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40 results. - Business Development GroupLooking for serious offers for this premium domain. ** Very commonly used abbreviation for "*Business Devel... untitled Domains 162 weeks ago9:23am EST - Alexa 15,000** *Ranks 15,029 on* (has had a ranking for a very long time) untitled Domains 164 weeks ago9:28am EST** Fast push @ GoDaddy 13 years old. Taking offers starting at $1. Payment via Paypal family/friends. untitled Domains 165 weeks ago10:05pm EST** Looking for offers.. Start at $1000. untitled Domains 172 weeks ago3:01pm EST** Make an offer. untitled Domains 173 weeks ago8:01am EST - 1,900 exact searches** A product/category defining domain name. Estibot value: $2,000 1,900 exact searches a month... untitled Domains 175 weeks ago9:16pm EST** EU - Europe, european union, end user, engineering unit, etc... Taking offers on this premium 1... untitled Domains 179 weeks ago12:14pm EST Reg. since 2002. Taking offers. Post here. untitled Domains 180 weeks ago1:34pm EST
Looking for Offers on My Domain Portfolio | BDG.orgI've been very successful in picking out and buying the right domain names, as I've made $xxx,xxx my first year domainin... untitled Domains 185 weeks ago11:38am EST
Sage.meInviting offers for this premium domain name. ** 137,500 searches a month for "Sage". $1.95 CPC. Search "sa... untitled Domains 186 weeks ago7:20pm EST is for Sale!Are you looking to for your own domain website to showcase domains? Or perhaps just a professional e-mail? Well here ... untitled Domains 195 weeks ago1:26pm EST & Others 48 Hour Sale*All domains bellow are _only $199_ for 48 hours from this post:* ---Quote--- (Reg 2003) (Reg 200... untitled Domains 196 weeks ago2:14pm EST** *Info:* Exact searches for "miami hotels" 27,750 Broad searches for "miami hotels" 841,250 CPC $4... untitled Domains 197 weeks ago6:19pm EST
4WQ.comTaking offers on this great ** WQ = Week, Web Quote 4 WQ = 4 Weeks could be great for diets, exe... untitled Domains 198 weeks ago9:09am EST** Registered until 2015. Premium numbers and letter, Looking for offers of $999 and above. untitled Domains 200 weeks ago11:37am EST** * "lcd wall mount" 1,600 exact searches. * Registered since 2003. * Estibot value: 2,200 USD ... untitled Domains 201 weeks ago9:35am EST** Pronounceable, quad premium domain name. Registered since July 31, 1997. Looking for serious offers. untitled Domains 202 weeks ago7:17pm EST** Premium 11 year old domain name. Registered at GoDaddy. Taking offers. Payment via Paypal Mass, Wir... untitled Domains 203 weeks ago1:19pm EST** Taking offers on this unbelievable domain. Payment via wire, PayPal mass pay or (buyer pays f... untitled Domains 203 weeks ago10:27am EST - Quad Premium Domain** Quad Premium. BIN: TBA Payment by Paypal or eCop for trusted members. Escrow for anyone else. Ta... untitled Domains 205 weeks ago7:57am EST & Premium Travel Domains** - 8 years old & * * - 6 years old Regged at $150 for these pre... untitled Domains 206 weeks ago7:01am EST* * Taking offers on this beautiful domain name. As you may have heard "" has sold recently for... untitled Domains 207 weeks ago10:21am EST** Taking offers. Premium domain for travel. *Don't pay attention to the expiration date, I'm re... untitled Domains 208 weeks ago7:05am EST
Strengthless .com - Premium 1 Word .com** Definition: Being weak or powerless, lacking strength; Having no special abilities or talents, lac... untitled Domains 210 weeks ago9:09am EST and others (Prices starting at $12)** (Credit Monitoring Services) *$29* ** (673,000 exact searches, $10.56 CPC) *$45* *Ve... untitled Domains 216 weeks ago8:51am EST
Micro Niche , 1000 exact searches - FastestWayToGetRidOfaCold.comSelling a Micro Niche domain: ** 1,000 exact searches per month, and this number rise... untitled Domains 219 weeks ago7:45am EST ( You + Me)** Pronounceable + SUPER brandable domain. Think social networks, jobs, dating, etc, etc... You + Me = um... untitled Domains 219 weeks ago9:36am EST
Cass.Info - 1 day sale** _$99 One day sale. Free renewal included._ Cass is a first name. CASS has 46 acronyms untitled Domains 219 weeks ago1:48pm EST
Appl.TV - $100** Appl = Applications (apps), apple, etc.. Had offers up to $500 for this domain. $100 via PayPal mass... untitled Domains 220 weeks ago8:29am EST - 1,600 exact searches** is for sale. 1,600 exact searches a month. Easy site to develop, could bring in some major... untitled Domains 220 weeks ago9:44am EST - 1998** Registered since 1998. Premium 4 letter pronounceable domain. Taking offers. untitled Domains 223 weeks ago12:22pm EST + StudentCarInsurance.coDomain | Exact Searches | CPC *DOWNLOADTORRENTS.CO* (40,500 $0.34) NETWORKMONITORINGSOFTWARE.CO (8,100 $24.93) NOT... untitled Domains 223 weeks ago9:25am EST
Lliz.comCool pronounceable 4 letter name Taking offers starting with $100 untitled Domains 225 weeks ago8:40am EST
Macau.IM*Macau.IM for sale.* Registered at Expires mid 2013. only $49 via PayPal mass. Plenty of end users ... untitled Domains 226 weeks ago11:48am EST - NYE Special PriceSelling two Cloud domains. * * & ** Special price for _both_ *$299* valid until Januar... untitled Domains 226 weeks ago10:13am EST | a True Premium DomainSince, I offered this to another member here at DNForum, I'm willing to pass on the offer to you guys: **... untitled Domains 227 weeks ago4:09pm EST ( for sale is ( Taking offers from $1,500 Payment by, fees paid by buyer. I'll co... untitled Domains 229 weeks ago10:13am EST &** & ** $700 for both. Payment by PayPal masspay/gift for trusted members. Escrow 50/50 for ... untitled Domains 231 weeks ago8:15am EST
FindApartments.US*FindApartments.US* Great real estate domain. The extension works perfectly with the domain. Accepting offers $100... untitled Domains 231 weeks ago8:05am EST - 6 years old** Registration: April 03, 2006 Expiration: April 03, 2013 Accepting offers. untitled Domains 232 weeks ago7:06am EST