE data transfer systemWILDFIRE is a real-time data transfer mechanism between networks...Total Prize: $200... Asingh1 Contests 9 hours ago6:54pm EST
Create an image based T-shirt design for a new up and coming musician!<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $230</em></p><p></p> rbmusic619 Contests 9 hours ago6:50pm EST
Apparel/Shirt designs for Blue Tiger USA/ Truckers<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $230</em></p><p></p> Chantalbeasley Contests 9 hours ago6:46pm EST
Capture a beautiful story for a product that fits right and does right.La'Amalie sells intimate apparel (mainly underwear and bras) but will eventually have loungewear. Has a socia... maham.farooq Contests 9 hours ago6:30pm EST
Help Promote Technical/Entrepreneurial WomenInnovation Women is an online speaker's bureau for entrepreneurial and technical women. In addition to targ... ourlifeboat Contests 10 hours ago6:10pm EST
Alchemy Soccer TrainingIndividual and small group soccer training for youth soccer players. The idea is that we will help to turn t... donny C Contests 10 hours ago6:09pm EST
Who has what it takes to make world class logo?Company provides safety and health services and solutions to a wide array of industries such as energy, manuf... scottwray1970 Contests 10 hours ago6:08pm EST
Design the next Enovella Cover for Icasm Press<p><strong>Fiction Books...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> info ZN Contests 10 hours ago6:06pm EST
Jolie Candle Design<p><strong>manufactures and sells candles...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> alexospina0409 Contests 10 hours ago6:05pm EST
to create a unique design for the worlds seconds largest traded commodity.We sell retail packs of coffee beans ranging in 250 gram, 500gram, 1 kg volumes. they are all different orig... daniel g5 Contests 10 hours ago5:56pm EST
Beer lable design for Colonel Kurt's Amazonian Brazil Nut BeerWe are a manufacturer and distributer of beer made from Brazil nuts that are harvested from the Peruvian Amaz... Jscremer Contests 10 hours ago5:44pm EST
Sobek Digital - egyptian themed scholarly logoWe sell hosting for digital libraries, for university libraries and museums. So, scholarly....... Mark.V.Sullivan Contests 10 hours ago5:42pm EST
Industrial Design of a pair of Binocular ( Cosmetic Look Design of New Binocular)Industrial Design of a brand new binocular ( Product Cosmetic Look Design of Binoculars)T... president t Contests 10 hours ago5:39pm EST
Create a flash remarketing banner for a Travel Agency!"Passion Monde", which mean passion world, is a travel agency made for high quality and custom travels around... gab O Contests 10 hours ago5:38pm EST
Sugarman Maple Products needs a logo!Sugarman Maple Products is a maple syrup producer and distributor located in Southern Ontario, Canada. It's t... BlakeCamden Contests 10 hours ago5:34pm EST
Design a logo for a quality farm fresh Australian Pork productHigh quality marinated & sealed pork loan, fresh, lean & tender Australian Pork...Total P... andrew 2B Contests 10 hours ago5:20pm EST
Create a dramatic, hand-drawn illustration for Star Trek Character "Q" in flowing robesSee attached PPT with detail. We own & run world-wide software development conferences. The target audience f... Silke F Contests 11 hours ago5:11pm EST
Cover design for a magical Victorian era Fantasy Adventure novel<p><strong>magic, intrigue, adventure </strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> San Toki Contests 11 hours ago5:09pm EST
Set the benchmark for inspiring and creative design for a global, innovative investment business.We need a logo for Geminder Holdings which is a holding company / private equity business. Geminder Holdi... julie.moulder Contests 11 hours ago5:06pm EST
Joseph Milla, CPAI am a Chartered Professional Accountant and provide the following services: Tax Returns, Financial Statemen... Joe Milla Contests 11 hours ago5:05pm EST
Accountant wants new identity to show that he provides services ONLINE.I am a Chartered Professional Accountant and provide the following services: Tax Returns, Financial Statemen... Joe Milla Contests 11 hours ago5:05pm EST
Accountant wants new identity to show that he provides services ONLINE.I am a Chartered Professional Accountant and provide the following services: Tax Returns, Financial Statemen... Joe Milla Contests 11 hours ago5:05pm EST
CREATE A CLEAN AND MODERN 2015 LOGO<p><strong>We are a custom trim company from Dallas, Texas....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> info ItW Contests 11 hours ago4:56pm EST
Create a logo for a new company - ProtemThe company will find temporary work for people looking for flexible work hours while still providing full be... elad J Contests 11 hours ago4:53pm EST
Fashion needs your skills!Apparel Arts is a fashion design school where we train students to work in the apparel industry. We have clas... suzy Z Contests 11 hours ago4:49pm EST
6th Annual Kickball For The Kids LogoWe are the Active 20-30 Club of Albuquerque who hosts the annual Kickball 4 The Kids tournament where the mon... Aciepiela Contests 11 hours ago4:48pm EST
Create a feminine & soft illustration of a Radiant Woman on lotus for "Gentle Heart Yoga & Wellness"I facilitate healing for women via yoga, women's yoga circles, movement, energy work, Reiki, Ayurveda, ritual... yulia J Contests 11 hours ago4:46pm EST
Easy Contest - Copy a Drawing - May Pick Winner Early!Copy one of the first 3 attachments and the 4th but make them your own!...Total Prize: $1... laura 9 Contests 11 hours ago4:45pm EST