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MISSION, VALUES, AND CULTURE STATEMENT<p><strong>DENTAL OFFICE...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $165</em></p><p></p> Davidmaloleydds Contests 23 minutes ago2:36pm EST
Logo for Georgia Herb Farm, producer of medicinal plants, mushrooms and natural health preparationsGeorgia Herb Farm specializes in raising plants and mushrooms which have documented medically beneficial comp... steve PM Contests 29 minutes ago2:30pm EST
Technology simplified for your businessTechnology consulting for small business. Providing practical answers to solve common technology and busines... wayne.bogan Contests 32 minutes ago2:27pm EST
Design a inspiring logo for an Analytics Professional Service firmProvides advance analytics related services (ETL, Predictive Modeling, Report Creation, etc.). The target au... Seng Tang Contests 45 minutes ago2:14pm EST
Create a logo for an innovative e-learning company.We are an innovative e-learning company that specializes in higher education. We break complicated subjects ... info RtI Contests 46 minutes ago2:13pm EST
The UltiMutt Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!The UltiMutt Inn & Pet Resort is a luxury dog care facility in northeastern Ohio and caters to owners that wa... dogcarehelp Contests 48 minutes ago2:11pm EST
Create a logo for a new business law firm that wants to project a clean, modern image.Arcadia Law Group is a new business law firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. Total Prize: $200... cjsandor Contests 56 minutes ago2:03pm EST
Create a whimsical, professional logo that will captivate the hearts of both adults and children.Provide dentistry to infants, teens, and adolescents. Provide a welcoming, exciting dental experience....... dds.ferguson Contests 56 minutes ago2:03pm EST
Create a classic logo with a contemporary flair for a petite design studio in San FranciscoRetail interior decorating shop. Its like a mini design center where clients can come to look at sampling and... robert f0 Contests 59 minutes ago2:00pm EST
Create an capurting t shirt illustration for parallel 46<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> Jldoucet Contests 1 hour ago1:54pm EST
Create a Unique Logo For a New Fashion Brand27Dressez is a new brand that targets Young Women ,we Sell Clothes and Accessories online and we have our own... aya.elsammak Contests 1 hour ago1:41pm EST
Come up with a retro Pin Up Girl illustration to customize a household deviceWe are active in Online Retail, focus is production of high quality stickers for customization of household a... stickerversand Contests 1 hour ago1:40pm EST
Create a simple logo/mark for project focusing on mindfulness for 17-15 yr olds.<p><strong>teaches life skills to 17-25 year olds...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Millzee Contests 1 hour ago1:39pm EST
Create a delightful and playful cover for a children's book about a little umbrella.We publish smart and engaging books for children between the ages of 5 and 8....Total Pri... Navy Thriller Contests 1 hour ago1:36pm EST
Create online brand for traditional, home-baked cake and pudding subscription clubHomemade traditional British and Irish style cakes/puddings (deserts) normally given as a gift subscription. ... Steve.wood Contests 2 hours ago1:05pm EST
Logo needed for a rugged field notebook for weldersIt is a field notebook for welding inspectors, it has an embedded piece of welding glass (the dark glass on a... panfilero Contests 2 hours ago1:04pm EST
Retail store front sign for a Head Shop aka Smoke shop! Get creative and think high!Our business sells in a retail store smoking products such as cigarettes, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, vap... Matt vJm Contests 2 hours ago12:57pm EST
Create a classic southern design with a modern twist entitled "Popular"The name "Popular" will serve as the title for a personal Esthetics business. Meant to target those working a... amelder682 Contests 3 hours ago12:26pm EST
Crea un logo para una empresa de mercadeo digitalForza clicks se dedicara a Solo Ads. ( Venta de clicks para promociones y productos) Empresa que anunciara y... antonioguidoh Contests 3 hours ago12:26pm EST
Create the brochure for Hawaii's newest amd hottest LuauAre target market are tourists that are on vacation between the ages of 25-70....Total Pr... funinthesunhi Contests 3 hours ago12:13pm EST
Disena una ilustracion para el mejor sistema de actualizaciones de seguridadDinoflux es una actualizacion de seguridad (flujo de seguridad) que contiene proteccion contra las nuevas ame... Jose.palanco Contests 3 hours ago11:58am EST
Starting electrical company needs a logosmall electrical contracting company aimed at providing high quality work to residential and possibly commerc... Gd84 Contests 3 hours ago11:56am EST
a creative Eye-catching billboard for women Clothing Brand is needed.27Dressez is a fashion & Clothing Brand for young women aged 18-35,we mostly sell casual clothes and sometime... aya.elsammak Contests 3 hours ago11:51am EST
Logo for the Service Marketing Institute @WU ViennaThe Institute for Service Marketing and Tourism ( at the Vienna University of Economics and B... stefan.wiesel Contests 3 hours ago11:49am EST
Be Legendary. Develop the logo and B-Card for Rock It Out! Music School.I'm looking for designers that can nail the social, collaborative culture and mission of Rock It Out!., a per... drabin Contests 3 hours ago11:47am EST
Modern/Young Wine Label for a Family Vineyardwe make red wine for friends and family no part of our production is commercial...Total ... basil.eggenschwyler Contests 3 hours ago11:47am EST
Create a capturing logo that describes the nature of Nonna NinettaWe sell artisan italian utensils to make pasta all over the world...Total Prize: $340... carlos Tz Contests 3 hours ago11:44am EST
Food Container Labelwe sell fresh all natural healthy meals delivered to clients door. Target audience are male and females look... rodriguezh1324 Contests 3 hours ago11:39am EST
All of us works. Create a logo that captures transforming businesses for tomorrow1. What We Believe... We are living in an extraordinary time full of possibilities. An interconnected wor... eugenemleon Contests 3 hours ago11:33am EST
Create an iconic logo for a web service offers an online look-up service and a developer API for sales tax data. By providing as little a... VykeMedia Contests 4 hours ago11:23am EST
Create earthy logo for leading edge supplier to naturopath communityTarget audience are people in the natural health and fitness industries. Primarily naturopaths. We are a nu... clarkalysen31 Contests 4 hours ago11:21am EST
Badge or Label style logo - vintage inspired but simplified and clearly defined.Design and install bespoke glazing - windows - doors - rooflights - traditional and modern designs - high qua... mark Tf Contests 4 hours ago11:11am EST
P+P+ stands for Positive Psychology and "Pensamiento Positivo" (positive thinking in spanish), this brand is in... omsf15 Contests 4 hours ago10:56am EST
Exotic Auto Sales Needs A Logo! 40k+ followers on IG, our logo SUCKS!I sell high end exotic cars, ferraris, lamborghinis etc.. my website is Need a SICK l... exotic_auto_sales Contests 4 hours ago10:53am EST
Make an awesome logoIt links every day people with expert advice. Quarterback is obviously to do with football and the main playe... mattd d Contests 5 hours ago9:47am EST
Logo for LED downlights and lighting<p><strong>LED Downlights...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> birgitte.botn Contests 5 hours ago9:47am EST
Creative logo for a B2B lighting companyAris Aydınlatma (means lighting in Turkish) is a lighting company mainly focused on B2B trading of chandelie... gurelkeklik Contests 5 hours ago9:45am EST
Logo for a Canadian Private Equity FirmA private equity firm the provide Financial Investments in Canadian mid sized companies...... yabdullah Contests 5 hours ago9:33am EST
Help impact! fundraising convey its not-for-profit passion and expertise with a new logoWe provide strategic fundraising consultancy to charities, arts organisations and other not for profits to he... victoria 5 Contests 6 hours ago9:19am EST
Redefine Communi-Qi Acupuncture's image!Sliding-scale, affordable acupuncture. Acupuncture given with many people in one room, all receiving treatme... megan.wemm Contests 6 hours ago9:16am EST
Design logo for consultancy business<p><strong>Consultancy in entrepreneurship and marketing...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> Bart Stevens Contests 6 hours ago9:02am EST
Create a logo for a photo websiteThis is for a website-based that is a photo-gallery of before and after photos to be used by people looking f... scottmd5 Contests 6 hours ago8:59am EST
Environmental engineering firm logoWe are a civil/environmental engineering firm that provides consulting engineering services to municipal clie... brent 4e Contests 6 hours ago8:58am EST
Creëer een logo voor SeeTrue MindfulnessSeeTrue organsiseert trainingen en opleidingen op het gebied van Mindfulness, ACT (Acceptence and Commitment ... robseetrue Contests 6 hours ago8:51am EST
Podcast logoMugs away is a darts podcast. Gordon Dixon and D.J. Sayre (Two professional players) are the host....... DartsGuy Contests 7 hours ago8:02am EST
Logo for iPhone repair storeWe're an iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. repair-chain located in the baltic countries: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.... Christofferbering Contests 7 hours ago8:00am EST
Sports Jersey Design<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> DartsGuy Contests 7 hours ago7:35am EST
Icon design - data collection mobile appExversion is a platform for data focusing on improving collaboration and sharing among stakeholders....... marianne c Contests 7 hours ago7:32am EST
Design the first logo for a lifetime firmI'm a visagist (make up artist) and I also do color and style Consultings. The logo doesn't need to have my f... tamaraschoen Contests 8 hours ago6:56am EST
Book Cover for a Rock & Roll Romance NovelThis is the first project to be released by a start up publishing company. The company's target audience for ... kaneeniabo Contests 8 hours ago6:44am EST
NINJA Technologies is seeking a kick-ass logo!We are a software development company that specialises in building technology for startup companies. ... dnoch23 Contests 8 hours ago6:38am EST
Logo Contest for Dollar PayrollDollar Payroll, is a Payroll Service Bureau whose main focus is Payroll Preparation and Payroll Management...... michaeljmorales Contests 9 hours ago6:18am EST
Create Brand Name for Sexual Healthcare ServiceWe produce and distribute health supplements for male and female sexual health. Our target market is men and... sanju 3 Contests 9 hours ago5:36am EST
Create a logo for pure and healthy Tasmanian produce export businessWe sell Tasmanian produce (fresh vegetables, quality foods, fresh water, wine) to other Australian states and... Bron Ballantyne Contests 10 hours ago4:46am EST
Wavelength Solutions is the market leader already!We produce non lethal solutions using LASERS to hail, dazzle and deter at short and long distances. Our targe... mike 8xe Contests 11 hours ago4:06am EST
Create a corporate logo for music/media companyWe are an up and coming music/media and merchandising company that focuses on selling hip hop music beats....... Jstonexxi Contests 11 hours ago3:40am EST
Advertisement template designNotary. The qualitative alternative for target groups with a more complex situation....To... Bas van Petten Contests 12 hours ago3:00am EST
Create a logo to convey visual creativity, good composition for Plug Visual MediaWe are content creators - we capture and showcase companies by capturing photography and time-lapse, we'd lik... emudan Contests 12 hours ago2:58am EST
glove.chWir verkaufen Arbeitshandschuhe für den Bau und Industrie über unseren Webshop. Dazu brauchen wir noch ein... info ZwE Contests 12 hours ago2:53am EST
Logo for Silicon Valley tech startup Blikk<p><strong>We find, structure and analyze data on the web.</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> denny b Contests 12 hours ago2:46am EST
Create luxury cream fudge candyIts cream fudge luxury candy. the target audience is every one....Total Prize: $200... alkatheri9 Contests 13 hours ago2:17am EST
Podcast / Business LogoDating advice to men who struggle with women. This is used for a Podcast and companion site that will deliver... crazychief01 Contests 13 hours ago2:09am EST
Premium Realty NY LLC - New Real Estate Brokerage looking for LogoReal Estate Brokerage focusing on home buyers and sellers....Total Prize: $300... mikeackermanesq Contests 13 hours ago1:36am EST
Create a Logo for a new online men's underwear retailerWearUnder is an exciting new online underwear retail website appealing to a premium male market with a wide r... blair y Contests 14 hours ago12:52am EST
Alaska realtor. Hunting for the right logoGroup of professionals that work with the Southeast Alaska communities in real estate services....... suzan B Contests 14 hours ago12:45am EST
Create a simple and unique logo<p><strong>A Gold Mining company in Africa...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> mattd d Contests 14 hours ago12:38am EST
Create a super cool clean brand design for an upscale modern gym/training studio<p><strong>Gym and personal training studio....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $340</em></p><p></p> jason pj Contests 15 hours ago12:10am EST
Create a logo for a conference in Vancouver BC Canada, see example.We are a group of scientists organizing a conference, and are looking for a logo to use in our promotion of t... tim.kieffer Contests 15 hours ago12:05am EST
total impact logo design<p><strong>where social purposes meet financial promises...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $450</em></p><p></p> khd.hsn Contests 15 hours ago11:32pm EST
Lifestyle, Documentary, Family, Wedding Photographer<p><strong>Lifestyle, Documentary, Family and Wedding Photography...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> kymdibb Contests 16 hours ago11:07pm EST
Earthy, simple, hipster, clean, luxury - photographer needs logo<p><strong>Lifestyle, Documentary, Family and Wedding Photography...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> kymdibb Contests 16 hours ago11:07pm EST
Rum Label for a high end sipping RumWe are a Micro-Distillery in the Pacific Northwest, that produces Rum under the brand name Puget Sound Rum Co... tom EL Contests 17 hours ago9:43pm EST
Create a winery logoWe produce and sell wine in a inner city location targeted at a young, knowledgeable, and fashionable demogra... shaun.thornie Contests 17 hours ago9:31pm EST
Create a professional Motocross/Dirt Bike t-shirt design.<p><strong></strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $120</em></p><p></p> ConstantChange Contests 18 hours ago9:09pm EST
Create a Wordpress Design for a modern, upscale, tech-savvy real estate brokerageWe are a tech real estate brokerage affiliated with Atlanta Tech Village that works with buyers and sellers ... david.lightburn Contests 18 hours ago8:55pm EST
help bring "the kara way" into people lives to make eating healthy a breeze.Clean eating healthy treats made from natural products refined suger etc....Total Prize: ... karaleegunning84 Contests 18 hours ago8:50pm EST
Create a sophisticated modern logo for a national general contracting firm.We are a national general contracting firm specializing in corporate buildouts for national retail and restau... michael Nn Contests 18 hours ago8:50pm EST
create a brand identity for a brand new, energetic specialist orthodontic clinic<p><strong>Specialist Orthodontic Clinic - braces...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $500</em></p><p></p> ffurfaro169 Contests 18 hours ago8:47pm EST
Create an electrocuting Gaming Gear brandWe sell cleaning and maintenance products for cleaning gaming gear like keyboards, mice, xbox controllers, LC... GearScrub Contests 19 hours ago8:21pm EST
Create a bottle label for the revolutionary product SlimBioticOur product is a weight loss and probiotic supplement aimed at women 35-65 years old. It aids in energy, wei... Jon22 Contests 19 hours ago7:59pm EST
Law firm geared towards small business entrepreneursLegal services (lawyers) - towards any and all needs of SMALL BUSINESSES, especially ENTREPRENEURS....... rodger_moore Contests 20 hours ago7:21pm EST
Create stationery for a consulting firm!We want to create a memorable image that is creative and bold.Total Prize: $135... rhonda Z Contests 20 hours ago6:57pm EST
Need help!! Nonprofit restaurant needs a logo!!We are a restaurant serving high nutritious gourmet Hawaiian BBQ in the inner city of San Francisco. A non ... shawn 7Y Contests 20 hours ago6:50pm EST
FreeMedia Concepts seeks your graphic vision of our novel<p><strong>We publish books, music and Apps...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> FreeMedia Contests 20 hours ago6:36pm EST
Industry leading cleaning company Joyful Dwelling needs a logo.We are a residential cleaning company as well as a laundry service and carpet cleaning. Residential Cleaning ... cbrownfield Contests 20 hours ago6:36pm EST
Clean, slick, and professional logo for start-up IT companyAt Bitshift we build custom software applications for our customers. The name Bitshift is a computer science ... thomas i Contests 20 hours ago6:34pm EST
Neo vas clínica de disfunción eréctil a base de ondas de choque linealClínica de tratamiento para la disfunción eréctil a base de ondas de choque lineal. Dirigido a hombre de 4... mouneupablo Contests 20 hours ago6:33pm EST
Marijuana Dispensary and Products needs your creative and modern eye.We sell health and nutraceutical products to the general public....Total Prize: $500... nowjamesis Contests 21 hours ago6:16pm EST
Create a fun, modern, energizing blog for an extraordinarily social Java ConsultantI'm an out-of-the-box, extraordinarily social Java Developer and Java Technology consultant valued for my ent... lionel.r.rivas Contests 21 hours ago5:53pm EST
NEW logo for amazing Education productDiscoveryLab is a video tool for teachers that allow them to see and hear what they are doing and how their c... sgarden Contests 22 hours ago5:18pm EST
Créer un Tee-Shirt de Team eSport<p><strong>Team Fantasy ! Team eSport !</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $145</em></p><p></p> contact Wi Contests 22 hours ago5:16pm EST
A handcrafted logo for a handcrafted companyCustom, handmade woodwork. We make coffee tables, kitchen tables, cabinets, end tables, benches, and headboar... nmaggard Contests 22 hours ago4:47pm EST
Create a fit girl flexing and posing, holding a company name.Personal training and health and wellness company designed to motivate people and help them reach their healt... shanfapan Contests 22 hours ago4:36pm EST
Steamy Cover For Romance Novel<p><strong>I'm an author of explicit and sexy romance novels....</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $200</em></p><p></p> eltodd42 Contests 23 hours ago4:04pm EST
Logo needed for a new cutting edge crowdfunding service to help destinations develop.We need a logo design for a new company based in Washington, DC called Destination Crowd Capital, LLC. We are... Scottwayne Contests 23 hours ago3:55pm EST
On coming train<p><strong>YA novels...</strong></p><p><em>Total Prize: $165</em></p><p></p> rick l0 Contests 23 hours ago3:55pm EST
Create a logo for a new orchestra that breathes life into dead musicThe mission of the Oistrakh Symphony of Chicago is to bring classical music back to younger audiences (ie 30-... SuzanneJ Contests 1 days ago3:22pm EST
Logo for a woman's fashion brand LalyKWomen's fashion brand for a young and beautiful lady in smart casual style....Total Pri... aaliah Contests 1 days ago3:08pm EST
Hemisphere Logo and IdentityHemisphere is a venture capital business that invests, advises and funds techology businesses. Our two audien... BrainyMedia Contests 1 days ago3:06pm EST